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  1. [quote user="Buh"]Seattles back We must be bad[/quote] Been here for days you pr@. Just stating the obvious.
  2. We just don''t have what it takes to mount a proper charge at the top 6. Losing to the bottom and second from bottom team would be unacceptable.
  3. [quote user="ricardo"]Some intelligent comment but tended to talk a bit too much.[/quote] This 1000%. I don''t get the love in, as he chattted on and on. Sometimes to the point where you knew you were missing things that were happening because he was trying to give his tactical opinion during a live game.
  4. As has been said above selling Redmond, Olsson and Brady has dramatically weakened the squad. Those who were saying this was our strongest champ squad are very wrong, we are gradually downgrading. Murphy has lost his early season form and is miles off of Redmonds quality.
  5. Haha thanks everyone. I guess it''s a trek, but getting to see the parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and cousins etc makes it a well worth trip. Hadn''t been back home to Caister in 11 years! Mad how many local businesses have disappeared especially in Great Yarmouth, I was genuinely shocked how dead it was.
  6. [quote user="morty"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]I''m not a Seahawks fan. Don''t like the NFL, have no interest in it. I definitely meant play offs for us! Haha if she is I haven''t seen the extra cash! But no, I think she really enjoyed a real game, none of the mls dross we have in the states.[/quote]Just the one game, or are you staying for next weeks too?[/quote] Really wanted to stay longer but have to leave Friday as that''s our two weeks back seeing family up, and the wife has a business trip and flies to LA Saturday the day after we land back in Seattle. Going to make sure we get over once a year at least and see a few games from now on. I miss it like nothing else, including sausage rolls and blackcurrant! Back to 7am get ups listening to radio Norfolk 😞
  7. I''m not a Seahawks fan. Don''t like the NFL, have no interest in it. I definitely meant play offs for us! Haha if she is I haven''t seen the extra cash! But no, I think she really enjoyed a real game, none of the mls dross we have in the states.
  8. My first game in years today, and a great day out with the missus as it was her first game and experienced a bit of everything (hitting the woodwork twice, 4 goals, 2 pens and a sending off). She had a great time, and I may have her hooked. Very happy with the win, so not a bad word to say really, but I felt we did it all without really having to get out of first gear. By far the better team, although there were a few scares. The only surprise was just how flat the atmosphere was inside the ground for large parts of the game. When I used to be a ST holder I don''t remember it being so unbelievably quiet. We were right next to the away end and they were LOUD. A great day out though and I even got a sticky whatsit for the back window of the car when I''m back home next week to confuse all the seahawk and sounders fans where we live. Playoffs are back on! OTBC
  9. Saw this right in front of where we were sat. Thought it was a great gesture. My wife asked me if it was the norm at games for players to do this. Top bloke!
  10. I thought the question that was put to him was worded very well, almost to try and deny him the opportunity to blame the red card. Something along the lines of " Alex, we didn''t lose that game on the basis of the red card alone, because we were already down a goal at that point". Him trying to argue that we were better with a man less, just goes to show how poorly he is motivating the squad right now. If it takes a sending off to make us play football there is something wrong. Some of his answers were very snappy and short as well. Not totally unexpected, considering he''s probably had enough of having to make excuses for everything that''s going on, but he really does sound like a man who is just biding his time for his payoff.
  11. It was said today during the Leeds game that the takeover fell through. Good news if true, as Forest are another club under performing and foreign investment just puts another club in the money club with the ability to pay for the players wanted by clubs living within their means.
  12. [quote user="TIL 1010"]How can Leeds be 3rd and eleven points in front of us as they have one of those awful foreign owners ?[/quote] Sold all their big names too... Snoddy, Becchio, Byram, Howson etc over recent years and are still mounting a charge. Thought Roofe looked a class above and Hernandez. Only Derby place that did anything for me was Ince, and that was patchy at best.
  13. [quote user="VanWink"]Absolutely Seattle. Still fancy Derby to get something out of this. Fingers crossed eh😀[/quote] They''ve definitely started the second half the brighter of the two
  14. [quote user="morty"][quote user="VanWink"]Fancy Derby for a win.[/quote]Is your head on the right way?Leeds are massively dominating Derby, they can barely get out their own half.[/quote] Derby are just about holding on, although Leeds could be a few up already. We could do with a draw, unless we''ve given up on top 2-4 places, in which case a Leeds win.
  15. Just watching the game now. A few things, I suppose really we need a draw rather than one side taking all the points. Secondly, the commentator mentioned at the start of the game that the ground was mostly empty due to the fact that leads were charging £37.50 per ticket for this game. I thought £25 for wolves at home was a lot! Lastly, BJ… His man bun is horrendous, as are all man buns.
