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  1. scrappy33

    Ipswich Prediction

    1-2 Norwich, Canos,Brady and Wes. class above.

    Wes will score.
  2. Redmond needs to track back more often as this is not helping whits who is a good defender but needs help and should get help from the wide man.
  3. scrappy33

    Matt Jarvis

    The new Huckerby?
  4. scrappy33

    Why Liverpool and Arsenal?

    Another thing that niggles me about Liverpool is the amount of coverage they get from Sky and BT, after this week their next 7 games are all televised. How many other mid table teams get this reward and financial gain.
  5. scrappy33

    Grabban statement

    Some of you are so naive, Grabban thought he could force a move to Bournemouth by his antics away at Rotherham that evening. He doesn''t want to play for us.
  6. So your happy for him to do absolutely nothing to pick up his 25k+ a week until January, possibly being disruptive along the way causing tension in the group?
  7. Could sort out this mess rather than drag on for months, put the cat amongst the pigeons and see how professional he applies himself. If he scores the winner and throws himself into the Barcley then all is forgiven, if Grabben doesn''t turn up then ship him out back to the championship asap.
  8. scrappy33


    Not good enough, send him back.
  9. scrappy33

    Most disappointing window...

    We have more money to spend than we ever have but we seem to be shopping in the bargain basement.
  10. scrappy33

    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

    This guy is the real deal when it comes to dutch forwards, his record is second to none. Louis van Gaal once said he is the best striker in the box in the world.

    Is there any chance we could ever go for a player of his caliber? Schalke didn''t qualify for anything, 31 years of age and maybe fancies a shot in the Prem?...
  11. scrappy33


    Was it after Rodgers left for Liverpool his form dipped?
  12. scrappy33

    Hakim Ziyech

    Could Howson be our attacking midfielder? If I had it my may I would make him captain too.
  13. scrappy33

    'British Based'

    This sounds to me like a crazy idea, just because we had our fingers burnt with rvw doesn''t mean we can''t go out and shop around in the Dutch, French and German leagues?

    Any signing you make you take a chance on whether they will sink or swim. To get the best value we should be looking for the Bonys of this years Dutch league for example.
  14. scrappy33

    Two players of interest.

    Also I thought Alex Pritchard was outstanding against us while playing on loan for Brentford, Must be close to the Spurs first team.
  15. scrappy33

    Two players of interest.

    Do Chelsea still have Van Ginkel? I remember us being interested in him ages ago.