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  1. Norwich-city.com have the match covered http://www.norwich-city.com/match-betting I like the Stoke to do us but win £100 and the Ayala to start bets.
  2. [quote user="AndyTGT"]When we lost 7-1 to Colchester who scored the 1?When we went down to 9 men and had no keeper who was the first one to step up and go into goal?Who on numourous occassions set up tap ins for other players rather than shoot from a harder angle just to get the goal himself?[/quote] Agreed, he is the new David Neilson.
  3. Doc and Nelson to start next season for me with Whitbread taking the shirt and keeping it when one of these two get injured. I am new to being a prophet so time will tell if I am correct.
  4. [quote user="NCFC91"][quote user="Captain Holt"]To the 2 lads who actually sing and try to the others going (about 4 or 5 rows up from the black barrier), I salute you. If we keep on trying eventually we''ll get a few more on board. Why is it that the Upper is so quiet yet the lower is as rowdy as anything?[/quote] I know what you mean, I think its something to do with the average age. [:$] [/quote]We talking coffin dodgers or whipper snappers?
  5. One ginger lad dressed as Lambo and the other chap a couple of rows behind, teenager with glasses? If it is then good on them, they helped raise the atmosphere.
  6. BOOOOM! Some think it only the 3rd division but ask Leeds how hard it is.
  7. [quote user="wrathsajoke"]he wont be missed[/quote]Hi Selwyn
  8. [quote user="World Cup Dogger "]I left 88 mins, what you gonna do about it?? [/quote]You Sir would get a tutting of the highest order and be sent home with your tail between your legs.
  9. So, just to clarify those who leave early are ok, but those who leave and stop half way if anything interesting happens should get cancer-aids and be struck from the gene pool?
  10. To all those in the Snakepit, make it happen!
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