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  1. What more do you expect from The S*um??  Chelsea handed a tough 5th Round?? Yeah right, The S*um, tell the truth??! I didnt think so??
  2. Age: 21 Job: Student - Studying to be a PE Teacher at Liverpool John Moores. Fan: Season Ticket Holder since 1990.   Reason:  Born and Bred in Norwich, Mum is a Season ticket holder of 40 years and that was it for me... Will never forget the good times and will never forget my roots. Interesting Info:  Norwich are the only British team to have beaten Bayern Munich at the Olympic Stadium. Fact. I was there and it is one of my proudest moments as a Norwich City Fan. Being part of the travelling fans that was at Anfield to see the Kop''s Last Stand was also pretty special, I have never experience a more touching, heart felt goodbye. Norwich fans that day showed why they are held in such high regards as having a fantastic travelling support.   OTBC  
  3. How many people on here are current season ticket holders? How long have you been a season ticket holder? Would you ever get rid of it because of the standard that was being played?   Its only through inquisitiveness...
  4. Rest in Peace the 96. You Will Never Walk Alone.
  5. That one got me thinking... The six letter striker got me guessing... I thought it was too early for Him the first time!
  6. Thats one of the easier one''s they have put on here!! 10 minutes, done. Bit of a where are they now team...!
  7. For me it has to be the end of the magical season that was 1993/4. And a trip to Anfield, but that was no ordinary trip to Anfield, It was the last ever match infront of the Standing Spion Kop, it is a match that I will never ever forget. A group of people from all different backgrounds, with one common denominator, their passion for Liverpool Football Club. Unfortunatley the Canaries forgot to read the script pinned on the dressing room doors before kick off..... Cue a Gossy wonder goal, and the tears were already flowing at half time from the scousers. They knew what they had just witnessed, it was the final ever goal infront of The Kop, one that has its own special place in their clubs history, and for his efforts Gossy is regarded as somewhat of a legend in these parts. For many reasons that is the magical moment from the canaries in my time supporting them. Add to that it was my one of the first visits to Anfield.  Everytime I return there I have great memories from my first ever visit there. Its a special ground, for me its better than anywhere else in this country for an atmosphere.
  8. I don''t post regularly on here as i feel that my opinions will be somewhat tainted by the fact that I am not able to attend N.C.F.C games on a regular basis due to being based at Uni in Liverpool. But there is one thing that is really really bothering me, and that is the sad fact that people are actually resorting to wanting the opposition to win? WHY??? Where does that get us? Nowhere. Will it change the situation between Board and Manager?? No. So why stick posts on here that ask us to get behind the opposition? I am a young fan, if you call 20 young, but have been a season ticket holder for half my life, and been going to games since i was 5. There have been many points that have made me feel that the club is not doing as much as it should, but i have never, never wanted a team that we are playing against to beat us. Putting it into perspective, its a bit like saying, i dont want this promotion, along with the company car, 10k bonus etc, because i dont like you, to your boss at work.... Most people, i know i wouldnt, would not be so stupid to turn it down, so why support another team just because you. So posting posts that aim at gaining support for another team, as so to try and benefit our team, dont really rub off on me... so to all of the people who do.... PLEASE DON''T......GO AND FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE, PERHAPS THE OFFICIAL DERBY COUNTY BOARD WOULD BE MORE APPROPRIATE?? CAUSE THEY AREN''T REALLY WELCOME HERE..... Now that I have said this I will be tarnished as a KTF person by all the Worthy Outers... DONT EVEN SUGGEST IT. I am a loyal, long serving fan who wants to see Norwich City doing well, but feels that supporting other teams is not the way to go about it. Scouse.
