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  1. [quote user="Blue_Army"] You only Loan Players!Your a Laughing Stock!! [/quote] we were a laughing stock... but we got rid of the person who made us a laughing stock... you have still got mr spend/waste all our money on shite players like keven lisbie... JIM MAGILTON IS A LAUGHING STOCK
  2. just why did he reject a move to high flying sheff u? perhaps he wants to come back to norwich or pehaps he just wants to jump straight into the prem. can this buissness man who paid his wages help us out to sign him permantly?
  3. Is there any way you can buy tickets on the day tomorrow as i want go but have not had time to book tickets!!
  4. poor tactical decisions trys to be to clever dosent have a clue about football gives the impression that he thinks he is a good manager (haaaaahaa) sign''s too many loan players.... (which i think is one of the key reasons to why we are doing so badly)
  5. Dont worry Roeder will just get another 8 players in on loan. which will upset the team and then we get relagated
  6. [quote user="Archie"]who is he,what does he do,is he any good??? i thought we were goingo to go for the riordan guy[/quote] Dont really know much about him but i know hes mint on footie manger lol
  7. [quote user="can u sit down please"] For the job he has done developing Lee Croft over the past year. Workrate...improved Decision making......improved Consistency....improved Final ball....improved Goal scoring.....improved. As a result, clubs are now looking at him. I have heard contract talks are imminent, lets just hope we can offer him a good enough deal. If we dont....im sure GR will get the blame! [/quote] His workrate was always there... it was just the other things like the final product of crossing, shooting, scoreing that he was hopeless at but i have to admit he has improved on that!
  8. lets not forget our defence is pure 100% c*ap. we are giving penalties away for fun and getting sent off for fun why dont we just sign kevin bloody Muscat
  9. and then theres his wages.... currently on more than 25k per week i doubt hes going to drop down to less than 10k??? why do you think roeder got rid of huckerby??? i highly doubt its going to happen!
  10. Dont care if theres already posts about the possible lineup for sunday i cant really be botherd to look through all the posts of complaining ncfc fans..........    cmon you yellows!!!!!  we going to win on sunday!!!!!!                                                        Marshall                    Ozmozsi  Doherty  Clingan    Ostemabor                                              Drury/Bertrand                            Russell       Pattison Croft                                                       Bell/Hoolahan                                     Lita  
  11. and came across this lol made me laugh....  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0_3ctAesByo&feature=related          lets hope we can turn it around starting by beating the dirty scum this sunday!!!!!
  12. or..Roeder you you try to be clever but you cant get the basics right
  13. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Sky obviously didn''t want them enough, so don''t blame Setanta blame them or the BBC for not bidding a bit more.[/quote] yeh thats why Brian Barwick got sacked apparantly because he accepted the offer from setanta over bbc and sky
  14. god we have signed some ug mugs i bet chadwick is happy he is not the only one
  15. How can you say he is a good passer??????????  He gives the ball away every time
  16. i said this a while a go.  He can tackle and as captain he can motivate the players and thats about it otherwise he is slow, cant pass, cant shoot (but yet he always takes the free kicks and corners).  Although he will probabaly be Roeders main choice id much prefer him to be back up to clinghan and russell.
  17. what about that keeper (Watt) can''t remember his 1st name but i remember the chant... you watt you watt you watt ..you watt you watt you watt...... where the hell is he?
  18. At the least we need another 8 players to even compete with survival next season because with this current squad we are going nowhere.   
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