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    Is this messageboard about to disappear?

    As long as they are not trying to market to you it should be ok

    That sounds like legitimate interest to me
  2. Yobocop

    Is this messageboard about to disappear?

    [quote user="Diane"]I''ve not had an email from the pinkun yet re my data.

    My understanding is that anyone who has your data/email address has to get in touch with you to see if they can keep it , then if you say yes they have to keep a record of how and when an individual gave consent, and that individual may withdraw their consent whenever they want.

    A nightmare for any clubs that have members, because if they don''t reply to the emails they have to take their details off their records.

    Anyone who doesn''t comply can be fined millions ?[/quote]

    Not quite Diane, any company can still hold existing personal/sensitive data but companies have to gain MARKETING consent to contact their customers/prospects

    If the PinkUn forum want to contact you to see how your day was they can do this as this is what is classed as a ''legitimate interest'' if they contacted you and said buy a yearly subscription of the Pink Un without first you giving consent then they fail to comply with GDPR

    As long as you have clicked ''I accept'' on what i would assume is the privacy policy then this is enough for you to be able to use this message board - within this privacy policy they will tell you how they handle your data

    The fine is up to £20 million pounds or 5% of the companys annual turnover.
  3. Yobocop

    Canos intervew

    Those of you questioning why Oliveira didn''t play for 2-3 months...he had little to no pre-season so needed to get up to speed

    We''ve got a real player on our hands here, barring Cristiano Ronaldo who isn''t real a central striker anyway I''m struggling to think of any other Portuguese striker who is performing as well as him at the moment so wonder whether he''ll make the next squad
  4. Yobocop

    Jacob Murphy

    You''ve obviously not read the Norwich City Fan Guideline Handbook which clearly states ''thou shall not criticize a youth player regardless of how poor he plays''

  5. Yobocop

    The Reason AN Should Be Sacked

    I had to reactivate my account to give my opinion on Oliveria and Bassong

    Oliveria - disagree completely he is a natural finisher, seems to need 5 chances to score 1, completely fluffed his lines twice last night and this is not an isolated incident

    Bassong - our defence has looked better with Bassong in it, last night you couldn''t really fault him for either goal and we have two clean sheets in 4 so things are improving in this department

    My main concern last night was that Neil didn''t change his tactics from the Villa game, we needed to be defensively sound and strong in midfield against Villa and it worked, last night we had little to no creativity which is why when we were peppering them 2nd half we never looked like scoring...I would''ve bought Hoolahan in for Mulumbu and dropped Howson into midfield
  6. fair point...however this is more clearcut and they should be motivated enough already shouldn''t they?
  7. Yobocop

    Klose injury

    Bassong is not nearly as bad as some on here will have you believe. His performance v. West Brom earlier this season was very good and will probably/hopefully want to prove himself whilst Klose is out, this could be a blessing in disguise
  8. I''m sure you are all aware that if we beat Sunderland or even draw that will send Aston Villa down.

    Surely another ''motivating factor'' to our players particularly those who were here under the Lambert regime.

    OTBC bring on Saturday afternoon, cannot wait

  9. Look great, that''ll probably be our home shirt next season, obviously yellow and green ;)
  10. I would imagine he is out of reach!

    Im here all week
  11. By the way Van Gaal has not done any better than David Moyes this season and has spent much more

    Also moyes team beat Barcelona 1-0 a few weeks back

  12. Yobocop

    Mark Bunn

    Why are some fans so eager to promote our youth players at every available opportunity regardless of how good/bad they are

    Rudd did well in league one for Preston, Bunn played 3/4 of the season in the Premier League...as it stands Bunn is better than Rudd

  13. Hi there,

    Does anyone have 2 or even just 1 ticket spare for this weekends game v Bournemouth?

    Live in Hertfordshire so could collect locally or can get someone to collect in Norwich or just meet on Saturday

    Be grateful if you could email me on Jeremy.davies@playfootball.net if anyone can help

  14. Yobocop

    Mike Phelan.......

    Flight from Luton to Norwich????

  15. Yobocop

    Different driver, same car crash

    I hear Craig Fleming was assistant manager at blackpool for 48 hours

    Perhaps we should give him a shout
  16. Yobocop

    Is Adams being 'found out'

    [quote user="Buh"]That you''ve had another 1am ex-pat paddy[/quote]

    At 10am in the morning
  17. Yobocop

    Is Adams being 'found out'

    [quote user="Buh"]Robo-binner, we get it. You posted this at 1am because you saw the score and had a little ex-pat paddy about it. Bless.[/quote]

    Sorry to quote you buh couldve quoted anyone on the first page but just wondered what the general consensus was now?

  18. [quote user="Nuff Said"][quote user="Ray"]We concede less goals per game with RM at CB than we do when he is not, however we score less, which perhaps highlights his value as suppporting RB, plus he has scored 50% of our goals in our last 5 games, as CB, perhaps we should make him CF.

    For some reason many people don''t get RM at CB, but yesterday he won as many aerial duels as Turns (8) and played 13 long balls as opposed to 6 from Turns and 8 of those successfully as opposed to 1, that''ll do in my book. That said we also miss him at RB, so you pays your money and takes your choice, both Strachan and Adams do and they probably know more about football than most if not all of us![/quote]Clone him, then play:RuddyMartin Martin Martin MartinMartin Martin MartinWesMartin MartinAlternatively, buy Chris M back from Derby and use the same teamsheet.[/quote]

    And you could probably play the murphy twins as well
  19. Yobocop

    Redmond - mentoring?!

    Nathan Redmond needs to be mentored himself and not talk about mentoring younger players.

    It is a joke to think that he has got to the stage of his career where he is mentoring players when he has yet to reach his full potential

    Too much too soon?
  20. Yobocop

    Is Adams being 'found out'

    In which case something drastic needs to happen at board level.

    As it stands we''ll end up in league one again before long
  21. Yobocop


    Superb defender at this level
  22. Yobocop

    Player Ratings

    Howson was exceptional

    Turner was solid

    Everyone else was poor
  23. Yobocop

    Is Adams being 'found out'

    Seems an appropriate time to reignite this discussion

    No win in 4 matches including 1 point from 9 at home, teams have come to carrow road to counter attack us and pick us off from very shoddy set plays.

    Our full backs cannot get forward and teams have found a way to handle Adams novice approach.

    I have a lot of respect for Adams as both a player and radio pundit, however it was clear from day one he would not be up to the task. Despite some positive results we have never looked convincing this season.

    Now instead of being churlish perhaps some of you can come back with reasoned debate as to why I am wrong and how Adams is going to prove me wrong and turn this around?
  24. Yobocop

    Andy Hughes

    Lol just seen he is caretaker manager at Bolton

    Obviously clapped the fans at the start of the game