  9. Mine would look something like this....                          Gunn Mills      Polston    Mackay      Bowen Fox         Goss       Safri            Eadie                 Roberts  Channon  Reasoning Gunn - Absolute Hero, fought his personal battle and who will ever forget the famous run up. Highlights include - Part of the team that took on the best in Europe, and won! Mills - Was probably one of the most aggressive players i''ve witnessed in a City shirt. Went off to Charlton and then The World Cup. Polston - Again, Part of the team that beat one of the best teams in Europe. Mackay - A true great, a player that wore the shirt with pride and will always have a place at the centre of my heart. Gutted when he left. Bowen - Scored the winner against Bayern Munich, a true great, player everywhere, cut short of 400 apperances but still one of the clubs most faithful servents! Fox - We have never had a player since fox that has had the pace, skill or aggression to attack a defence on the right wing. Never forget the Fox/Sutton celebration!!! Goss - In my first season as a full season ticket holder, Gossy''s goals were worth its costs ten-fold. Leeds ''93 Goal of the month, Munich his best ever.Anfield, April 94, cue one of the most emotionally charged games I have ever attended,  fittingly adorned with a wonder strike infront of the Last match infront of the standing  kop. (by the way, in Liverpool he is a legend too!!) Safri - Not affraid to get stuck in. Plays with a pride and a passion that is severely lacking in todays game. He loves Norwich, we love him! Please make my Valentines tomorrow and score a screamer!! Eadie - One of the best left wingers of the past 20 years, thrown into the bargin he knew what it was to be a loyal servant. Featured in the successful european season. Roberts - So so so sad that we let him go. Had a tear in my eye the day he said goodbye, but the script couldnt have been written better. He was part of the team that suffered defeat in Cardiff, and also part of the team that took us to the promised land. Hope he comes back to us soon. Channon -  Bit of a personal one here. Was an unborn baby when he was part of the Milk Cup winning side, but technically, that was my first ever game. One of my Mum''s favourite players, who I was to have my picture taken with on the Balcolny of City Hall with Mick Channon and the last league cup Norwich won. I still have the photo safely tucked away at home. Others who i could have included in the Cult XI... Sutton, Green, Fleming, Drury, Culverhouse, Butterworth, Adams, and Im sure there are many others, but i have named my XI.... Scouse  
  10. Paul Mcveigh 2005 – 06   Out of 37 possible games (33 League, 1 FA Cup and 3 League Cup)   Started: 19 Sub: 12 (1 Unused) Did Not Feature: 6   Total games featured in: 30 (I.E made an appearance either starting or as a sub.)   Whole Games Played: 8 out of  19 which he started.   Minutes on Pitch: 1863 out of a possible 3330 (37 games times by 90 minutes.)   Goals: 7 Assists: 4 Yellow Cards: 5 Man of Matches: 4 (EDP, EN and Pink ‘UN fan poll)   If you look at the games he has feature in for the full 90 minutes, he has a scoring average of just less than 1 per game (0.88, to be precise)…. Which isn’t that bad really.   Who knows what he could have done if he had played full games for all of those he started? We don’t know, and to be brutally honest I don’t think Worthington cares either.   By the way, I worked out these stats using the data provided on this website, and it was done manually so I apologise for any glaring mistakes or wrong calcutations. Please feel free to update etc.   Scouse.
  11. yes the left midfielder should be a P. Not bad effort i was three at the time, got the first 7, then had to use the clues on here to get the rest! but not a bad effort. great feature!!! role of the next team!
  12. Shame Norwich let him go wasn''t really... perhaps with that ambition and enthusiasm we might have some quality youth players coming through that would be worthy of more than just a place on the bench... Adrian Boothroyd was one of the reasons behind some of the players with the skill and willingness, such as Ryan Jarvis, Danny Crow and Shackell being at this club and not somewhere else... Letting him leave to go somewhere else was a big big mistake...
  13. My Favourite away Games, there is two, have to be my First Ever away game to watch Bayern Munich Game, being part of the History that was made that night was fantastic! But, for games in this country, my first trip to Anfield was amazing, that game summed up the passion that is felt in that city for the sport... and they were getting a new stand, and another piece of history was written by a certain MR. GOSS!! Everytime I go back, which is quite often i sit in the Kop and the atmosphere is immense...
  14. No relation to a certain Mr Nolan, who plays for Bolton are you by any chance?? Im a Norwich fan who lives just down the road from him in Liverpool....
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