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  1. Never fit, and not a out and out goal scorer, correct in what your saying not a target man. The only thing that links him with Roeders comments is that hes a man not a boy. I''d be really dissappointed if this is true. What would be the point in having three loans as forwards?, It looks as tho he is going to spend his money on a defender who will nver play and waste money on a loan for the most important player in the team. Sorry Glen, if the papers are right, wrong move I''d say. Loan and CB and buy a decent forward, GAMBLE for once Norwich, dare you!!!
  2. Do you really think he will want to join us??? I doubt it, even if this is true and not just thenormal paper talk I can''t see him wanting to play for us, it''s not as tho we are the only club in for him
  3. Ive been saying this for months, Although I believe Roeder is a good manager and one of the best we''ve had, he still fills the fans with lies. On a number of occassions he''s gone on about bringing in players, making signings. I remember last Jan when he said the same thing about bringing a forward in. ''''He will be proven, made a big money move but not just cut it''''. When he says he will bring in a man not a boy and then gets linked with another few kids... What ever next, I just can''t see us getting this striker, looks like Russell will have a longer stint upfront than he was expecting. If and when I''m proved wrong please bring this post back up.
  4. Its amazing how everyone gets so excited about someone in spain saying Lugue is going to sign for Norwich and the whole board starts talking about winning the league.   Come on guys get real, this is never gonna happen and I''d even be suprised if must people in Spain have ever heard of little old Norwich. I know from when I''ve been out there and locals ask where you live, and if you say Norwich they don''t have a clue.   Sorry guys not gonna happen, but if I''m wrong I''d be very pleased.
  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="4-4-2"] Whats wrong with trying Semmy on right midfield?, Gotta be better than fatty patty who played today. [/quote] Patty had a good game there today.   [/quote] your joking arn''t ya?? Patty had a good game??? He didnt once beat his man and had to come back on himself every time as he has no right foot, player out of position, should never of happened. We were much better when croft came on, but he was still the same old, cant cross.
  6. Bury still managed to win 3-1 away without him so they may not need him away, I know he is only league 2, but gotta be a better option than what we have and better than Jimmy Floyd who was at the game today
  7. Going forward Semmy is far better and at the back theres not much in it. Whats wrong with trying Semmy on right midfield?, Gotta be better than fatty patty who played today.
  8. Im sorry to say but Im not as confiedent as you guys, u all seem so sure we will score, i cant see it myself. So as I hate to see us lose, Im going 0-0
  9. if its bashing the bishop you want, you may want the tissues for another reason
  10. Watford are now due to step up there interest in Rasiak, Looks like options are running out. Priced out for Shola, Rasiak going to Watford, Iverson not going anywhere. So looks like Bishop it is! Woohoo
  11. theres a Shola in the town, in the town and he''s turned the binners down, binners down because Jim Magilton is f****** **** Shola''s turned the binners down, binners down  
  12. I don''t know why we all dont just face facts. Players just dont see Norwich as a attractive club any more, neither do we have the money to bring in these big named players.   Like we know, Roeder''s number one target has been a goal scorer and what have we ended up with, nothing. Its took him three months to get this far so another two weeks is not going to make any difference. We will go into Aug 31st without a big man, and if we''re lucking end the day with another unknow kiddie on loan as a panic.   Now if Im wrong and we do finally sign someone I''ll be happy but how things are going I cant see it.
  13. its not that he may get injuryed, its the fact that Roeder looks set to have all his eggs in one bag again, waiting for him to sign,   U can see it now, Two weeks later, Rosenborg still don''t have a replacement, so you know what that means for us, we dont have a new target man either.   If its taken 3 months for us to get this far with Iversen surely we should move on to a new target and not risk ending August with out anyone.   One other thing, I''m also pi55ed about Shola joining binners, Whats 2 million in this day and age in football terms.  
  14. i havent read the whole message but the striker is iversen,   I know we have all banged on about it, and who is it gonna be, but Roeder said the player had a good game at the weekend. This rules out out, Shola, Raziask Tyson. We know its not Haward, And guess who scored at the weekend... Yes Iversen
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