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  1. Esbjerg IF is located on the west coast of Jutland. It is a typical mid-table side, who lack the funds to content higher in the league, but they often develop good talents. It is a great passing side, technical good football, but their defence sucks big time. Good luck to Jarvis.
  2. [quote user="Jameswallis"] Hi, I would happily take your translation of Steeno''s footballing story and edit it for you to make your summary flow a little better. send it to me on james.wallis@dowjones.com Depending on length, i will get it done asap and send it to whoever wants it (flown the nest, pinkun etc...) Steen was a very classy player, nice touch, good passer...like many danish players... he just got english football, understood the fans passion and seemed to really enjoy the way the game was played over here. Pleased he is doing well, he is a player who''ll be held in high regard in and around Norwich for a long time to come.   James [/quote] Hi James Sounds great. I can''t tell when i will have the translation ready, it''s rather long (four pages each interview), so it is a lot of work. But eventually i will have it ready, i have written down your mail address, so sooner og later you will receive it. Where will you publish it? Bingo: I can send a link to Steeno from this debate.
  3. [quote user="yellow blood"]Pure class...like everyone said probably the best overseas player that City have had. The Coventry goal was just so out of the blue which made it even more memorable. That evening I bumped into Steeno in the curryhouse on Harvey Lane where I proceeded to chant Steeno at him and shook his hand. He just chatted away till his take-away was ready. I would be delighted if he ever came back to the club in any capacity. Shame there aren''t more players of his ilk in football![/quote] i totally agree. I think, that his way of being so polite to the fans, where other players often have their "nose in the sky" is, that Steeno understood and appreciated the football culture. He feels, i think, that fans are just as important as the players, that all these different parts, are creating a fantastic culture together. Everybody could learn from his approach.
  4. [quote user="Matt"] Steeno is a legend!! I remember his lap of honour on his last game at Norwich, he came to the Barclay and got on his knees and bowed! True gent. At first he looked a decent midfielder then he got switched to right back and became the best foriegn right back in the cllubs history!   Miss singing his song! Steenooooo!   When''s the book out? [/quote] it is not a book, it is a three-part interview, i am doing the last part now now. Propably it will take some time to finish, because Steeno wants to check it through several times, so that i is perfect.
  5. Hi again I spoke with Steeno yesterday over the phone, always a pleasure. He is doing well, a bit busy, because now a lot of player wants advices about new contracts and so. He told me, that he still is in contact with Norwich, so he will not forget you guys. Maybe there is a possibility, that he in the future can find strong danish talents to Norwich? i think he has done that before with Asmat. Well greetings from Steeno and i!
  6. [quote user="Mark Rivers..."]I remember that goal, V Coventry.  It was more than 30 yards out though weren''t it?  I dunno though.  From sitting in the Thorpe Wing could see exactly how the ball moved through the air.  He was class though, great player, about the only good thing Hamilton did.  I remember after his last home game he was emotional, that says it all for him![/quote] Steeno wanted to go abroad about 97-98, to try a new challenge. But then my club OB was relegated, and he stayed to years, first to secure promotion, and then securing survival, before leaving for England. When he came back, he lost his motivation after 1,5 season, and then he stopped despite his contract, because as he said "the club is the most important thing". His kind is rare in modern football.
  7. [quote user="gcb...norwich"]Quality footballer and a top bloke. Bumped into him about 18 months ago in Norwich after he''d been to watch City in action and he joined me and my mate in Roccos for a few beers. We then proceeded to Optic for the night and Steeno cut some moves on the edge of the dancefloor, had a few more drinks and a burger in Olive Tree before departing for his hotel. Bit of a surreal night, cracking bloke and had a few footballing stories to tell!![/quote] It sounds like Nedergaard to me. He is always so down to earth, a very fine person. Well if you want to send him greetings, you can write them here, and i will pass it on. Btw. is anybody interested in correcting my summary if i make it, mayby it could turn in to an article for the club or fanpage?
  8. [quote user="AndyJR"]Steno''s a legend.  Great player and always had time to talk when you met him in town.  I always thought he was a qualified Solicitor?  Maybe I''m wrong. [/quote] A kind of i guess. He passed some exams that was a part of the course you have to take, when becoming a legal advisor for the danish player association, because his role is to help young players negotiating contracts.
  9. i will consider making the summary, it is quite a big work because of the length, and my english grammar is not that great, if i find the time i will.
  10. At OB he always played Right Back or Wingback (depending on the system), and he had a very characteristic move to the backline, where he made his great crosses, and no matter how many times he made his move, the defenders never got it, he is a legend in Odense.
  11. Hi guys Greetings from Odense in Denmark. I am currently writing the third and final part of my interview with Steen Nedergaard. I am writing about his stay at Norwich City, a stay that he still talks very passionate about as a "child-hood dream" coming true. Well i just thought, that it could be funny to hear some supporters oppinion about him, how was he on as well as off the pitch? mayby some funny anekdotes, that i can fill in to my article about Steeno (that was his name in Norwich right?). I can tell you, that Steeno today work for the danish player organisation, where he guides young players, when they recieve contract offers. I sometimes talk with him, when i am watching talent matches in Odense. He is always very polite and nice to all people, always giving some time to speak with fans and old friends. He also have some great values when it comes to clubculture, way to behave as a player and so on, a really gentleman, and he was a great player to. If you have any questions, i will happily answer them. The first to parts of the interview series, can be found here www.ob-news.dk, but it is in Danish, i can maybe make a shorter English summary, if people are interested? The interviews follows Steenos full carriere, from child-hood till now. Best Wishes Udesen
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