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  1. Breaking news on Sky Sports News is that City have agreed a £2M fee for Clinton Morrison.  Err, didn''t see that one coming... Al
  2. They played with passion, and coming back from 4-1 down is some achievement, especially given our previous form with such things.  Championship bound?  Poor tactics?  No passion?  I don''t think so!!! Al
  3. Sorry for dragging this thread up again, but I''d just like to reply to Herb if I may. I know it isn''t worth a great deal, but I''m extremely sorry for calling you a bigot, and the associated political labelling. I was just slightly annoyed and in the heat of the moment I banged off my post without thinking. I wouldn''t say I''m of a delicate disposition (well, not too much!), but I just felt that an attack on YC''s adopted (?) country was uncalled for - this was made all the more, for want of a better word, poignant, by the fact that I''ve got a lot of family in America. In hindsight, however, I see you were reciprocating YC''s daftness with some justification Once again, my sincerest apologies, and no offence was intended. PS. Scotty, I suggest we stick to Binner-bashing: much more entertaining!
  4. So, YC writes an admittedly silly post and some members of the forum then go and indulge in that oh-so clever hobby of America-bashing. To be honest, I doubt the likes of Herb have ever even been to America, choosing instead to rely on the anti-American rhetoric published by the media as the basis for their ''informed'' views. >An over inflated sense of their own importance, delusions of grandeur and blaming everyone but themselves when things go wrong My, how clever of you young Herb. You can be a left wing bigot as well as a ''friendly'' Canaries supporter!
  5. How very typical. One or two dodgy results and out the Worthy moaners emerge from their hole, ready to slag off the team, the manager and anyone else who doesn''t agree with them. As for Chunky Canary''s assertion that City are where they are thanks to luck, well this surely shows how some people love City to get bad results, despite their protestations that they''re Norwich fans. Norwich are at the top of the table thanks to hard work, by both the team and the supporters - nothing more, nothing less. Have West Brom been running on luck as well, because they''ve had some less than flattering results? For a moment, let''s say Chunky is right, and Norwich have had a lot of luck. Surely the same thing could be said of most of the division, the top 10 especially? So things are going to get worse as our luck runs out? Puh! Try supporting the team - assuming you know what real support is.
  6. "Do you really think Elliott is good enough for Ipswich. He is rubbish. How often has he actually played well this season. Why is Fathead thrying to change the losing formula. Wait till the summer and then start buying players who are actually worth buying. The reason teams get relegated is because they sign useless pieces of rubbish like Elliott." I''m sure this is what ''Local Ipswich Fan'' meant to write.... :-)
  7. Andy, I think that Roy says that sort of stuff because it makes him seem, I dunno, more ''human'' ! Sometimes, football commentary can seem a bit sterile, so he tries to make us feel warm and snug... and he does get his personality across, there''s no denying that. It is an advantage that he has Neil Adams with him though, as at least he can relate to what the players are thinking - where would Roy be without him?! The one thing that does annoy me is his apparent love of the opposition scoring (as Man in the Stands wrote this week). Last year there was an advert on the BBC for local football coverage, and the commentators on that were going mad when they''re team had scored. Yet, somehow, Roy has failed to pick up on the idea that you can get excited when your team scores! Allan
  8. Yeah, sorry Wiz, I guess this is a pointless thread. I was just cheesed off at how Warnock feels his team always get the (non)decisions, and then when we have some valid penalty claims, they go without a mention. But you''re right, we won, three points in the bag, so no need to worry. Also, the Wimbledon game could be a banana skin, but I hope that the Bradford game dispelled any complacency the lads had about playing teams at the bottom of the division. So don''t worry - too much! Allan
  9. Now that young Master Warnock has got his apology from the ref about the Flem penalty claim, wasn''t there a valid Norwich claim for a penalty? It was in the first half, I think about 35-40 mins, when Brennan was brought down in their box. The people around me all felt it was a penalty, but nothing has been said about it since the match - presumably because we won! Even so, it is annoying to see Colin bleating away when we had, in my opinion, a ''dead cert'' (his words, not mine). So, did anyone else see this Brennan incident, and, if so, what did you make of it?
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