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  1. Barbie

    Player revolt?

    [quote user="BobLoz3"]Ha! Quite possible... Is it a non story you think? Or do we feel as though these double sessions etc. are having an impact on our game?Also, I''ve noticed that the link did indeed become clicky. No idea how I managed that!

    [/quote]The clicky link was down to me, I edited it for you.
  2. Barbie

    Shirt Hoax/Leak with Sponsorship

    Just set it for 2 weeks.
  3. Barbie

    Message board

    [quote user="Diane"]That''s all well and good Barbie but why were''t there any updates on twitter or facebook which would have taken 2 mins ??[/quote]Twitter and Facebook accounts are not run by me. That''s something you would have to take up with whoever runs them.

  4. Barbie

    Message board

    Its back up and running now, we are currently investigating the performance issue.
  5. Barbie

    Latest at Sky Sports

    RVW left last night. Betis on loan with a view to buy at end of season.
  6. Barbie

    Controlled Income.

    Stadium sponsorship?
  7. Got the same, binned it. Would have applied if I wasn''t already doing something.
  8. Barbie

    football ground quiz

    [quote user="City1st"]if this one appears then could you please give it till after 11pm so as to let a few others have a go


    [/quote]Fixed it for you.
  9. Barbie

    football ground quiz

    [quote user="City1st"]where''s this ?(please post answers tomorrow, weds, so others can try, ta)

    [img]http://static.squarespace.com/static/509705fee4b09e893827ffa4/50cf727be4b0b46e08fb969e/50cf7295e4b0b46e08fbaec0/1350853276207/1337341867_73cac3cc53_o.jpg/1000w[/img][/quote]Missing the image tags round the picture. Fixed it for you in your original post.
  10. Barbie

    FAO Admin only

    No problem
  11. Barbie

    FAO Admin only

    Can you message me the email address that you use on the bristolnest account and I will have a look.Thanks
  12. [quote user="im spartacus"]One downside of being in the prem was having to want all the clubs in the bottom half to get smashed out of sight when they played a big team.Its a small consolation that we can at least enjoy the premier league with no pressure and root for the likes of burnley on the tele tonight.(cue small time norwich mentality replies [:D])[/quote]Fully behind Burnley. Missus from there so supports from a distance.
  13. If you had one last season then it''s used this season. If you are a new ST holder then I would have thought you would have received it by now.