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  1. At home to FC Parma, Saturday August 6th, 3pmhttp://fcparma.com/stagione/archivio-primo-piano/8945.htmlIf only it was their old team from the early 90''s.
  2. Heartening to know that matter what we achieve, and how we go about it, there will always be morons like the OP ready to bring you back down to earth.ILWT.
  3. Quick question, sergio:  Would you be happy for a bloke who stood in the city centre shouting racist abuse about players in our team to toddle down to the ground and take his seat at 3pm?By your rationale, this has ''nothing to do with the club'' either.
  4. If the racist moron had the brains (which I doubt) he would get a solicitor to write to the club and say "prove it was actually him that submitted the offensive tweets, or see you in court".How would this work, seriously?  The Club has the right to refuse entry to Carrow Road on *any* grounds it chooses, from the trivial - say, trying to get in wearing an Ipswich kit - to the serious like this.  Just like any other business can refuse service for any reason it wishes (aside from prejudice coming from the business itself), without having to justify it in a court.When the Club can justify it with it''s own customer charter, which expressly states that threatening, racist, abusive (etc.) behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in your ejection from the ground and a possible banning order, the decision becomes very easy.  Lesson learnt for Mr. O''Donoghue - you can say whatever you like, but be prepared to accept responsibility for it.
  5. I''m both shocked and saddened that he''s being defended for this.  The proof is there - in screenshot form, since he deleted the original comments - where he calls James Vaughan a ''f***ing n***er'' and later, when someone else puts it to him that he is racist ''yeah, I am, so what?''Free speech doesn''t equate to ''the right to say whatever you want without reproach'', and I''m very proud of the Club and the fans that have bought about what is, all considered, absolutely the right thing to do.
  6. The mashup is absolutely brilliant.  Cheers for the laughs - while callers like that don''t half wind you up when listening, hearing them back like that gives you a new found appreciation for the lunatics of deepest Norfolk.
  7. You don''t really need to mention ''silly'' when talking about TalkShite.  Absolute morons, the lot of them.
  8. [quote user="Northluck C."]He must be getting through to them; as reading around the internet, I''ve seen the same rhetoric coming from Swansea fans and players. Apparently they "always raise their game" against the better sides at home and so are bound to win tomorrow - no mentions of any possibility of us influencing the game at all. Getting quite sick of hearing about it actually.[/quote]I''ve been thinking exactly the same.  It''s like they''ve pinched Gary Doherty''s monday press conference cribsheet circa 2007/8.  We''ll do our talking on the pitch.
  9. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]The Norwich XI don''t have to be registered players. I think[/quote]This is, or at least was true.  In Matt Le Tissier''s testimonial his son (aged 9) came on and scored 4 goals in a game that finished 11-10, or something equally ridiculous.
  10. Something to brighten up your office/windows/rear windscreen, if you like...[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/4ZIGv.jpg[/IMG]Printable .pdf (A4 size) here: http://www.mediafire.com/?91bfxp2s2taa97uOr if you''d prefer the other big man:[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/97DX6.jpg[/IMG]Printable A4 .pdf: http://www.mediafire.com/?c78gvr7pny0t7ay
  11. Could you do me a favour, and ask your ''friend who is Greg Halford''s cousin'' to let him know that I for one am absolutely delighted that absolute tosspiece didn''t darken our doors. Cheers!
  12. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="grant holts mate"]Hi guys the new kit is going to be made by italian company errea but i have no news on the design but normally errea go for a tight fit shirt.[/quote] If that''s the case they will sell 2 less [/quote]Blimey. How big are you? :D
  13. I''m going to do PL next, I think, tracksuit should be a hell of a lot easier.There''s also Holt sans ''tache but I''ve only the net so far, haven''t printed and folded it yet.
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