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  1. This thread started as a squabble, briefly flirted with the idea of talking about Watford v Reading, then went back to a squabble. It belies even the 'if you don't like it, don't read it' argument via subterfuge. Any chance we can put aside the silly arguments at least until we lose a game?
  2. And so the Watford third-act villain routine rumbles on. Just have to keep winning.
  3. This is the really odd thing about all their rhetoric. If you're 39 or younger and an Ipswich fan, you'll have only experienced one competition win in your lifetime (coincidentally the same competition I'm about to see us win for the third time in my lifetime) They aren't even contenders in the league they're in. I don't know how any of them maintain the sense of entitlement through the generations.
  4. Second ever professional start, team won 7-0, clean sheet; no harm in Farke making absolutely sure AO keeps his eye on the prize with sterner tests yet to come.
  5. Never mind our team, Derby seem to have a bit of a laundry list of injuries ahead of the game. Rooney preparing to play a 9-1-0 formation I imagine.
  6. It's been a straight shootout between us and Watford for the title for a while now. Is there a separate boat that leaves slightly later on called HMS Up As Champions? Get full points tomorrow and essentially 3 more wins does it (or even 2 I suppose, if one of those is against Watford).
  7. It's been a straight shot between us and Watford for a few weeks now, but this did put a smile on my face. Watford draw, Swansea lose and Ipswich fire a blank against the worst side in League One. Bring on tomorrow evening!
  8. Watford are relentless, but every team at the top has had a lull at point- Brentford had theirs, Swansea are having theirs, and we had ours a while back. You simply don't keep winning forever in the Championship.
  9. Watford are on rampant form, but so were Brentford and Swansea- whichever way you cut it, you just don't keep winning in the championship Watford are due a lull and still have three other best sides in the division to play. It's completely ours to lose.
  10. It looks like someone forgot to draw it up, so on the morning of the presentation scrambled together a generic away kit and slapped a Norwich badge on it. You can make a good Norwich kit in almost any colour, but the away shirt just isn't a very good shirt.
  11. In fairness to MB he's been livid at a lot of refereeing this season. He's made quite a cogent point that often it'll take 3-4 bad challenges for opposition enforcers to see yellow, but a lot of the time our players will chalk up a card for their first foul. Having actually watched for it, he isn't wrong. Being honest it wouldn't have seemed as much of an issue if not for the galling deflected equaliser with the last kick of the game. Blue kit, poor ref, misfiring Pukki, horrible little opponents- just one of those crap days. On to Huddersfield.
  12. Poor Mumba only ever seems to get a start in a horrible blue kit in a depleted team away at a ****hole
  13. Trying to play 'definites' with the offside law (probably the majority of the rest, too) is impossible. Football is a sport of passion and drama, if you try and filter that through the absolutes of cold computer measurement you get... well, the current VAR. What you want is confident, competent officials who ref the game to within reasonable doubt of the game at natural speed. Ultimately, VAR should only be used in any case where they could quickly see the on pitch man has had an absolute mare (Nyland carrying the ball over the line) or when it's something he couldn't reasonably have seen but is blatant cheating for an advantage (Henry handball v Ireland). Unfortunately this calls for a much higher quality of official that I don't think is currently in circulation.
  14. Indeed I think it is a case of 'not just us' but you'd expect the closer you get to the top, the more teams will have missing. The most sensible option would have been to have everyone play on the Saturday and then the Wednesday. The excuse that 'the fixtures are always like this on Easter weekend' is moot as there are no fans.
  15. Perhaps I was spoiled as a bright eyed youth who cared about international football, but I look at England XIs these days and just think what an average bunch of no-marks.
  16. I think the rumours about a switch are true (different sources that attended the same global canaries thing have mentioned) but I cant imagine dropping Errea for a categorically worse brand. I wonder if it's a case someone said 'haha bet it's someone rubbish like Joma' and it then raced into reality. I'd not think we would lock into a Nike or Adidas, but if price is important enough to pick Joma we may as well see if we can borrow some Stanno off a local Sunday side.
  17. 29 and wondering if I can minus off 'Years spent in Lockdown'
  18. 4 wins is the target IMO. Not outlandish for us and means Watford & Swansea would basically have to win every remaining game (and they play each other) to top us. Looking likely to me that Watford H might be the title game.
  19. I'll not deny he had some good moments but he clearly had some cobwebs to blow away. It's all just frustration, I don't think anyone is genuinely worried. As things stand, if we win 4 of our last 8 (not great form compared to the rest of our season) Watford would have to win 7/8 to pip us. If Swansea lose today they would have to win all 9!
  20. Another game in which the poorer opposition made 3-4 changes and it noticeably gave them a bit more zip- ultimately a sub won the free kick, took the free kick and scored the header. Understand why Stiepermann got the nod but think such a tight game was probably the wrong time for him, given so long out. Referee was also a total jackass. However, we're still 8 clear and we didn't lose, you can't be too unhappy. Just very frustrating.
  21. As indicated by others already, Blackburn are currently playing very high and pressing, which is working, but risky. We haven't been quite 'on it' and we're still unlucky to go in without a goal. It's their game plan v our fitness unless Farke can find a tactical spark.
  22. And Armstrong, between them worth 21 of their 49 goals this season. Also Gallagher and Elliot (5 goals each) on the bench from the start. It would be a considerable upset if we don't win this now.
  23. I already have take Brentford out of the equation for us. For me, if either Swansea or Brentford drop points today and we don't then it's a straight shootout with Watford.
  24. Brentford and Swansea, kosher or not, are running at about a penalty per game at the moment aren't they? I'm literally crying into the 10 point lead we've got.
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