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  1. No, they can both stay if they want, why turn anyone away, just don''t read their threads if you are''nt interested in what they might have to say!
  2. Well said. I am a huge Hucks fan. I went on Sunday and said my ''farewell''. Hucks is a legend and rightfully gained his place in our Greatest Ever, but you are right, it is time now as we approach the new season to wish him well, and move on. He will always be welcomed back to Norwich and I hope that one day he will return to the club in some coaching role. Now though we look to the future, and please lets just back the manager and give him a chance to put together his team. When he has then no doubt we will all have an opinion!
  3. My brother lived nextdoor to Graham Paddon in the 70s. I was just a kid but I remember how nice he was.
  4. I''m going and not because I want to see jamelia! I hope Huckerby is there and I will be chanting his name. I hope he is in our Greatest Ever, I voted for him!
  5. He was my favourite player when he was here. As for that goal against Coventry, I voted for that on the Norwich Greatest Ever Site! I still treasure my signed program. He was a fantastic player, sublime crosses, a real gent, and he was cute! No, he was hot! I loved watching him every game! Wwelcome back to Norwich anytime!
  6. I got my ticket for the Event the first day they went on sale. I am a huge Rhydian fan, I quite like Ray, I love Ben Mills, can put up with Jamelia, I think its great! Seeing our Greatest ever, great day out, well done to the organisers! Considering some of the matches I''ve sat through over the last two years, I deserve a nice day out!
  7. Yep, I''ve signed it, the 39th game is a stupid idea. 
  8. My thoughts are with  his family.   He was not only a great footballer but a lovely person as well. I was fortunate to know him from when he lived in Sprowston, and he always had time for fans, even kids like me!Todays players should look at some film of his appearances for Norwich, his passion, skill and commitment to our club was beyond reproach." There''s only one Graham Paddon" lets sing it again on Saturday.
  9. As a season ticket holder, I''ve seen him at all the home games he''s been involved in. Total waste of space and money!! Last night was the worst, we were playing with ten men.Accepting he is overweight and unfit, but he just looked completely uninterested and could not be bothered to make the slightest effort.  Please send him back now and lets not waste anymore money on him!
  10. Like you Andy, my first game was in 1966, at the River End, but with my Dad.  he would say the same if he were still alive. This is your team, you support it through the good and the bad, thats what being a supporter is all about. Well said, post of the year!!
  11. Well said Alex.Its a new day, a new dawn, a new life, and I''m feeling good!
  12. Having listened to all the interviews..............................................................Very Happy!
  13. Welcome, I admit you were not my first choice but very impressed with the question and answer session and will be there for the rest of the season supporting you and the team.ON THE BALL CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I was at the game and I can tell you all that he looked unfit before the game started!  He plyed with drive for about 15 mins than that was it!  In the second half he hardly moved at all!A total waste of time and money!
  15. Please nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!  We must get a higher calibre manager than either of them would make!!
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