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  1. My favourite is Phil Mulryne away at Reading in the 2003-2004 promotion season. Lovely assist by the ref!! Knew we were getting promoted when that went in!
  2. Im in Cardiff city centre on Saturday. Would be great to watch the game with a fellow Canary, anybody about?
  3. Panicking! You my son need to get a grip. I like the enthusiasm but surely panicking is a step too far. i reckon mildly concerned fits the bill here. your bp will be through the roof come xmas. you need to chill out buddy.
  4. Has joined on loan for the rest of the year.
  5. There certainly is no myth about the membership card system being im place. I went down to the valley last thursday to get a couple of tickets in the home end. There is no chance that any person without a red card or season ticket will be able to purchase tickets for the game. I even went to the club shop before I went to the ticket office to get a keyring to flaunt to the guys behind the counter. I got a flat no even. I went as far as to go to the local pubs, restaurants, newsagents asking if anybody was a season ticket holder or membership holder, managed to get a contact in the end who should be sorting out some tickets for me. You really need to have somebody with the card to get the tickets for you, I don''t think that there will be many tickets available outside the ground either if they are making it this difficult to get tickets.
  6. For all of us fans who have not managed to get tickets in the away end, this is the place to be. Probably be over 500 of us in this part of the ground. Who else is up for it?? 
  7. Worth a gamble!! very funny.   Pointless thread though, it would have to be Etherington because Huckerby IS NOT A NORWICH PLAYER!!!!!
  8. Southampton Canary, where bouts in southampton are ya?? Is the Doc leaving? Looks likely!!
  9. Just a post to see what shirt style of the past you would like us to wear again in the coming years? Personally the speckled shirt of 1992-1994 was a winner. Also any news on a new shirt sponsor or on the new shirt?  
  10. Oh, did one hit ones nerve??????? hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!
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