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  1. I don't quite get it when coaches say they picked a certain player because he looked good in training. Surely it is their performances and what they are capable of on the pitch against quality opposition what really matters !!! At the moment Emi is playing like the rest of the squad. Nothing much right is going for us and they are all devoid of any confidence. Surely he must also be frustrated to be benched behind Rupp and Duda who to date have made no impression at all - certainly so far as attacking play is concerned.
  2. vos

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Surprise, surprise. No changes at half time.
  3. vos

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Plenty of slow midfield possession which is getting us nowhere. Why do they keep giving it to a closely marked Rupp who never looks like doing anything with the ball. Duda anonymous as usual. DF will be showing his usual stubborness if he does not bring on Buendia at half time. We are crying out for someone to show some attacking intent. Perhaps we have not had much luck but we are clearly lacking in quality.
  4. vos

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Plenty of slow midfield possession which is getting us nowhere. Why do they keep giving it to a closely marked Rupp who never looks like doing anything with the ball. Duda anonymous as usual. DF will be showing his usual stubborness if he does not bring on Buendia at half time. We are crying out for someone to show some attacking intent. Perhaps we have not had much luck but we are clearly lacking in quality.
  5. vos

    Why doesn't Farke rate Vrancic?

    Vrancic is a luxury player and is one of the best passes in the game. But having seen plenty of the Premiership at first hand this season the modern game is all about power and athleticism. This has been one of our problems this season. Football wise, our midfielders are quite capable but they are continually closed down, knocked off the ball and beaten in the air by the all round strength of the opposition.At the beginning of the season I wrongly suggested that our current squad would hold their own in the Premiership. Sadly we have had to come to terms that we do not possess the required level of strength and physicality. Yesterday, even the better ball players such as Salah and Mane looked far stronger than the likes of Rupp and Duda for example. As a midfielder you have to run your socks off for 90 mins with power and pace. Vrancic, Leitner and Trybull just do not possess those abilities, albeit they are still useful footballers.
  6. vos

    Rupp and Duda

    I would totally agree with that assessment but if you are going to win a match you cannot afford to have both players in those positions devoid of any attacking intent. All the creative work was left to Cantwell who was far more impressive. OK it was Liverpool and our tactics nearly gained a point, but where are the goals coming from. The players in question should have been replaced by Emi and Onel after 60 mins.
  7. vos

    One team makes tactical subs

    We had absorbed a massive amount of pressure and the defence remained fairly solid. But apart from Cantwell and Tettey the rest of the attacking players were struggling. I am sure most managers would have introduced subs after 60 mins. However it was clear that Farke's theory was that we were not losing - so stick with it. Some fresh legs were clearly needed. I hope I am being fair minded, but I thought Rupp and Duda made little contribution. The latter seems short of pace and energy. I would accept that the two subs when eventually introduced did not exactly impress, but eight mins or so leaves little time to get sorted and make an impact. That kind of timescale is really only suited by bringing on a big guy up front and hopes he gets something on to a cross etc.
  8. vos

    Possible postponement

    Surely VAR should have disallowed it !!!
  9. According to the renewal booklet the first deadline date is up to and including Feb 21st. Just had an E.Mail saying to obtain best price and before General Sale I must renew by Feb 16th. Anybody knows whats going on or am I just thick !!!
  10. vos

    Spurs tickets

    There seemed plenty available at the Jarrold outlet at 11.00am.
  11. vos

    Spurs fixtures confirmed

    You would have thought that in this day and age someone from the rail company would know roughly how many supporters are travelling by this means and arrange for return trains to depart in line with the match finishing. But this is modern Britain. They take your money and could not care a toss. By the way I have booked an overnight stay at Travelodge, Edmonton Green for under £40 with overnight car park at around £10. Not bad for 2 people in London. Bus transport is free for those of a certain age !!!
  12. vos

    Team for Newcastle

    Judging from the match commentary and later comments, it seems as if Vrancic had a great game at Burnley. He had a good first half against Palace providing some clever defence splitting passes.But then disappeared for the second half. He is a good footballer but I am not sure he is the right man for an away game at Newcastle where he will be confronted by strong athletic midfielders. In fact a typical set up for the Premier League. Having seen little of the two newcomers coupled with the fact that I have found Hernandez a bit disappointing this season, a bit difficult to suggest what the line up should be. Cantwell has his critics on this forum but at least he has scored a few goals.
  13. Despite cancelling within the free trial period just noticed they still passed a £7.99 payment on my Credit Card on the day I first signed up. How on earth can an honest company pass a payment four weeks before the end of the free period. Am chasing them up for a refund. CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS !!!!
  14. vos

    Jamal Lewis

    Definitely keep him. Bryam has done well but from the defensive viewpoint cannot see much difference between the two. Lewis far better in an attacking role and I actually feel we have missed his forays up the wing over recent weeks.
  15. I agree with Ricardo. The worst performance of the season against very poor opponents. It will be argued that it was all about obtaining the three points but we really were grim. As usual we stuck to the slow laboured build up and apart from Pukki's spurned second chance we really never looked like scoring. Once again having taken the lead we never upped our game but just retained possession coupled with a fair number of misplaced passes but on this occasion - got away with it. You would never have thought we played most of the game against ten men. Hope I am wrong, but just cannot see us surviving, particularly based on today's display.
  16. vos

