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  1. it''s way to early in the summer to do this but i''ll give it a try anyway relegation - Aston Villa - Reading - Watford promotion - Birmingham (1st) - Norwich (2nd) - Coventry (playoffs)   any other predictions?    
  2. good looking kit........the white looks fantastic
  3. how does 18m in debt compare to most championship clubs?    
  4. Did Man U ever pay a fee to the Norwegian club for Jon Obi Mikel or have they just banked $12,000,000 from the whole mess?
  5. anyone have any idea what his wages per week are?
  6. who do you think will be joining us in the championship next year? 18. PORTSMOUTH   (brutal transfers considering the amount they had to spend in January) 19. WEST BROM   (i cant believe they sold their only decent striker) 20. SUNDERLAND   (awful)   and for promotion? 1. READING   (done deal) 2. SHEFF UTD   (done deal) 3. PRESTON NE   (just a gut feeling on this one)
  7. I think 3mil for Green would be good business considering some recent rumours have him leaving Norwich for 1.5 to 2mil. I cant believe Tottenham recieved 7mil for their 3 reserve players.
  8. Is he worth the 15mil Arsenal are reported to be paying for him (bbc web)? anyone seen Walcott in action? I have read a few articles on the kid but being exiled in Canada I have never seen him play football
  9. is he falling out of favor at Wigan? he made a lot of apperances from the sub bench over Christmas and failed to see any playing time against arsenal in the league cup semi (he was a regular in the starting 11 throughout the fall). anyone heard anything?
  10. [quote user="lucky green trainers"] In a years time, he''ll be drooled over by everybody on this board and be worth £3 - mark my words. [/quote] I agree, we need to give him a chance!!!
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