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  1. I know it''s a long old season, but after his pre season outings I thought we''d at least see him on the bench. After relegation was confirmed it seemed this season would be as good a time as any to give him and the younger ones a go, but with signing Pritchard is it likely he might not even get to figure for us in the championship? With Naismith, Hooly and Pritchard infront of him unless we fail to go straight back up will he be another one who spends most of his contract out on loan? Strange that bigger teams in the Prem were sniffing around and he can''t even get in our match day squad a level below..
  2. [quote user="AJ"]Brady picked up his injury before coming back to us, so Euro related. Olsson at the Euro''s didn''t really get much of a summer rest so probably strain from playing there too. R Martin is also a long term injury that he played through last season but needed the summer to get right, so we can rule that one out too. Pritchard, possibly not fully fit when signed I assume. Murphy injured himself in our first game so not training related. That leaves Ruddy and Dorrans. It''s unusual for a goalie to pull up injured that often but it can happen, and I''m not sure what''s happening with Dorrans. They all sound pretty minor, it''s probably being cautious which, when we''ve got a large playing squad, there''s no need to risk players who aren''t 100% for the sake of it. It''s a long ol'' season.[/quote] This literally makes no sense. How can you say that players getting injured during games when it isn''t tackle or fall related isn''t to do with the training fitness regime. You cannot know that.
  3. I agree and said the same thing on the match thread yesterday. Cameron even looked like he pulled up midway through the second half too, so I''m starting to feel like it''s a fitness thing. Extremely bad luck if it isn''t.
  4. Could it also be that josh was in a team fighting relegation losing week in and out, and Jacob was in a team winning more and pushing for play offs. Could also be a mental state.
  5. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"][quote user="SeattleCanary"][quote user="Jools"]Strange substitution [:|][/quote] Apart from Canos there''s no one else to really bring on attacking wise. The game is slipping in Wednesday''s favour. Without a recognized striker on the bench it''s a good sub. Could be a useful point if we defend it.[/quote]Utter gash. Would rather lose trying to win than make negative substitutions like this. There was no need to make a substitution at all. [/quote] I take it you haven''t been watching the game then? Jerome went down around the 50 minute mark, got up limping, has been ineffective, offside multiple times and far off the pace today. We have no other recognized/experienced striker. Not utter gash. It makes sense.
  6. [quote user="iron_stan"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]Jerome off Mulumbu on. Naismith false number 9. I suppose that just illustrates further the striker need.[/quote] nah i think it illustrates the manager is happy to take a draw and go defensive because hes realised we arent capable of breaking them down and havnt looked like scoring since the first half its clever but also worrying and negative imo [/quote] I don''t disagree, but apart from Morris we don''t have another striker. So what AN is doing makes sense. As bringing Morris on is a pointless sub.
  7. [quote user="Jools"]Strange substitution [:|][/quote] Apart from Canos there''s no one else to really bring on attacking wise. The game is slipping in Wednesday''s favour. Without a recognized striker on the bench it''s a good sub. Could be a useful point if we defend it.
  8. Jerome off Mulumbu on. Naismith false number 9. I suppose that just illustrates further the striker need.
  9. I''ve seen a lot worse than this. It''s not a bad game, it''s just nowhere near good. Been disrupted by injuries.
  10. Saw Jerome limping then. Is it just bad luck or are the players not fit?!
  11. Ruddy injured now too? McGovern on. Our injury list is just growing and growing. Only one sub left now to affect the game in the second half.
  12. Come on Josh! On a side note, I''m baffled that Olsson was risked today.
  13. On paper our team is ridiculously good.
  14. [quote user="Tumbleweed"]Bamford terrorised us at our place two seasons again when they won 1-0 and rolled around timewasting. That was in a team known for being defensively solid but not prolific up front. If the price is true it has to be a bargain. Applying the logic that he is not PL class would mean we''d ditch CJ and probably a lot of others in our squad. Assuming CJ is to be first choice in a 1 man up front formation, spending that amount of money on a back up with proven pedigree at this level seems a good deal to me as there is little point in spending big for a bench warmer.[/quote] 100% agree. He also has age on his side to improve certain areas in his game.
  15. [quote user="John C"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]I''m sure it''s a typo. Surely meant Jonas Olsson.[/quote] That''s some typo Houston.[/quote] Nah mate. Houston is in Texas!
  16. Has it also passed everyone by that Britt wasn''t in the Forest squad for tonight''s game.... Stopping him from being cup tied.... This may have legs, or at least a transfer for him somewhere.
  17. [quote user="Darth Vadis"]Did we really need another assombalonga thread...[/quote] Why does it matter? Personally I hate going through old multiple thread posts that have likely gone off topic through bickering or opinion pushing.
  18. Even if there are addons dependant on certain outcomes it''d still be worth it. Still young and that''s a good price. Get another more experienced striker too and we''re sorted.
  19. I''m sure it''s a typo. Surely meant Jonas Olsson.
  20. What''s his worth though? Maybe a mill or two? Offer him and probably 8m and maybe we could prize Kodjia away...
  21. Delighted we got Pritchard, but Murphy has to keep his place. We''ve been waiting seasons to see the twins play and this season has to be their season.
  22. Probably not worth the 10-12 mill barca would be looking for.... I mean he scores goals, but can he play in midfield?
  23. [quote user="Jools"]Good signing - decent AM/winger - hopefully fielded on the wing...But a huge kick in the gonads for the Murphy''s -- again [:|] Though they mightn''t be too concerned as long as they''re on a significant payroll [:P]Such is the state of the modern game [:(][/quote] How is it bad news for them? We only have Canos and Pritchard competing with them over a 46 game season, as Jarvis is w@nk.
  24. [quote user="have my howson it"]I''ll shoot it down because it''s a ridiculous suggestion. If we were prepared to pay £10 million for a striker then pay that kind of money for assombolonga simple as that or the gamble on kodjia. If we''re going down the cheap option which is the most likely option then go for David nugent[/quote] Or just read the OP and see I said a loan, nothing about knocking out 10 or 15 mill. 10 mill wouldn''t get Britt Assombalonga, now who''s dreaming....
  25. [quote user="treacletown07"]Newcastle are building a new team after all their superstars have left. The Chumps is a different league to the PL. Only Norwich can stop Norwich getting promoted.[/quote] This. Villa and Newcastle aren''t experienced in this league. A class striker and we are set. Newcastle have too many new players, it will take 5-10 games to gel.
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