    Farke getting off lightly

    I think Ray's assessment is very fair and accurate. Of course DF got us promoted in great style last season and comes over as a very approachable guy but I am sure he maintains a very stubborn streak. The Man U game highlighted all our usual shortcomings with soft goals conceded, asleep at the corner which led to a goal, and four defenders being slow to close down Greenwood for the last one. We seem totally unable to change tactics and it is particularly noticeable when we come out for the second half in most games we seem to just knock the ball around with no impetus and seem to play on the basis that something will happen. The early goal against Palace was followed by this style. This should have led to us forcing the pace, but we just continued to tick over. Of course he is not alone in the managerial stakes. Few managers remain continually successfull and even the very capable Eddie Howe looks to be the next one to get the chop. It often seems to me that many players will make an effort to support a new manager but then gradually lose a bit of enthusiasm. It is really only the Klopp's and Guardiola's of this world who possess the knack to retain the momentum. At least we have not wasted 60 million in to the transfer market and will have another crack at the Championship title next season.
  17. vos

    Villa fall foul of VAR

    Truly ridiculous. Trouble is that those responsible for introducing this farce are too embarrassed to face the music and will want things to quieten down before they admit their mistake.
  18. vos

    What you all drinking ?

    Would love to be having a few but under the weather at the moment. To make matters worse it looks as if I will have to stand half the time in the Regency Stand this evening !!!!!!!! No buses either.
  19. I am seated in the Upper Regency Stand slightly left of the goal. Over recent games there has been an increasing tendency for spectators to stand up whenever we look to have an opportunity to score. At a quick guess I would put the number well in excess of a hundred. This can happen five or six times when we are attacking that end. When we do score I rarely see the ball crossing the line. I was so frustrated at the Spurs game that I complained to the three stewards who are stationed at the "stand exit" at half time. To my amazement there response was simply "its part of the game and its bound to happen and they cannot do much about it". I find this unacceptable and propose to contact the Club. Before doing this I would welcome any comments or contributions from fellow posters.
  20. Feedthewolf. I have no quarrel with your first paragraph and I can stand the whole of the match if I want to. The point I am trying to get over is that we all sit or all stand. Otherwise every time an attack develops you are left wondering shall I stand up yet or delay, and in my case being conscious of those behind me. Most of the supporters around me would prefer to remain in their seats and are continually shouting sit down, sit down. So being a case that in this part of the Regency stand we do not abide by "the rules" basically because the stewards cannot be bothered. I will canvas a few opinions on Wed and see how it goes.
  21. Thanks Nutty. Happy New year. Looking at the replies it appears that rather sadly the moral of the story is "I'm Alright Jack - Sod the Rest"
  22. I said in excess of a hundred or put it another way about 1% of the capacity of the River End. So I am part of the 99% who would prefer to try to stick to the rules and not be selfish and respect other supporters sitting behind me. As the guys who sit in front of me will quickly testify I get excited enough without the need to stand up. And yes, I am quickly on my feet - WHEN WE SCORE. Surely the point many of you are missing is not that hundreds suddenly stand up when it gets close to the goal and exciting, its merely a case of a selfish few at the front jump up and those behind have no option but to follow. Anyway on Wed I will take the majority advice on this thread and hopefully I will return home in one piece.
  23. Well they usually do. Of course there is nothing wrong in standing when a goal is scored and showing your enthusiasm. An example of the point I am trying to make is when Pukki broke thro on the edge of the box against Wolves, more and more gradually stood up, there was a lot of shouting sit down, sit down. Some were polite and remained seated, because of the people behind them. In the end a complete shambles. Very very simple - stay seated. By the way, I have never been to, or likely to go to, a ballet. As to Hogesar comments. I cannot recall the rules are different depending upon which part of the Ground you sit. As to the Lower Barclay, well if they all want to stand, fair enough. But it has to be one or the other.
  24. If I was "amazed" at the Steward's response, I am "extremely surprised" as to the number of replies which do not support me. For the record I have been watching the Canaries for 74 years, been to many grounds, and recall the early days when my dad said "let the boy through to the railings at the front". I can safely say I have been there and done it. Whatever the audience for a paid entertainment event, particularly when it is all seated, I always assumed the general idea was that you could see the whole of the Show. I can understand the odd occasion when people stand and applause at the end, but it is unacceptable to have to get up and down some ten times in a match. In response to some of the cynics I can comfortably achieve this exercise and walk an all round 2 miles to see the match, but that's not the point. Purely by chance I spoke to a person today, who unknown to me is a steward at the Club, and he tells me in his area No Standing is strictly adhered to. Once he speaks firmly to supporters he never has a problem. He strongly states the Stewards are not doing their job properly and I should report to the Club. In that respect, the stewards I am referring to, just seem to be chatting amongst themselves. Petriix sums it up. Common sense and thought for other people continues to decline in this country. And finally I know the Club are reluctant to spend any money on improvements to the Regency Stand, but it would cost a minimal amount to video the main culprits. Indeed it would not be a bad idea to put the VAR cameras to better use and introduce them for this purpose !!!!
  25. vos

    Team for Spurs

    I would give Aarons a rest for part of the game and switch Byram to right back and recall Lewis. Probably also take a chance on Amadou for Trybull who seems to have been quiet to me over recent games. Onel to come on after 60 mins.