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  1. [quote user="Harry"]The only people who had to pay a deposit were the ones who went on the waiting list.[/quote] This is what I was lead to believe, so if my friend rang the office tomorrow, and requested a season ticket. He could effectively "get one" without paying anything until his first agreed date..
  2. [quote user="WOTB"]in my seat, although I hope to stand up as much as possible, coz I`m a rebel me.[/quote] Been on the forums for 24 hours and I already know one dick :)
  3. Sorry if this message has been posted before, but as i''m still new to posting to the site, just wondering where everyone has their season tickets next year, I ask because for the last 7 years i''ve been in the south stand, central. But for the first time have had to get a season ticket on my own, so have moved to the lower barclay far right side, ride on the wall near the away fans. Can''t wait to get stuck in with the rest of the barclay boys. Just wondering, where all you guys are? and do I have any pink''un friends in the barlcay? :) - Ben
  4. [quote user="SnakepitCanary"]I never knew that, I would of paid abit towards it! Ah well, I said 7 months because that''s how long the installments are now, as your going to buy your season tickets now. When I bought mine a few days ago it was either 7 or 8 months depending on the the time of the month (1,15 and 30).[/quote] So did you take out a season ticket, and NOT pay a deposit?
  5. Hi there chaps, I''m already a season ticket holder, but pay for mine in one go, friend of mine wants to get one too, but is skint. Now I said to him, you can get them on a direct debit scheme, but I know nothing about it, and the office is shut now, so was just wondering if any of you guys knew; - Can you deffo get a season ticket over a direct debit scheme? - Is there a credit check? - Interest? and Most importantly, whats the deposit? Cheers guys for any input you can possibly give - Ben
  6. Suuuurrrrrmmmmmmmmmannnn Suuuuurrrrrmmmmmaaaaannnnn
  7. Couldn''t agree more mate, but is there a chance that NO ONE wants them? I mean the speed we got rid of cureton, the doc etc.. surely these would be gone by now if was getting shop of them?
  8. Maybe the reason these guys are still at the club is because; - no one wants them - club refuse to terminate their contracts due to them having numerous years left? (that''s where i need your knowledge) - Lambert is keeping them?
  9. David McNally is a VERY wealthy man.. he probably has his own funds in the club? and i''m guessing bowkett does too. Plus Delia has good Television work recently, a combination of all these factors.. PLUS the fact we''re not actually as really skint as alot of fans make out us to be.. and don''t forget, we just WON a league, now prize money isn''t great.. but i''m sure that must bring in money from some where, some how.
  10. I''ve been reading this forums now for years, and have never got around to making an account, not really much of a poster. But I thought sod it! I''m a sesaon ticket holder, and have been for the last 8 years, and sit in the barclay end :) .. now the introductions are out of the way, i''l begin. LOVE the singings we''ve made so far, and can not WAIT for the season to begin, really really can''t. But, don''t really know much about this Andrew Surman, I must have just missed the boat with him I guess, and can''t really recall and one mentioning him in an exciting manor before our "link." Could some one just give me a quick explanation of what type of player he is, where they have seen him play, and if he is GENUINELY THIS GOOD. It just seems to me, that on the internet sooo many people post of forums judging players on what they see of them on games like football manager. And god that irritates me! (even tho, I worship the game lol!) Anyways; good speaking and look forward to posting more often!
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