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  1. Skysports are speculating that West Ham may be considering a move, perhaps your bidding war theory is correct.  
  2. Derby have had two £1M+ bids for Eastwood rejected, £1.5M might not be enough.  
  3. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Every other time a player of flair and ability has been signed they have been stifled...  Even Huckerby last season looked half the player he was when he arrived here.[/quote] Another half baked opinion backed up by an inaccurate argument, the internet lie seems to be your tawdry bedfellow.  
  4. [quote user="mat gore"]Palace got Matty Svennson from Portsmouth....[/quote] Thanks Matty, but in my defense Mr Wenger from Arsenal reported that Portsmouth has recently been (by Sol Campbell) recategorised as abroad!  
  5. I''m not sure whats worse, you perpetuating this nonsense or you believing it.  
  6. [quote user="Yellow Rages"] Kathy, Your not paying silly mid off in his cricket team are you? [/quote] Perhaps she''s Theolster''s legendary brother (yes I know theres a gender issue but he can get very confused)!  
  7. [quote user="Anderz"]Pete, Hayden: This could run and run until you guys run out of Clubs for Matty Svensson, keep it up... ; )[/quote] Sorry, thats were it ends, I''m pretty sure that Palace got him from abroad.  
  8. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] actually Squit on another occasion he has said in the press that he ''doesnt like flicks and tricks''. [/quote] You shouldn''t quote the manager if you can''t back that quote up. Seems like another internet lie becomming fact.  
  9. [quote user="Hayden"] well I meant that he was not English and hence we should maybe look abroad (like Charlton did with Matt) at other leagues..... [/quote] Charlton got Matt from Crystal Palace, definately not abroad.  
  10. Surely it would be easy to produce kids season tickets on different colour plastic, then it would be very easy to stop an adult using them.  
  11. I don''t think that you''ve understood what the people who didn''t want to get rid of the manager were saying, mostly they wanted him to stay because getting rid of him wasn''t in their opinions in the best interest of the club. Most of them recognised that the football last season wasn''t good but a change of manager wasn''t the solution. The WO''s state that ''for the good of the club'' (quote is from their website) that the manager has to leave, this along with most of the other claims against the manager are proving to be false. Stop trying to perpetuate this division amongst the supporters and be glad that things are looking up.    
  12. Svensson came from Charlton, definately part of these shores.    
  13. [quote user="Mook"] But I thought you lot were in the Steve Foley appreciation society??? Surely, if Hunter can make a sudden difference in that role then Foley should have?? Or maybe this is why Foley was marginalised by Worthington - he wasn''t very good? Or perhaps ..... IT''S A JOINT EFFORT TO GET THE TEAM PLAYING WELL. It''s hardly in Nigel''s interests to have them playing awfully, is it? [/quote] You''re right Mook, ''Foley was a scapegoat and Hunter is a yes man who won''t be able to change anything.'' Or perhaps everything we were being told during the summer was nonesense! Maybe apologies are due from some quarters.  
  14. [quote user="theolster"] perhaps we should get a win under our belts before we start praising defeats! [/quote] OK, we''ve got a win so I''d like to praise our performance against Leeds. Now, whats happening with Chris? The season is nearly a week old and he hasn''t signed for any of the three Premiership clubs or any of the numerous Championship teams that you reliably informed us had offered him a contract. Can your brother give us an update?  
  15. I haven''t got a bird but my brothers got a knackered old ex canary thats way past its prime, he calls it Chris.  
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