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  1. [quote user="aLeedscanary"]What I did was - Click on username at top of page, changed private email address to my personal one, then changed password underneath my avatar. I still log in with the original email address but all the pm''s and reset passwords and stuff now come to my personal email Hope this helps! Leedscanary[/quote] Sounds good, thanks very much. I will try what you suggest over the weekend.
  2. [quote user="Skijumptoes"]Why not instal a seperate browser (Like safari?) and use that for your web browsing with privacy mode on. Delete it from the desktop icons and start menu, and run it by going through program files folder etc? No one will know it''s there then, and if they do they can''t trace your history. However, end of the day you shouldn''t be on the net too much when you should be working and if you''re abusing it you will get caught - if you''re networked it''s quite simple to read a log of someone''s internet usage without even touching their computer. Just visit the site when you''re at home.[/quote] Thanks Skijumptoes. I would still prefer to remove all record of my company email address and start again using my personal email address. I take your point regarding work but I don''t spend too much time on here during working hours and then only when it''s quiet.
  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]just change your password and log out..stuffs Boss man right up the arris then doesnt it! [/quote] Nope, it doesn''t. The email address I use is my company email address, that was my mistake in the first place. Therefore, when I am not in the office other people use my computer and view my company emails. If I forget to delete my browsing history then other people can see what sites I have been on including this MB. Even if I log out somebody else can log in by entering my email address and clicking "forgotten my password" - a new password is automatically then sent which you copy and paste and succesfully log on and reveal your user name. I saw that Sports Desk Pete posted a message on this thread - if he reads this perhaps he would be so kind as to contact me direct.
  4. i.e. at the moment, when I log out my boss can come onto my computer when I am not in the office, log in by entering my email address and clicking on "forgot my password" and then wait for the email password, log on and see my user name and how often and when I visit this MB. So, I want to log out permanently - how do I do this ?
  5. [quote user="Resident Canary Stig"]Personally I''m getting f*cked off with the people who are playing stupid and pretending to not know or care who Paul Lambert is.Stop being a tool, you know why this thread exists and why other threads about Villa/Lambert exist. To even feign that you have no interest at all is stupid.[/quote] Accurate and to the point. Good post.
  6. [quote user="CanaryDodge84"]Seriously............You listen to canary call and you seriously think......"It must be a joke, right!?" On about Holty looking unfit, only one up front, sack Hughton. Then you come onto this message board and it''s all the same thing. Sack Hughton, bring in Holloway....lmfao! Get real you stupid people. Chris Hughton is in a transitional period right now. The fact is it''s going to take some time for things to fully click. If we were playing rubbish, boring mind-numbing football and creating nothing i would be worried. I am not worried one little bit. We created more than enough chances to win 2 games today. We do need to take our chances, that much is obvious. But we are knocking the ball about lovely and looked really in control for long periods today against Newcastle. We were playing patient passing build up......going back and using Ruddy to start again if no space was opening up and more often than not threatened their final third. We are a whisker away from beating good sides like today. It will come. Nobody had a bad game. We lost by a single goal away at arguably one of the hardest sides we''ll play this season. The only thing that really concerns me is that we have a midfield bulging with talented players and thats probably the main problem right now. How do you accomdate them all? There''s 2 and in some cases now 3 quality players vying for one starting spot. Does Hughton feel he has to play 5 in midfield to accomadate all his midfield talent? I think so! I wouldn''t know who to leave out of that midfield right now but i do know who would be the first on my team sheet....Mr Hoolahan. He is sheer quality. Clever, intelligent and hard working. Has to start each game for me. And to all the childish doom-mongers out there.....Have some faith in this transitional period for our club. Hughton''s a good manager, he will get it right and so will the players. Juat stick with it all and stop whinging. I promise we will be just fine this season. It''s obvious we are a decent side who just need to find that last little thing to turn good performances into points. Whinging, groaning, moaning and being a doom-monger really doesn''t help anything does it????[/quote] Oh, for God''s sake. Stop moaning about moaners you moaning git.
  7. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I focus on Thatcher because her government was responsible for the legislation that was at the root of all other causes of the tragedy. Look further than that tragic day. The decisions made leading up to that day were equally if not more to blame than decisions taken on that day. Government, Police, FA and even us fans. I have held all accountable on this thread so don''t suggest otherwise. But the buck stops with the old trout. [/quote] So, Nutty isn’t just your name then.
