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  1. I think that Hughes should be the only one who gets his place taken, and the ''Welsh International'' Robinson deserves a go.                      Green Fleming   Doherty  Rehman  Drury             Safri      Robinson  JJ2                                     Huckerby          McKenzie  Earnshaw Subs: Gallacher, Shackell, McVeigh, Thorne, Hughes
  2. [quote user="Editor of Milk"] Derby County 0 -4 Norwich City, 2003 Same(ish) green kit. No Andy Hooves, Dickson Ethuhu, Thorne etc etc [/quote]   I actually meant the Kit which says Lotus Cars underneath the badge, and has the slightly darker than dark green stripe on it.
  3. Has anyone else Noticed that Norwich have never won away from home in that dreaded away kit? 2004/05 - No Wins away from home 2005/06 - Wins away - Brighton, Crewe, Ipswich, many more... Is this the reason for our downfall?
  4. [quote user="Old Boy"] He pays £500 for a season ticket.[/quote]   No wonder Brighton get rubbish crowds at home. I wonder how much it costs to sit on the hill with a picnic...
  5. Green - 7 - The boy did good Fleming - 8 - He''s still got it Drury - 7 - Solid as ever Rehman - 8 - Sign him Nigel!! (or whoever) Doherty - 9 - Player of the Season Hughes - 0.5 - Well, what can we say? Safri - 7 - Good again Johansson - 6 - Looked good, improving at RM Huckerby - 10 - Absolutely Brilliant, Man of the Match well deserved. Thorne - 6 - Not a target man. Earnshaw - 8 - He got his Goals, and the Celebration is really all Nigel has bought him for. But i like him. Subs McKenzie - 8 - Suprisingly good along with Earnshaw McVeigh - 7 - Looked slightly better than JJ Robinson - 7 - A better, more skillful version of Hughes.
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Notice anyone missing???? worthy Out! jas :) [/quote]   Surely you cant be suggesting we''ll get in the Play-offs?
  7. It might be coincidental, but Norwich''s 5 wins in a row were at the same time as hughes being crocked. Is this not reason enough to get Robinson in. On another point, Dickson Etuhu is surely the worst player i''ve ever seen in a norwich shirt. He may even be worse than Raymond De Waard...
  8. Norwich watsed Ashton and the talent that was on offer. Using him as a player to run around and cross, Norwich then had no-one in the box to finish the move. We should have played to his strengths, and i can honestly say that I can see Norwich doing exactly the Same with Earnshaw.
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