  16. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="danielsroundabout"]Well NN, you''ve got the thread up to ten pages now by simply ignoring the title and my main question and taking the thread down a long and divisive path, picking up on a phrase I used which touched on a nerve. There is nothing wrong or inaccurate in talking of "the distorted views of happy clappers". Happy clappers agree with and support every decision taken by the club, however good or bad that decision might be. For me, that is often a distorted view governed by their yellow and green blinkers. At the other end of the spectrum are those who criticise everything that the club does and their views can equally be considered distorted. I don''t think any right-minded person would disagree or take exception to those generalisations. Yet somehow, you find it necessary on this thread, like so many others, to ignore the topic, go off at a tangent and worst of all, to introduce the name LDC into one of your posts. The next thing is, he starts his pathetic little spats with anyone and everyone and any forlorn hope of sensibly discussing a topic is gone. Thanks to both of you.[/quote]Seriously? Do you rate yourself so highly that you should actually control what part of your post is replied to? And the decide at what point others should stop replying? You''d be better off writing a blog Daniels. Put your thoughts out there for people to read. It would suit you better than posting on here.I replied on topic. And you know I did. both about the unnecessary "distorted" comment and the about previous windows with a link to an interview totally related to that point. You chose to ignore it. Perhaps it wasn''t the reply you wanted? Who knows! But it was one of the few replies you got. Maybe three at most? And I''ve continued to reply to your posts and to Seattle''s. I reply with good humour as I always do. Maybe not the replies you both want but you win some lose a few buddy. That''s how this forum malarkey works. My point about LDC was quite straightforward and relevant to something you posted. You don''t have to agree with it. I don''t post and then wait for folk to say "good post" or to get replies I deem suitable. I don''t really care if you think the following is on or off topic. It''s another reply to something you wrote. I totally disagree that happy clappers agree with everything the club does. I don''t think such a person exists. The fact you do think that really shows the divisive nature of that post. As I said earlier distorted is a new jibe from you. The one you usually use is deluded. But both of them apply to people who you disagree with don''t they?[/quote] Daniel hit the nail on the head with you, pompous. He has you pegged to a ''t'' there! How ironic you use the term controlling, when you are trying to control and dictate to the OP how he framed his own question wrong. You''ve interpreted the thread incorrectly as only Daniel knows what he meant. There''s no himour to your posts either, just annoying attempts to try and be "right". You really are an arrogant so and so. You moaned about an OP and how it was framed in your opinion, was told by the OP, myself and others that you were de-railing said thread and now you''re trying to justify your BS, it''s not going to wash. A forum it is yes, so stop acting like somehow you''re beyond ridicule for your original post and we can''t criticize you for clutching at straws that were never there.
  17. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Seattle you really are the very worst type of keyboard warrior. I''m sure you think that eventually I will sling abuse back. I would have thought after all this time you would realise I won''t. My standards are higher than that. The penny may drop eventually.....As for the OP. You haven''t responded to it even yet. Danielsroundabout repeated it again in the thread and still only about three of us have addressed it. [/quote] I''m no keyboard warrior, I''d happily have the balls to tell you exactly what I think of you to your face. You''re an insufferable know it all, and even the OP identifies you as a post derailer, as I see you do all over this forum. Just in case you think for some reason you''re important or superior in some form on here, I''m going to constantly remind you you''re not. You add no value to the board in matters of debate as you are purely a point scorer. Like I said, you''re boring and it''s worn thin on me.
  18. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Brady missed the victory against Derby.....How many games is he banned for?[/quote] Ah I forgot. Yes it''s a 3 game ban for serious foul play. I just forgot it counts in the cup as well as the league.
  19. [quote user="nutty nigel"]You''re calling yourself out Seattle. Every new post, whether it''s personal abuse or plain off topic is more hypocritical than the last. If you think you will goad me into behaving like you think again.[/quote] You are quite literally behaving that way you daft old fool, like I see you do to countless others, on multiple threads. As Daniel says, this isn''t new behaviour from you. Sad really. On an aside and back to topic it''s interesting that Klose played today (now cup tied), and looks as though he may have a niggle to his Achilles. Surely Brady''s omission just firms up what we already suspect and he''s going tonne on his way at some point this month. It really might only be a few out and one or two in.
  20. Nah mate, calling you out whilst you sit on your high horse doesn''t make me a hypocrite. Feel free to type whatever makes you feel important though I guess.
  21. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Maybe you should try addressing the op and answering the fair questions he asked instead of being a total hypocrite Seattle.[/quote] You mean like you did in your first comment on this thread? Some of us actually tried to answer the question without jumping down the OP''s throat. Stop being an obnoxious old fool, it''s worn thin with me in our brief encounters already.
  22. [quote user="danielsroundabout"]Just got in and thought I''d see if this thread had attracted any replies to my original question or whether NN had succeeded in completely de-railing it with an attack not on the question, but "the way it was framed." If that''s not grabbing at straws, then I don''t know what is. On this thread alone he has twenty posts, none of them addressing the topic, all of them attempting to discredit me and my OP. It would appear that my use of the term "happy clappers" hit a nerve, at least that is the conclusion I draw from his avalanche of tripe. I had used the term (happy clappers) to describe a particular group of City supporters, nothing sinister or disrespectful. I could have said, as an alternative, "even City''s most ardent supporters". To me, the two phrases have equal meaning and maybe use of the latter might have allowed my thread to have developed without getting infected by the NN virus (inevitably, it was then contaminated by the incurable LDC strain). By the way, my thanks to the posters who were not taken in by NN''s attempts to destroy the subject by either jumping on him or actually providing answers to the original question.[/quote] It''s hard not to get annoyed with NN, when he''s a huge self righteous know it all git. He finds issues with how a question is framed just illustrates his ridiculous nature. I thought you had a very valid OP.
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