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="ricky knight"]If this country is under attack we all fight together to defend it, we have Scotch, Irish, Welsh in the British army if we are good enough to die together we are good enough to be British together. [/quote] But when did it change Ricky. That''s what I was trying to work out in this thread. You''re my age, only obviously I look much younger than you, so you will remember that the national flag of which we were so proud was the Union Jack. The flag made up of the different countries flags I believe. I can''t remember seeing the George Cross at all. In fact I''ve found two pictures in my quest to understand. The first one is the 1966 World Cup final and the second won is Euro96. Now at some point between the two us English ditched the union flag for our own. When and why did it happen? [/quote] Good post and illustration. Perhaps it happened because of a gradual realisation that the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish did not want our support but, rather, intensely disliked us instead ! This was a slow and rude awakening for me. I can remember as a child and teenager always supporting the Scots etc but now I couldn''t give a sandcastle flag for them.
  9. [quote user="ricky knight"]If this country is under attack we all fight together to defend it, we have Scotch, Irish, Welsh in the British army if we are good enough to die together we are good enough to be British together. As i said we did not look at Athletes in the Olympics and want them to win only if they were English. Murray has worked hard for his success, he is not out for laughs or to be popular thats what winners are like. He is unlucky yo be born in an era of 3 other great players but has won more in 6 months than Henman did in his whole career.[/quote] I don''t think anybody would disagree with anything you say. Murray has literally made millions of pounds from being a loser, as did "Come on Tim" Henman, so it will become a sweet feeling for him to win even more millions of pounds from being a winner.
  10. Exactly why is this thread on this MB anyway ? Anyway, it is, so here’s my two penny worth : my take on Andy Murray is that he was over zealous in his assertion of his Scottishness and equally his snarling rejection of the idea that he was English to the extent that, understandably, many people interpreted this as anti-Englishness. The same people were then astonished by what appeared to be a U turn in his attitude and unsurprisingly took this to mean that someone, probably from the world of PR, may have had a word in his ear suggesting that it might not be a bad idea to engender support from all the British and not just whip up support from the Scots. Then, the other day at the US open, seeing him supported by that grand old Shcottish gentleman Sean Connery who also, and I might be mistaken, seemed to re-discover his Scottishness at the same time as his acting career was focussed upon the American market, and that friend of the Scotch distilleries, Sir Alex, made me word whether “ the worm was turning” and perhaps Andy Murray was starting to feel that he had now had a stronger “drop dead” mandate to start emphasising his Scottishness again. Call me cynical if you like but that’s my impression. Undoubtedly a great tennis player but I’m afraid I just don’t like him.
  11. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]We''ll get him down the carra if he''s not following his beloved Blackpool...[/quote] Ouch ! Somewhat cringeworthy if you ask me............. and I know you didn''t.
  12. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Snoddy, of course. And Brad Friedel! OTBC [/quote] Good spot Bly.
  13. [quote user="safri_free_kick"]Plus Fulham have sold Dembele and Dempsey (even though he didn''t play) since then. We were unlucky to draw them so early in the season. [/quote] That''s true, we could have got Man Utd, Man City, Newcastle and so on and so on..............
  14. [quote user="Across The Pond Yellow"]1) it''s the sun... need I say more?2) it''s certainly interesting. he''s certainly not young, nearing the age of 27 now, but he''s arguably about to enter his prime, so it could be true, but I think he will make an excellent part of the team this year.[/quote] It may be the Sun but why would it be less reliable than the Sunday Times ? Did you read the Norwich v QPR match report in the Times on Sunday ? It was so inaccurate that it seemed like a classic case of the reporter not having been at the match. It really was a piece of fiction. Mind you I did hear on the news this morning that the Sun reporter in Essex was frightened by the roar of the putative escaped lion when on further investigation by our brave boys in blue it turned out to be a large ginger tom.
  15. [quote user="priceyrice"][quote user="Polar"]Well, some posts have definetly been deleted. Looks like we have a few answers for those who read through this earlier. Nail, hit, head.[/quote]Yeah, curious to see previous posts deleted, freedome of speech on the pinkun takes another hit![/quote] Yep, we may live in a democracy but we are far less free than we used to be
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