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  1. if we got the bendtner that played for birmingham a few years ago then yes....would be a good signing and i think lambert could change him
  2. i thought tierney was going to be a bad signing.but proven wrong.....i think lambert can make he better.
  3. Who would you like in and out at carrow road??? I think Lambert will stick to what he did last summer.....a few from league 1 and a few from championship......but a few from premier league and a few good players from the championship. Do you think lambert will look abroad??
  4. [quote user="Smudger"]How many still believe that Jacko was over priced at £500k???[/quote] i do. because i saw the years ago playing for Rushden and diamonds. when he left diamonds and join Gillingham i thought he could go bigger than that. Another person who will make it big in league one next year will be lee tomlin of peterborough. Watch this space!
  5. on thursday night in the 2nd half holt looked nacked. just wondering how he look yesterday???
  6. ive won tickets to the derby game and now need transport from leeds ( or the surrounding area ) any one going from up here or want 1 ticket as i won two. Will help on petrol. :)
  7. at the start at the season we would of taken anything above 21st in the league.......top above was the aim.....now we are 1pt behind 2nd place and we are all kicking off.......QPR.....spent loads in the summer......Cardiff, Swansea,Reading,Burnley ....spend quite a bit in the summer and also had a good squad already.....Forest didn''t spend much but had a really good squad from last year.....we have spend not as much as most teams around us. Even if we loose 2nd place....still a chance for playoffs....and even if we don''t make win the playoffs....i will be more than happy we even got their. McNally had a 5year plan to get in the premier league......we are in year 2........STOP MOANING.......................................rant over
  8. well if it is for another 2 weeks that gives chrissy two weeks to get fit again.
  9. another wolves injury up front for them again today. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake has gone off at half time with a hamstring injury. could be on his way ???
  10. yeh but mcveigh was 5"6 and he did score a couple with his head.
  11. Leeds are playing the scum on Saturday. i thought to raise money for comic relief i was going to go down to elland road and wear my Norwich shirt. do people think this may be asking for death or a good bit for charity??
  12. has any1 set up a league up on their???? done my team. just wanna join a league.
  13. i am in leeds at the mo and just wondering is their any pubs up here that will be showing it up here and any fans meeting up??
  14. dont want carter!!!!!! he scored the winning pen against us at cardiff!!!!!!! my mates love 2 remind me!!!!!
  15. i am just gonna say 1 think......LIVERPOOL!!!!!!
  16. we no jamie is up mcveigh is only on a 1 year contract and i dont think he will be stayin but who else is up ????
  17. i wanted 2 kill him first......but dont 4 get first prize. season ticket for norwich next year.......happy killing everyone [:D]
  18. is this the most 1 sided ref i have ever seen???....now we dont get a pen!!!!! FFS!!!!!!!
  19. y dont he send lambert off as well......ooooo hang out......he has done that as well...
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