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  1. [quote user="4-4-2"][quote user="Stevee Wonder"] [quote user="Polar"]Thanks pete, interesting line up... wheres stefanovic? injured? [/quote] Pretty sure he hasn''t travelled with the squad. I guess he''s got more stuff to sort than Ozzy. [/quote]   thats right he didnt travell, he may get a run out at Dereham on Friday night [/quote] Fancy all the new signings will get a game against us on Tuesday....a week today.
  2. [quote user="Wally"]Pretty much anything by Muse - Knights of Cydonia sounds pretty good. Or New Born, or Plug In Baby[/quote] I''ve got their album great track!
  3. Too right we are! [;)] Go Webby & Co! It''s a crying shame only 460 were there to witness it. Absolutely cracking match though! I thought we performed & competed very well bearing in mind they''re a full-time professional Scottish First Division outfit.
  4. Here is the actual report which appeared on their site. The Bully Wee travelled to Norwich City''s Colney training base this afternoon for a closed door match against the Championship side. The Canaries fielded a very strong team but Clyde managed to get to the break with a two goal lead. Gary McSwegan opened the scoring when he converted a fine Willie McLaren cross and the club''s German guest made it two with a free-kick. In the second half, the home side pulled a goal back and Clyde lost Mark Brown and Jordan Murch through head knocks, with the former needing stitches. However, the match finished 1-2.
  5. This report was taken from the Clyde FC website. Good match in prospect on Tuesday night. Read into it what you will! Can we overcome the mighty ''Bully Wee'' and do something no other Norfolk club has managed! Great Yarmouth Town 0 v 4 Clyde Sat, 12th Jul 2008 8:00pm Around one hundred Clyde fans enjoyed a solid start to the pre-season tour today. The hosts made life difficult for The Bully Wee in the first half and only Pat Clarke came close to breaking the deadlock when he broke free and saw his low drive cleared away from the goal. No changes were made at half-time but Clyde''s form immediately improved after the break and after 57 minutes Alan Trouten opened the scoring. The winger latched onto a ball down the channel and finished expertly, chipping the onrushing ''keeper. Clyde were now dominant and substitute Roddy MacLennan got the second goal with a neat finish following good work by Neil McGregor. A cut-back by Gary McSwegan was turned into his own net by a Yarmouth defender before the best moment of the match made it 0-4. The impressive MacLennan got his second with a spectacular volley from a McSwegan cross. Overall, a good work-out against a decent side whose fitness clearly began to wane as the match went on. lol. CLYDE (3-5-2): Cherrie, Gibson, Higgins, Brown, McGregor, Kettlewell, Trouten, Ruari MacLennan, Clarke, McKay, Trialist. SUBS USED: Roddy MacLennan, Murch, McGowan, McSwegan, Stephen Connolly, Sean Connolly, McCole. Tomorrow will see the squad take part in a double training session before the closed door match against Norwich City on Monday. Before taking on King''s Lynn on Tuesday.
  6. I''d like to point you in the direction of this Anglia TV Interview with Julian Joachim. http://www.itvlocal.com/anglia/sport/  Joachim: Why I signed for Lynn. Here is another one which is slightly more acurate, taken by hidden camera during the negotiations: http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/v2/play.php?id=116401 Thought this may be of some interest to Canary fans.
  7. [quote user="tHeReALSeaT"][quote user="Pboro_Canary"] It is a pity we don''t have an East Anglian Masters I agree - maybe they could pitch us in with the East Midlands to make up the numbers.  The other week they were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they included teams from those footballing Goliaths of Hartlepool and Carlisle in the North East Masters (not sure anyone at Sky has a map though as this would explain how Carlisle ended up in that competition). [/quote]   Didnt they do that the other year and loads of Norwich fans turned up in Gunny Wigs? I don''t think they invited us again after that [:(] There should be an East Anglian masters, Norwich, Colchester, Southend and King''s Lynn. Would be great [Y] [/quote] Yeah I''d second that idea. From our point of view it would be extra publicity and exposure which can''t be a bad thing.
