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  1. i work in a large transport compnay in Norwich with approx 300 employees situated in Norwich. They talk football all day long. I have never heard one of them in the past 6 to 12 months have a positive word 2 say about a certain Mr. Worthington. Wot i carnt understand is how come the local norwich newspaper stands by him all they say is "Under pressure" all the time. Now approximatly 300 people on top of the many Worthy Out posts on her cannot be wrong can it?? Carnt the local rag see this??? are they in some way subserdised by the football club to try and keep things sweet. I mean some of the match reports that they print ive been to the same match and cannot work out by wot they have actually wrote if they were at the same match as me. So NCFC and ECN take the hint and help us owst the Hoofball Master
  2. if i was gay all i could say is id give him 1 out of 10
  3. i think that he mite proberbly have a bald patch cos he is so under the thumb by delia that the hair line must be rubbin a bit thin by now
  4. I am gettin absolutly sick and tired of reading Mr. Worthington in the paper sayin that "We dont have the money" He might as well just give us a big slap round the face to all us season ticket holders and say well like it or lump it basically. How come other teams can get half decent players ie) coventry who havent got a pot 2 p*s* in!! Wheres the so call board who state that we are the best fans in the country??? The can not all be still on summer holidays??? Or is something brewing???? The board soon liked us when we in the prem and a certain director loved the television attention that she was getting but where is she now when things have gone pete tong??? are they all blind to wots going on??? im sorry but ive just had enough of the lies and constent blindness of this so call football club
  5. i saw martin o neill the other day in asda think he might be the new coach
  6. all ways thought that he looked a bit strange guess death explains it lol
  7. Is it just me or is Delia and Michael keeping low profiles at the moment. They may just be on a really long holiday i know but just seems strange that the last time the were publicly on TV was when the worthy out stuff was going on. Are they still here???
  8. i think that he plays for Port Vale
  9. Can you get an N.V.Q in football mangement???
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