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  1. [quote user="72season"]agree with you don''t know what we can do ,with the strikers we had today we should have walked it,don''t understand why they cannot score.[/quote] Because our strikers aren''t as good as some people think they are.
  2. [quote user="Carra Rud"]Thought Huckerby retired??? [/quote]   Might as well put him in the team he''d still show more passion than most of current crop of players.
  3. Ok so it''s all down to the players. Who was it that brought most of those players to the club?
  4. [quote user="dean"]If we stay up Lakey boy then it is solely because Fulham, Cardiff and Sunderland have saved Hughton''s blushes. All three will have gambled with their Managers and lost, so perhaps McNally would be vindicated. But albeit by default. If we stay up it is solely going to be by luck. Hughhton needs to go at the end of the season, regardless.[/quote]   I think that''s it ..relegation looms. We are 4th from bottom and will get no more points so we won''t overtake anyone. Fulham will get three points next week and will therefore be 2 points behind albeit with a worse goal difference. Therefore they will need 3 points from their last 4 games. I''m not sure who they play but I wouldn''t bet against them acheiving it.
  5. Norwich manager Chris Hughton, speaking to BBC Sport: "Credit to Swansea they were better than us from start to finish. They always threatened and always looked like scoring. At the moment we are finding it very difficult to get that right formula away from home. "We tried to continue the form and the way we played in our win last week but Swansea are a very good side, they have good offensive options and we could not cope with that today. "We had to defend well to stop them at times and they never allowed us to be in the game ourselves."   So who''s job is it to find that formula and how long will it take?
  6. [quote user="Monty13"]Goal from nothing, typical United.[/quote]   Typical Norwich you mean, Dominate - Can''t score - Concede a goal.
  7. [quote user="Le Juge"] Still, we probably won''t get thrashed again until the 26th when we can roll over and make Van Persie look like the best striker in the world.[/quote] Don''t bank on it, we''re away again at the weekend!
  8. One more and our goal difference is as bad as Crystal Palace. That says a lot!
  9. I don''t think Cardiff stole a point, Norwich presented it to them by virtue of being unable to score goals. Perhaps they should be looking for Chris Hughton for fraudulently claiming to be a football team manager. 
  10. Trouble is it''s always jam tomorrow. ''We''re headed for good things'' so when are the good things going to start?
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]we won one of those 4-0 before sacking Gunn...[/quote] Good point. So albeit a lower division his start was actually than Hughton''s this season.
  12. [quote user="EastLondonCanary"]And just who would you have instead. Lets not call for heads on one performance. Yes it was beyond poor but is loosing the manager 2 games in going to help in anyway?![/quote] We sacked Gunn after only two games and looked what happened. Just saying.........
  13. Also will Lambert be hovering around for some of the younger players that he brought in? I''m sure someone like Ryan Bennett could make Villas first team.
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