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  1. Normal service from last season is resumed at lowaly Exeter. Unless a quality Center Back is signed Grant''s strategy will be blown apart. He should look at the video disasters of last season and the season before to realise that Shakell and Docherty are a liability. Without a change in this personnel he will undo all the good that he has worked so hard for.[:(]
  2. I have seen Peter Grant''s yet another excuse for yet another poor performance and I would ask the fans to look at the performance of Roy Keen,  Brian Laws, Geraint Williams, Mick McCarthy to name but a few managers that had arguebly less talented and experienced squads than ourselves and have deliverd better results. I am sick and tired of this mans excuses; nothing ever changes apart from consistent under performing of his players for which he seems totally unable to influence despite his alleged tough image! I suspect he is another average coach that cannot hack managment, a poor decision by the board for which I trust they will correct immediatley!  
  3. After 50 years as a supporter, in saddenes me to agree with you. But a new investor is needed before we can rid our club of the Smith regime! Any offers??
  4.   Results tell the sorry story, and we have still not replaced Malky after nearly three years. That is the botom line, and if Grant cannot see that, he should consider his position, before the fans do!!
  5. Yes, he never had the support in the first place due to weak club managment and an acceptance of second best under Worthington by the overpaid players that has become common place; the fact that he has been unable to get more out of them than Worthington, suggests that Grant is not the man for the job? Damage limitation, get him out now and replace with experience on a short term deal with incentives!
  6. Do not wory about these two hangers on, when the club is relegated and it definately will with these two strutting around in dream land, the club will have no funds to pay their inflated salaries!! Never mind they will find other jobs and leave the mess they have created to others; if there is still a club of course? [:(]
  7. I agree, yet another very poor appointment by the board; to not select Safri and then withdraw Huckerby, our main threat when we were chasing the game, just Beggars Belief; Get this idiot out now, he is  self opinionated and has zero judgement! Get Pardrew whilst he is still available!
  8. |I agree entirely but the team and he need to play their part; we are all totally bored and frustrated with the current dross over 18 months, but he needs to demonstrate his managment skills and do what Worthington was not able to do; Get this squad to play his way,  consistently in the search of a long term solution. If he cannot achieve that then he will be another ex COACH THAT CANNOT HACK MANAGMENT. There is many of them; managment is different to coaching and needs a cool head and a strong vision. Time will tell?
  9. I agree, past his sell by date, he is just coasting along, sell in January and get as much as we can and move on; that is life and no room for lazer players, of which he now is! amongst most of the worthless squad![:(]
  10. Very impressed, just give hime time, if he has as much time that Worthless had we sahll be OK, but it will take 18 months to rebuild!! Be patient!
  11. Sorry to disagree, but Hunter is part of the problem having supervised the debacle at Southend, he has failed to coach or address the problem of defending a lead. No good now saying we look at again in the de brief; once can be called an accident, but twice is downright incompetence. I am sure Peter Grant will give him five miutes on Monday and assist him to pack his bags. He has learned that delivering average for the FA does not engage with reality of club management and fans expectation!!
  12. [:)] A very good appointment, not the obvious choice but he has ben the coaching brains behind West Ham. He is hungry, keen, ambitious and resourceful enough to have pursuaded Ashton to have joined the Hammers. An ex player, knows the area and the fans passion and culture. Give credit to Delia and the board of which I have been a fierce criric. I suspect that they have been on to the case for many weeks prior to Nigel Worthingtons dismissal. He carrys no baggage and is very well respected, let us now give him our full support and backing
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