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  1. Devil's advocate, is it that unfair that the most popular teams make more money by streaming directly to consumers? Would it lead to more or less financial disparity than the current situation of billionaire ownership coming in and distorting the league every few years? In an ideal world, clubs would have a shared ownership model and make their money through this kind of streaming, clubs can increase their income by selling more streaming passes and naturally, clubs that are more successful will end up with more viewers.
  2. With that attitude it's just a matter of time before football is put back on ice as the virus spreads from team to team every weekend.
  3. We may see Vrancic play this season after all. Buendia should not be let go with this news.
  4. Not like he was putting any money into the club, in fact the interest payments on his loan to Ipswich might be his most lucrative source of revenue at the moment!
  5. Hosting has been scratchy for ages, I appreciate the forum doesn't bring any money in but surely something can be done to increase capacity?
  6. Max can agree whatever he wants, until Barca pony up the cash he isn't going anywhere.
  7. The government won't step in to lend financial aid without some action taking place on player salaries. The public simply won't accept the government bailing out football clubs while players receive a normal taxpayer's yearly salary per-week, it isn't sustainable and it isn't fair, given furlough was limited to £2500 max per month. Football has run financially amok for years and unfortunately has now hit the brick wall of reality where their unsustainable business models simply won't fly. If football clubs want help then player salaries have to be cut, if players won't accept it they may find an awful lot of their employers simply disappear overnight.
  8. Because he isn’t going to be around next season so we have to find some kind of system that works without him now. That simple.
  9. Seemed in a mood to try and score a worldy. Preston doubled up on him all game but he linked up well with Onel and was lively. I’d like Farke to stop this “everyone back to defend” crap. It flew in the EPL but we’re back in the Champs and having an attacking outlet keeping 2 opposition players on the halfway line would be a profitable outlet considering the pace in the team now.
  10. Seemed in a mood to try and score a worldy. Preston doubled up on him all game but he linked up well with Onel. Inventive.
  11. A point apiece is a fair result. Good game to acclimatise the players back to the Champs after Huddersfield we’re pretty poor last week and didn’t really threaten much. Hopefully Buendia back next game and we can jig things about a bit. Cantwell didn’t have a great game, Dowell possibly injured for a bit, Placheta now deserves a start, Onel could be dropped. Pukki looks sharp and that is encouraging.
  12. Too many long balls and we are losing it every time. Need to play it on the deck with pace if we’re going to get anything.
  13. Game is passing Cantwell by. Idah on and play for pace.
  14. Been disappointing but Fischer living very dangerously, 2 handballs and multiple fouls and somehow survived gobbing off at the ref as well.
  15. Well done Pukki and what an assist by Quintilla/Rudd!
  16. We’re too compact. Too many players in too small a space. We have pace on our side we need to spread the ball wider and use Placheta and Onel properly.
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