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  1. Some great posts on this thread. I think we all have to accept that some people will always have different opinions on this type of subject. I belong to the segment that has very fond memories of terrace culture. (Which no one can deny that it was that!)  From the mid 80''s (when I first started going with my mates) to the late 80''s and up until the late 90''s I would have been labelled as one of the ''Norwich Lads''. Our time was spent visiting numerous places over the country normally in relatively small numbers compared to a lot of the other firms and groups that were prominent at the time. Unlike some of the other boys who came and went and were more fixated on purely the aggro, I was a fan first and foremost and the rest of the antics seemed to come hand in hand with being a young lad growing up.  The days of standing in the middle pen of the Barclay terrace, tightly packed together, being coined, spat at, but at the same time an absolutely electric atmosphere and my god if we scored you’d have better not been stuck directly behind one of the crowd barriers, because that was painful!  Most weeks you could have got carried down the top of the Barclay steps without even putting your feet on the ground. Fantastic memories of times that will never return. I still go and have held a season ticket for nigh on 20 years, and no one could ever question my support for the club. At the time I couldn’t imagine a better thrill and buzz and thought it would never change. A number of us still go every week and as previous posters have said, we can be seen fairly visible in and around the snakepit and city stand areas. Nowadays it’s all about the odd day out away all together and a few beers before the game on most match days. Yes we all grow up eventually; do I regret any of it? Definitely not, apart from a few bumps and bruises and a few scars, I''m still in prime shape. The downside, a few trips to the magistrates and crown courts and with all the worry that comes along with it, you soon realise that it’s not such a good idea. I''m now a family man, have a good job and love Norwich City as much as I ever did. The lads I stood shoulder to shoulder with I still consider being salt of the earth and for the benefit of some of the other posters, cowards they most certainly are not! Back in the day we did ourselves proud considering we were a relatively small city club. Certain games back then we’d easily pull 200+ lads for a fixture against QPR, Portsmouth, West Ham etc, pretty amazing sight I have to say. These days you’d have to be pretty stupid to want to get involved, you only have to posture and there’s a 3 year banning order slapped on your head straight away. Times change and so do people.
  2. What does that achieve in all honestly, I''m as p!ssed off as the next man, but ultimately this will only do more harm than good.We are in serious trouble though and its gonna take a couple of results to take the pressure off, if not we will continue to free fall. For anyone who thinks its inconceivable that we could get relegated, think again, there are far bigger clubs in recent years that have gone exactly the same route!It seems the players confidence is shot to bits already and to be honest there arent enough big characters in the squad to lift up morale and fight for the cause, basically that is what we desperately need.With the latest news on Earnie I really am starting to fear the worst.
  3. Are you for real mate.I dont agree with booing players etc...whilst the game is on, does no good for anyone but everyone has a right to vent their views at the end of the match. Are we just supposed to sit their and clap and watch are club go down the toilet.Its no different at any other club in the world, at the very least it shows some passion. We all get behind the team during the game.One thing you can be sure of is that we will be there for many more years to come, the manager, players wont be thats for sure.The football club belongs to the fans & the city.
  4. "Better all-round player than Earnie" it just gets better, I''m amazed at some of the posts on this board, how can someone state a comment like that! Jesus!A Spurs reject (hardly a Crook) who to be fair had 2 good seasons in a half decent team at the time. The good performances went to his head and he lost the plot, more concerned now about his faggot hair cut and band than fighting for the cause.He did a good job whilst he found some form, but for christs sake he''s not been the grade for the last 2 years!
  5. Been there before, gates frop down to the hardcore 14/15K who would go week in week out regardless of results and division. The true fans who''ll sing, get behind the team and fight for the cause. Too many jonny come latelys who as you say want to come and see a nice game of football, oh and for the record we''ll support Norwich. At the Sheff Wed game I sat in the Jarrold Stand for the first time with some work colleagues and gave up my ST to another mate. With 15 mins to go I couldnt believe the number of people who got up to leave, moaning.Do we need this type of supporter at the club, they can all * off as far as I''m concerned. We still have a large number of leftover glory hunters from the Champioship winning & Premiership seasons. The sooner they bugger off the better.
  6. What game were you at today mate "thought McVeigh did ok today" what planet are you on!
  7. I''ve got the something to shout about 7" floating about somewhere.The A side is woeful,  best bit is the B-Side which has Roy Wallers commentary when Bertschin scores and then the Parade and City hall with all the fans singing....quality!
  8. What would we say if we''d just sold Robinson to say Wolves or Leicester, we''d be p!ssing oursleves with laughter, but wait we''d only be doing it because we''d be gutted in losing such a quality player, it would all be a smoke screen would''nt it.What a rubbish post
  9. Well said Ricky, exactly what my sentiments are!
  10. What a crap comparison in Peter Crouch.He was already proven at previous clubs, hence why he had been subject to a number of big money moves. He wasnt cutting it for Villa but the quality was always there, hence what we saw and what he laterly did for Liverpool & England.
  11. I wish the player all the best, but you are talking nonsense mate, a great transfer coup....my sides are splitting!
  12. That says it all doesnt it.What is wrong with people on here, are they happy for us to be lumbered with players of this quality! As I said previously I will support him as he will be wearing the shirt, but for christs sake are people blind!
  13. Of course I understand the fact the because of our lowly league position we are not exactly an attractive proposition for any real quality players at the moment. I know we are not in a position to go out and sign someone for £2/3 mill.What I was trying to get at is the fact we''ve signed a player from another mid table Championship side, who cant even get in their first team!Would you be happy if we signed 2/3 players of the Robinson/Hughes level? of course you wouldnt. I was trying to emphasis that based on fact ie Sunderland fans opinion/Hull fan''s opinion this guy is a below par Championship player who is no better than the level of quality we already have in Hughes/Robinson/McVeigh! Does that make you happy? sorry but it doesnt make me happy.I''d rather see an up & coming League 1 even 2 player whos a shining light at their respective club, looking to step up a level and is a realistic target for us!
  14. "Hi all Just heard and seen you have signed Chris Brown!! very surprised at that thought you had ambition anyway im not here to argue over him and i know you have not asked the Hull board of any opinions on him anyway heres mine He''s a decent player with the ball at his feet but cannot score goals for the love of god!! cant beleive you been £300k plus for him anyhow good luck for the season! ps good job you have Robbie Earnshaw to score your goals!!"Oh dear
  15. Signing a player who''s not even a regular for a mediocre Fizzy league team. I''ve spoken to a mate who is a Mackem season ticket holder and he cant believe that they actually got that size of fee for the bloke, sorry thats doesnt fill me full of confidence!Of course I will cheer him on, its not the players fault, but my god how low are we gonna let our targets drop!Its makes me laugh how people are getting all excited about the signing......have we not all been here before..many times!We are going backwards all the time........
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