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  1. Sing Up The South Stand

    Home friendlies next season

    I think Bayern Munich would be a good outside bet, considering 2013/2014 is 20 years since the European run!
  2. Sing Up The South Stand

    Is John Ruddy in line for a first team return against Villa?

    The reason I say that is he didn''t play for the U21s at Newcastle the other day. It could merely be due to the distance, although you''d think they''d want him to play another. Or are they working hard in training to get him back for Villa?
  3. Sing Up The South Stand

    Off topic suarez

    He got a 7 game ban in Holland for doing similar
  4. Sing Up The South Stand

    Are we Stoke in disguise?

    What I don''t understand is people saying there''d rather us be in League 1 or the Championship if we are playing attacking football.

    Problem with that is, if we play successful attacking football we will inevitably end up in the Premiership. As we did. Which leads to the same problem, unless people would rather get relegated again? Or if we were playing attacking football in League 1 or the Championship and stayed there our attacking style probably wouldn''t be working!

    As others have said, if we are playing now in 3 years time we will be like Stoke. However I am confident if we are still in the Prem then we won''t be. Our problem is last year our gung-ho style meant we had loads of chances so the attackers scored more goals, this year the true ability of our forward line is being shown. If we stay up - and I''m confident we will - I think we''ll start to see the attacking side of the team improve in quality, as we have the defence this season (despite no strength in depth)
  5. Sing Up The South Stand

    All of this crap about "gewl scoran"...

  6. Sing Up The South Stand

    All of this crap about "gewl scoran"...

    First Wazzock... We put a few crosses in the box today and do most weeks just no-one gests on the end of them
  7. Sing Up The South Stand

    Paul mcveigh

    Canaryfan - I think you''ll find that United''s 2nd, 3rd and 4th goals came after we had gone more attacking, with Kamara and E Bennett coming on!

    I agree though, I rate Forbesy higher than McVeigh!
  8. Sing Up The South Stand

    Man United are Playing a Weakened Side against Us

    ICF - if I remember correctly, Blackburn had a certain Mark Bunn in goal that day!
  9. Sing Up The South Stand

    Mike Liggins on Canary Call

    To be fair I''ve seen him many times in the South Stand, I think he is a fan.
  10. Sing Up The South Stand

    Villa v West Spam

    It''s amazing what difference a penalty makes in a game, and I''m not sure Villa would have won without it. A bit like penalties helped us draw at Upton Park and win at White Hart Lane... Oh wait...
  11. Sing Up The South Stand

    Blackpool comparison

    Equally though, people will have said Spurs was one of those ones we were going to lose - yet we didn''t.

    We''ve lost to some poor teams this season, beaten some great ones (including 1 team who have only lost 4 games all season). So it wouldn''t surprise me if we got something from Everton (United at OT might be a bit too far).

    Also since we played them, Southampton have only gained 2 more points than us, so they are hardly in great form! (We are on 13 they are on 15). Yes I can understands being unsure of us beating them, but they are hardly better than Newcastle and Fulham, so no reason why we can''t at least avoid defeat - but hopefully we can win.
  12. I think the crucial thing is get this season out the way, pay off the last significant bit of debt and then next season we can spend a lot more money on the team than now. It will be easier for Hughton to improve the quality of the whole team - including the attack, and that will enable us to play a bit better.
  13. Sing Up The South Stand

    Norwich vs Swansea

    That''s the thing, Salopian. Our meteoric rise has meant we''ve had to overhaul the squad once after winning League 1 and again after getting to the Premiership. Swansea won promotion to the Championship in 2008, so had three seasons at that level to build up their squad.

    Also, you have to remember is they only pay a peppercorn rent on their stadium, so the vast majority of their money has been able to go on football. We are still paying off a stand built 9 years ago.

    If we stay up this year, I think Salopian is right, we will start to match them, as we will be virtually debt free.

    Swansea were lucky with Michu, getting someone so good for that price. If it wasn''t for him I think we would be a bit closer.
  14. Sing Up The South Stand

    Next season

    Baldyboy - I think at full strength our defence has been better than last season. When we''ve not been at full strength it''s not.

    We''ve conceded 26 goals in 6 games, 14 in the other 19!
  15. Sing Up The South Stand

    Time for the dimond formation?

    I''m sure we did try the diamond last season, but it generally failed.