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  1. Just a bit of help, can anyone remember if Polston had a squad number and what it was?
  2. yeah, we missied a lot of chances last night. it was good to see a few players giving some more effort, hucks seemed particularly up for it! although it did get annoying that everything seemed to go down the left through hucks, he''d be getting some pace on down the wing and then everyone would still be jogging up to the halfway line!
  3. with you on that. Etuhu''s had his up and downs but i cannot believe he managed to stay on the park last night! He was by far the worst midfielder out there and pretty much our worst player (no touch, vision, gave away too many balls). Thorne was also complete garbage.We need to be putting chances away, like you say, we need a poacher.
  4. Rehman on his way, brilliant! That''s Hughes, Jarrett, Etuhu, Robinson, Rehman as defensice centre mids! Maybe Worthy''s missing Holt!
  5. right, haven''t posted for a bit.... probably because i didn''t want to get shot down in flames as a WO or for telling it as a supporter sees it. But, i''m pretty dam sick of seeing the club head backwards. I do think the club would be better off without Worthy,and i wish i had the guts to make that stand and not renew my season ticket, but i can''t. See, i''m too addicted to the Saturdays and as a supporter it''s rough and smooth. the problem is, it''s all rough again. And it just feels like back to lies. Yesterday Worthy was saying about getting players to take us forwards not sideways, well the large majority of his signings are exactly ''sideways'' signings: Etuhu, Jarrett, Colin, more than likely now Johansson (Appalling goal record!). Why rush into a loan ''sideways'' player signing when we have McVeigh (one of our best players this season, now that Worthy''s stopped playing him out of postition!), Huckerby, McKenzie (when fit), Jarvis (when fit), Henderson.I can''t see how manager / coaching staff can be supported when they are employed to create a balanced,  motivated squad when all they created is a completely unbalanced, unmotivated, demoralised squad of largely ''sideways'' players that couldn''t give a stuff about the Canary on their chest and end up dragging the few decent players we do have down with them!
  6. I''m still not convinced about Worthy and not sure if i ever will be. I haven''t liked his style of management since he''s been here. The only good stint he''s had here when the managerial decisions he made were good was post xmas in the championshiop winning season. Then as soon as we got to the Prem, back to same old Worthy. Now although the bloke can drive me up the wall, i''m still in the ''jury''s out''camp. I''ll tell you for why, as previous posters have put there is no denying that Worthington has helped this club take a step forward, he''s got us to a play off final, got us promoted and the club has moved on leaps and bounds as a whole over the last 5 years. But, he is not a top quality manager, he is not the man to manage our team in the Premiership, his quality as a manager extends to the top of the championship and no further. His man management skills seem to leave a bit to desired, if a player annoys him they are dropped no matter how good they are for the team. He always has his favourites (Holt being the prime example). And now when he is hailing Safri, where the heck was Safri last year; Worthy wouldn''t play him in favour of Holt who cost us goals, which cost us points, which got us relegated - knock on effect. Now i''m not saying Holt is the reason we were relegated,s o don''t jump on that one. But, as soon as we were down, Holt wsas out to a League One side. Safri should have been in! Fleming was far too slow last year, lost players, cost us goals - knock on effect again! And you can tell Worthy used to be a defender, how many times do we get to 70 mins and then we sit on the result, when if we have the game under control why not push on and get the goal difference up! Now, whether it is a change of manager, assisitant manager, coaching staff or what, but i am in no doubt what so ever that for our club to progress, get promoted and stay there something needs to change.
  7. I really wish Worthy would try something different! You''ve hit it right on there breaker with Hucks making runs from all over the place! Would be great, not knowing where he''s going to run from, he''d have to get some understanding with the midfield i guess, but hey that''s what they all get paid for!! McVeigh as well would be great in there! Sadly ''hard workers'' will always get picked over players who will try something a bit different on the pitch.
  8. Pretty similar line ups coming out and i''m there with the same really, i''d stick McVeigh back in and have Huckerby in the free role as well, so he doesnt stick to the left wing and we just punt the ball to him! Green Colin Shackell Davenport Drury Marney - RW Safri Hughes Huckerby - FR McVeigh - St Ashton - St or... I''m a bit unsure about Marney, is he a player that you notice what he does in a game when he doesnt play? so... Green Colin Shackell Davenport Drury McVeigh - RW Safri Hughes Brennan - LW Huckerby - St Ashton - St
  9. Would be rgeat to get Martin O Neill back, from vague memory i remember he only left because he wanted to buy Windass and fell out with the board. It''ll never happen though. Bowen or Boothroyd would be great! Mike Phelan, think he''s up at Manure? Although no proven record.
  10. We''ve got the players, but not the management!
  11. Sometimes i don''t understand Worthy, he seems to say a lot of things that suppporters will be pleaed to here and then he goes and make crazy decisions!! Again he has his favourites, this and last term it is Fleming - who is going to cost us again! He refuses to give players a proper chance! McVeigh will never get a run in the team and nor will Brennan. We will never see Davenport and Shackell playing together and as soon as Hucks is back we''ll be back to playing the predictable punt to the left wing. Worthy has done his bit and can go no further as a manager. I agree with a previous post about Worthy has steadied the ship, all credit to him. But something has to happen otherwise the steadied ship is going to stay static!
  12. I hope they stick by it i really do. It really does seem like the club is moving forward and by signing Morrison and sounds like we are going to keep Ashton, looks like everyone at the club is focused on getting us back in the Prem and moving the club forward. I do feel a bit apprehensive though from the old days, when you always wanted the club to make decisions like this and they jsut never did! Looks like it''s all change in recent years though! Come on you Yellows!
  13. i hope he isnt the ashton replacement either, apparently though.. Worthys bought him to play CB!
  14. Although the lack of 2 wins from games we really should be picking up 3 points from, i feel like there are positives to come out of those games and positives on the horizon. The side''s been unsettled all preseason because of injuries, and some players aren''t at full fitness. Green looks like he''s continued class, Shackell''s performance last night was as solid a defensive display as i''ve seen from a City player in a while, RB position is unsettled, Marney''s only been here a fortnight and looks like a class crosser of the ball, Safri ran the show when he came on, Jarrett and Hughes need to settle but look like they both could turn out to be good buys, Hucks continues to terrorise right backs, Ashton speaks for himself, McKenzie... um, he''s not my favourite city player - i think he lacks the quality touch and flays around a bit sometimes although he has improved since he''s been here and will get goals. Once we''re settled we''ll be a force!
  15. I''m with you on that, strange one for me. Can only assume he isn''t match fit. We need to be going out strong this year, getting points in the bag - not struggling around at the end of the season for them! Go out strong - get points - sit back and streak away with it!
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