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  1. are so arrogant... 1)..By the end of the season,we WILL have beaten Norwich in the return match 2)..Norwich WILLl still be in the championship 3)..We are 3 matches from the europa comp. 4)..We CAN get martin o`neil as manager 5)..Our poor att on sat was because it was the last payday in the month,and people need to save money for xmas! These are some of the 6 fingered scribblings they have posted on a couple of skm sites.. They may beat us,in the return,but to say "we WILL"is pure arrogance..And if we do beat them,what excuse will the inbreds come up with? We may still be in the championship,but there is a possibility we could go up,and to quote keegan.I WOULD BLOODY LOVE IT!,If we do.. Martin o`neil! Yeah right How many did we get last xmas,when in league 1.against millwall,and the -3 temp against hudders! And one scmmer wrote" ive heard the banks are demanding their money back,and norwich will be bankcrupt by the summer!...of course you did mate of course you did! We may
  2. That freaky 7 ft tall bloke is being found out,thats why he is being shipped to us..Should play basketball
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