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  1. Yes he is. Was injured for most of the season but was on the bench for the latter stages.
  2. Absolutely brilliant post. Spot on! Email it to McNally and ask him to score himself.
  3. The best centre backs on our books i would say are in the following order: 1. Bassong 2. Ward 3. Bennett (potentially good enough but needs some work) 4. Ayala 5. Barnett 6. Turner But for centre backs is often not solely about the individual, it''s about the pairing. I would say, despite his poor displays so far that turner might be decent if played with the right partner and system but the simple fact is at present it''s not working so we need a change on Saturday and need Bassong back from injury. The strength of centre backs often come down to pairings and how they play together. I think we need to find the right partner for Bassong and build on that. Let them get an understanding and experience of playing together, and working on a system with the midfield that provides stability.
  4. So Brentwood yellow was right then? Just to clear that up. May be good for Ayala to get some experience if it is on loan. I feel he''s a good prospect but probably behind ward and bennett at the moment, who will probably be our first choice centre backs. Possibly ward and turner depending on how turner comes through pre season.
  5. I watched the ressies last night.  Whitbread had to come off due to quite a bad tackle on him.  Somehow the ref did not book the Watford player.  He played on for quite a bit but probably came off as more of a precaution.  Askou came off with what looked like a worse injury than Zak''s.  He was hobbling down the touchline after he came off.  I would not have thought either would be fit for Saturday, but Whitbread may be.  I would expect Spillane would be on the bench.  Played fairly well last night.
  6. Vienna.Well I was in Vienna.  Now in Greenwich, so a much quicker commute to games this time!  Makes a nice change from the 5.55am flight from Vienna to Stansted every other Saturday anyway!
  7. 1. Andy Hughes2. Fernando Derveld3. Raymond De Waard4. Julian Brellier5. Adrian Coote Worryingly, the first 4 probably cost us quite a lot of money with transfer fees and wages combined.  Just goes to show some of the shrewd purchases that we have made over the years.
  8. How many transfer fees has Sol Campbell racked up in his career then?Chunky - I really can''t agree with what you are saying (but as you say, I won''t hate you for having an opinion).  We have had some poor players at Norwich over the years but Robinson was not one of them.  You can''t label desriptions of players like that.  How many of the current Norwich team would fit any of those descriptions?  Robinson was a decent defensive midfield player.  An intelligent player, who rarely gave the ball away and could protect the back four.  This is the role he plays very well at International level, and is why he has carved out such a very good international career.  He went from Wolves to Portsmouth in the Premiership on a Bosman and was also considered by a lot of Sunderland fans to be their player of the season for Sunderland when they got promoted to the Premier League, and he was an ever present for them.  And also, I do remember that Blackpool game - it was a good job he was there!  We could have been in deep trouble without a couple of experienced heads that season.  It''s a bit frustrating that some others can''t see that!
  9. he doesn''t even get in the team though hughesy, so if they did go up they would be off, probably to a league 2 side.
  10. yes carrow roeder - i agree - hughes was bad!  And he cost £500k as well!
  11. Jas - you really do talk absolute nonsense.The guy is about to get his 50th international cap on Saturday.  50th.  How do you think he managed to achieve that?  How is it that he has about 20 caps more than players like Koumas, and was given his international debut by Mark Hughes?  How many Norwich players in history have gained 50 international caps?  Can you list them?  To say that he is the worst player you have ever seen play for Norwich is just laughable.  He is in a completely different class to Hughes as well.Keep it going though.  It''s always good to read a good laugh at the end of the day.
  12. That shirt is quality.Reckon Hucks would fit in nicely there with Robinson and Brennan already there to welcome him.I watched their game vs LA Galaxy a couple of weeks back.  Toronto won 3-2 with Laurent Robert scoring the winner, and Robinson had Beckham in his pocket!  They had Laurent Robert out left, Robinson Centre Mid with Maurice Edu (USA International) other Centre Mid and Rohan Ricketts (former Spurs) on the right.  Danny Dichio was up front, so I could see Hucks possibly playing up front with him.Get me involved in the bulk order!
  13. ArthurSimilar to what I said in my reply - if he had wanted to sound ambitious by over-inflating the transfer fee, then he would have done so more publicly than in front of a couple of hundred people in the Gunn Club.I''m fully aware that he wants to make people think the board are ambitious.  We all know they''re not.
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