  8. Sorry arrdee don''t mean to be nasty but couldn''t you discuss these things via personal messages to negative vibes? Instead of clogging up these threads. I''m not being sarcastic its just a suggestion! [;)]
  9. Getting back to the original thread here ladies! (lol) [;)] Can we expect a large contingent from Norwich on Tues 29th July when we play you at the Walks? May I use this opportunity to plug my web site below.
  10. Fantastic NEWS FORMER Premiership footballer Julian Joachim has signed a pre-contract agreement with the Linnets. The striker (33) will put pen-to-paper for Lynn when his current deal with League Two Darlington expires on July 1st. (Blue Square North fixtures are announced on July 4th). Joachim''s previous clubs include Leicester, Coventry, Aston Villa and Leeds. Who here will be coming to the Walks when we play you? 
  11. [quote user="Chops Doncaster"]Yes, come on you Trawlerboys.  I hope you enjoyed your half-time parade at Carrow Road last week, and don''t forget that I placed the directions to the Colney training ground in the glove compartment of the team bus.  Any time you fancy a trial, please drop by.  We''ve got plenty of space most of the year round, and who knows what might happen if you look reasonably able to kick a ball straight? OTBC [/quote] Ah ha! Alan Partridge here from Radio Norwich. I''ll be following the Trawlerboys to Wembley to report any good news back to my good friend Neil. He''s a C.E.O at Carrow Road y''know! [:)] Seriously though Come on the Trawlerboys bring the Vase back to SUFFOLK! OH S**T!
  12. Just to add to what I''ve put above, when Worthington was manager why was Dean Ashton sold? He was sold as he was a ''big name Charlie'' in the dressing room who thought he was bigger then the Club. In otherwords a disruptive influence - so he was sold off on this premise notwithstanding his magestic skills on the football pitch. Now I''m not saying the same can be put down to Hucks'' departure far from it! Lets hope Roeder''s new aqusitions this summer do their talking on the pitch and not off it....or do we (perhap''s) need big heads for a big push....?
  13. [quote user="jbghost"]He may well have signed all those players but everyone of them didn''t perform for him and got him sacked. The only big thing about Roeder is his ego. Never has been able to get the best out of big name players. Best we can hope for is some young loan players who are grateful for firts team football.[/quote] Does this indicate that Roeder has issue''s with certain big name player''s - big ego''s or player''s such as Michael Owen, Obafemi Martins, Damien Duff and Paulo Di Canio for some reason didn''t respond to his ways of man-management, who knows? I remember Worthington having the same problems thats why we had no big names in our squad after relegation from the Premiership!
  14. [quote user="Phatcanary9"][quote user="Mark Smith"] Sorry, let me clarify that rather flippant comment with something a little more serious. Why are people so convinced that there''s some deep dark personal reason behind it all? Is it so hard to comprehend that decision is football related? A couple of months ago (I can''t remember which game), Hucks left the pitch after it''d finished, and what was the first thing he did? Went over and hugged Roeder. There''s no issue here, people are just causing trouble. And I daresay Hucks wouldn''t thank you for doing it either.   [/quote] Spot on Mark, some people who support this club just love to stir the SH**. [/quote] Yes, the amount of flak aimed at Roeder at present is a little unjustified I feel. Yes, Hucks was our best player no doubt about that and Yes, if you look at Roeder''s track-record with big name player''s some people may have a valid point, but I think it''s harsh to tarnish him with that same brush before he''s had time to manufacture his own squad of player''s!
  15. [quote user="Phatcanary9"][quote user="inch_high"] [quote user="Phatcanary9"]yellowmad, i think Roeder will bring in stronger bigger players all over the field, he wants the team to battle as well as play football, no your not asking to much, i will stay positive and wait to see who the club brings in.[/quote]   Don''t hold your breath m8, there''s gonna be no money for anyone special. Expect half the team made up of loan signings and the other half from the minimal squad we have left, that''s why the club have pulled out of the reserve league, so they only have to pay wages for a first team and the rest spent on the remaining youth players and bench warmers. [/quote] I''m just trying to stay positive, i just can''t belive that even this board with all the mistakes they have made in the past will not have a plan of action, and i think we will spend more than we have this summer than what we hav in the past 3, i''m not thinking high millions but more than what we all would expect. [/quote] Keep the faith people judge Roeder on his summer signings then after that you can slate him if he gets it wrong. You never know in this game miracles can happen!
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