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  1.  have not felt the need to write on here for a while.  BUT ...I was sitting on the bench opposite Rays CDs near Anglia Square today listening to Ace of Base on my MP3 player. When I saw Jon Otsemobor smashing  a packet of scampi Nik Naks crisps as he hurried down Magdalen street past a charity shop. It made me feel a little perplexed by what i had witnessed. Im paying for those Nik Naks!Should a proffesional football whos attitude and performance last year was unsatisfactory be doing this?shoud he have spent the money in a charity shop?but then my thought process changed...surely the bigger question has to be what is the best packet of crisps?you see i dont like Nik Naks my favourite is pickled onion monster munchwhats yours?
  2. Micheal Spillane is a superb centre back if the 2nd half of sheffield wednesday away game last season has anything to go by he actually has a decent touch and can play football and i thought that he and Shackell would be much better than Shackell and Doc-why has he not been given a chance? Does anyone else find this hard to believe?
  3. unfortunatley i think you are right-he simply isnt good enough-his awareness is poor disribution terrible-he has no presence for a big lad and no leadership skills where is the leader at the back? shacks in time could be that man, i honestly believe if we got a leader at the back like Duncan Forbes, Mackay etc...........we have a Squad that could be in the top 6 come on grant sign a central  defender please!!!!!!!!!! 
  4. Hang on a minute why is everyone assuming shef u and charlton will go straight back up- the championship is such a tough league-the team that gets the consistency,fitness luck etc will go up Watford where fav to go down the other year and they went up,I have to say Charlton look like they''ve got a great chance,but generally believe shef u are goin no where- but like i say i dont know-but what is for certain is that there are about 10 clubs in with a shout at least and where one of them!   anyway a bet on Norwich winning the league is not sucha  bad idea in my opinion  
  5. 100% behind the idea to have guns and roses welcome to the jungle   i only wish it could happen
  6. Safri Etuhu and Earnshaw gone-   Brillant now weve got rid of the players who dont want to play for the club we can anaylse the forth coming season in brief -   Brellier is goin to be awesome - ive been made aware from a friend who supports hearts and watched him myself.   David Marshall-prem class   Cuerton will score goals   and we still have hucks   Shack will come off age   And all we need now is a Centre back to partner Shack.,and when we get that we have a squad to finish in the top six    
  7.                                                        Tracey Briggs                          Segura                      Doherty            Derveld   Hughes                         Lee Marshall        Carey                   LLewelyn                                      Beckford              Cottee
  8. Thank u herb i generally think people cant grasp the fact that when u pay money you  want to see players give 100% Ashton didnt care for so many games until the Southampton game just before the transfer window opened i agree Ashton has lots of talent and could play for England-but it doesnt stop me thinkin hes disrespectful prick coz in my eyes thats what he was, why should i praise someone because their good-are true fan praises the players when they give 100% for the club    
  9. I believe ashton got booed becoz when he left the club he said "i am going to a big club" i think he didnt need to say that also anyone remember the crewe game he didnt want to score players dont care about clubs or the supporters all they care about is money thats why if i was there i would have booed to
  10. i just want to know also if there is a pub in the big city that has sentana sports please i dint want to go to the game as west ham fans dissapoint me so much but watchin the game with a beer would be great even if hammers fans turm up at the pub   some one please help????
  11. Marigold i do believe your on my wavelength i remember watching segura a number of times and thinking if he had a run in the time what a great player he could be. its about realising potential Segura had it the doc will never be any good   i wonder where victor is now?
  12. i just hope he does really bad, il be so annoyed if he went there and played well,   ive got  a feeling he will be poor
  13. oh dear i know some people would be narrow minded, in the 80s and  early 90s under chase i saw the best football this days we see poor football- why do u lot not understand that chase was the man who made things happen- glad someone agrees with me(marigold) there must be more of u out there
  14. ok now i know the name upsets many norwich fans but with the recent situation with the club bringing in players:- isnt it about time we praised robert chase-he layed the foundations for the future-colney is a fantastic training ground and  thats the reason we are getting these players and it all goes back to chase i honestly believe that the board need to wake up and smell the coffee,can u honestly say that the club with the board we have can get back in the premiership under chase we came third and went on an amazing european run thank u chase please bring him back 
  15. a west ham fan on the pink un-weve the same arrognace as ever   giving charlie big potatoes-to be honest im glad u stayed up(any guesses why) ps i wont be goin to the friendly match either    
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