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  1. I think John Hartson could prove to be a good signing. It is only for 1 month initially, so hwat do we have to lose. He is, whatever you say, a proven goalscorer, physical and will put himslef about. More over he has a point to prove, to show he is not past. Could work out very well for both parties. Our current strikers are not exactly firing on all cylinders, so why not. All you people moaning out there, get off Hartson''s case and back him.
  2. If Grant resigns then he goes with dignity. Clearly he has done all he can. He has lost the dressing room, the players do not want to play for him. However they all need to take a long hard look at themselves, because not only have they cheated the manager, they have cheated the club and most importantly the fans. No matter where they are asked to play, no matter who for, they should give 100% Instead in comes across that they couldn''t give a toss and just pick up their pay packet. Don''t get me wrong, I have felt for a while a new experienced manager was required but the players must take some of the blame. They should hold their heads in shame. 
  3. It''s Neil Warnock for me too. He has the drive and ambition to motivate the players and steer the club up the table. Mike Newell, Paul Jewell, Paul Ince and Mickey Adams would all be good alternatives though.
  4. Does anyone else agree that Neil Adams must have to remove splinters from his arse as he sits on the fence so much. He is so annoying on Canary Call.
  5. He is definately a Norwich fan. Not sure if he is from the area, but have seen him in the Castle Mall, although quite a while back.
  6. For goodness sake. Why can''t we defend set pieces?
  7. I would also like to wish Peter Grant good luck in the job and hope he can revive the club''s fortunes. He was a passionate player on pitch, wore his heart on his sleeve, there is no reason to believe he will not be the same as manager. Let''s all get behind him.
  8. I truly believe that now is the time for McKenzie to go. The signs for the team are looking promising and any dressing room unrest could decimate that. When a player and a manager shall we say have a disagreement there will only be one winner and it won''t be Leon. I think Neil Adams has got it spot on with his comments
  9. Okay, so we may not have liked the way - 1. How Norwich handled the transfer, usual smokescreens etc and 2. How Dean Ashton went about it. The fact remains however as an ex-player of the club I wish him all the best for the final and for next season in Europe. I hope the Hammers win, however it would be bizarre if Deano picked up a groin strain prior to the final!!!! We received a lot of money for Deano and I truly believe that we bought well with Rob Earnshaw and he will score a bucket load of goals, in which case it will be Dean Who.  
  10. Why, oh why is Hughes starting again? The guy clearly is poor and lacking in confidence. If we don''t play JJ2 we don''t stand a chance of signing him permanently in the summer as he will want first team football. What does Hughes have to do to be dropped???  
  11. For me it is Paul Gallacher. The reason being that Robert Green is very likely to be moving on in the summer. We will therefore need a solid replacement for next season. The money raised by selling Green could be better spent in other areas eg. right midfield etc and we already have a more then capable replacement in Paul Gallacher. However I think he will only re-sign for the club if he is guaranteed first team football as I imagine he will want to get back in the international set up. Which of course he can only do by playing regularly and by playing well, which can only be of benefit to the club. We must think long term, therefore it has to be Gallacher for the remaining 2 games, he has done nothing wrong, so why drop him and potentially lose him. With Gallacher and Joe Lewis, City look strong in that department for next season.
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