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  1. Has anyone seen who is the REF for this match Du''so we are likely to be one down befor we KO with him I think the club should ask for a change   Good luck
  2. Very poor we have three strickers but only one can score goals. The manager of Doncaster did a very good job on WES and I cannot see why we didn''t take him off early. Everyone knows stop him and you are half way to beating Norwich. Thats why I think our manager got it wrong last night.
  3. Same old problem if you get so much of the game and don''t take the advantage the very often it go against you in the end, we have seen it so many times at home. After the first half Portsmouth should have been on there way home. Nor 1938
  4. I put the first goal down to the Keeper if you watch him he got his self strandered and for me he never seem to be in charge of his area. Another thing I see almost every match the ball is pumped up to Holt and he never seem to be able to do anything so why do the coaching staff see this, its just bread and water for the opposite defenders as was shown  last night, afterall just look at the size of our forwards.   Tel ,
  5. After the last few games I think we have to feel a bit worried as we are now without Holt and with two away games we could be looking at two lost games. Not long ago we would have won these games without much trouble? Tel
  6. Norwich watch out as this is Leeds last chance and nothing for them only a win will do. So i hope the lads are up for it as I see them coming at us at a hundred miles a hour.   Tel
  7. It looks to me as its the same again just  different names on the shirts as it has been for two or three seasons now. Still unable to score goals and still getting caught out on set peices.   Good luck
  8. What a load of rubbish again who ever would want to watch that lot next season????
  9. Yes where was he he would have been a better bet than some on Monday and if you play people out of position what can you expect. Patty has a good engine and would have been best bet for me. Then he sends a young lad on to do a mans job for me Gunn has lost it. And why was not Crook on the bench???
  10. Well its all over now chaps Div 1 next season, if anyone think Plymouth are going to beat Barnsley you are not living in the real world Plymouth are not going to get in a sweat for us so even if and I say if we could win its going to be a waste of time?? Its all too late now we never win crunch games remember Fulham and others.
  11. Ca n anyone see us winning 3 of 4 something we have not been able to do all season, But thats what is needed because it now looks like just us of Notts F.
  12. Re the unfit Croft, play anyone rather than unfit players say Paterson and as far as Sat thats what was needed.
  13. Sorry but what are the managerment doing playing unfit players, why I say that is because if you watch the warm up you could see Croft was not fit, and why was Lee not starting the game, Did we need to win?????????
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