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  1. I think that people are not getting overly carried away, but that they are simply getting caught up in the fact that next Saturday a NORWICH team will take to the pitch at Carrow Road for the first time in a very long time! New faces and changes will always bring fresh enthusiasm, so we are right to get excited. I am sure no-one on here wants us to do badly, so join in with the positive mood!
  2. Will be interesting to see Bell on his prefered right side, if as I assume, Pattison will be on the left 
  3. It might just be that Fozzy will be a new man after having been dropped?....
  4. Very impressed with the Pink un live feed thing so far!!!! Much better and faster than the Beeb!
  5. sorry! Being stupid! Misread it completely!!!
  6. Team news looks that way to me!!!!
  7. Hucks is gone! Some are happy, some not. Nothing we can do about it so move on!! Getting bored of all the headlines critising Roeder and supporting Hucks. Hucks was a complete legend, but it is the job of the Manager to move players on when he believes their time is up. Time for us all to think about future!!!!!
  8. Teams are Sheff Wed 01 Grant 15 Beevers 16 Wood 23 Johnson 32 Spurr 17 Watson 29 Bolder 35 Songo''o 10 Burton 34 Sahar 36 Slusarski Substitutes 27 Burch, 06 Kavanagh, 11 Esajas, 14 McAllister, 18 Clarke Norwich 01 Marshall 02 Otsemobor 27 Doherty 04 Shackell 21 Bertrand 06 Huckerby 20 Russell 16 Fotheringham 24 Pattison 09 Dublin 32 Evans Substitutes 13 Rudd, 07 Croft, 10 Cureton, 11 Chadwick, 15 Pearce Come on you yellows!!!!
  9. Born in Northern Ireland. No interest in football whatsoever when I was growing up, I think mainly because I was crap! Moved to Norwich in 1998, started to take a vague interest, and it went from there. I have now moved away from Norwich again (bloody jobs!) but go to as many games as I can, and bleed yellow blood. Take a lot of stick from mates who support Premiership clubs, but that is life. At least I can say I lived in Norwich, most of them have no connection with their club of choice, other than they liked the colour of the kit or something! OTBC!!!
  10. I think I might have one of the oddest! It is a set of Russian dolls that I bought in Prague last year. Croft goes inside Shackell who goes inside Gallacher who goes inside Drury who goes inside Earnshaw! Well they make me laugh anyway!
  11. 12th Would be great now. Top half, well away from the bottom. Would be very happy with that. Without being overly down, I hope we don''t make the playoffs, our squad is just not ready for an assault on the Prem, and it will take Roeder another year or two to get us moving in that direction.
  12. Coventry have managed to secure a last minute deal to avoid administration! www.ccfc.premiumtv.co.uk/
  13. Brum have decided to hold out for more money, can''t blame them really, but not looking forward to this weekend without Tiny!
  14.                                                                                                                 Marshall Semmy                          Taylor                                  Shacks                      Mo Croft                            Pattison                               Fozzy                         Hucks                                   Evans                                  Cureton
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