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  1. The "Late Kick Off" highlights were quite good, over ten minutes of that and chat.
  2. [quote user="cityangel"] Does anyone think that the club should let these two in next season and end their ban. Like a lot of people on this board I think they did us a favour by getting us plastered all over the tv and in the papers and so helped to bring things to a head. What do people think? [/quote] Yeah, perhaps we should give Adolf Hitler a posthumous knighthood for bringing Europe together....
  3. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="I am a Banana"] Now were have secured promotion would you leave him out of the 1st team so that he can fulyl recover instead of trying to get him back?[/quote]   I posted over a week ago in one of the other Wes threads that he''s out for the the season and I stand by my comments and trust my source. [:)] [/quote] Yeah, yeah, it''s his relation, we all know, don''t make out you''re something special with your "source".
  4. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] If they do make it they would win the play offs - the side in form and all that.   [/quote] They have 16 from their last six, Huddersfield have 13. Southampton have an easy run-in but I''m sure that Huddersfield have enough about them to stave them off.
  5. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="dreamteam"]Following todays marvellous conclusion, I will be celebrating with something fizzy, and have asked Mrs Dreamteam to wear the Yellow and green negligee. Could be interesting!!!!!!!!!!![/quote] Doubt a clean sheet will be involved. [/quote] LOL.
  6. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]It has to be a cock like Cluck who posted it, I do hope he has the balls to come forward, I reckon we have more chance of seing Dale Winton giving head to the Queen though.[/quote] I''m convinced it''s not one of the usual suspects. If my guess is right he will have the decency to own up.
  7. I''m loving the fact that "hubbly" has now disguised his posts by misspelling certain words and changing the grammar around.
  8. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] [quote user="Quagmire"]After spending all that time analysing spelling, grammar and post history do you think I''m actually going to come straight out with it?[/quote] Is it obvious? [/quote] LOL, not that obvious [:D] .
  9. [quote user="lobster catcher"]thats swindon out of it.........we are nearly there!!!![/quote] No, they are still in with a chance.
  10. After spending all that time analysing spelling, grammar and post history do you think I''m actually going to come straight out with it?
  11. The "real" OP has actually posted a comment on this very page.
  12. [quote user="lappinitup"]Bly has finally found a font size that matches his input........[/quote] ...output sex organ.
  13. Crouch? He''ll be more a hinderance that anything. Players like him always think they''ll come in, set the world alight, bang in a few goals and revitalise their career. Chance would be a fine thing.
  14. Nope, can''t find the NCFC link with this story....
  15. The forum was not working correctly overnight. Maybe it has been restored from the last backup?
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