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  1. There is an element of truth to Grant''s statement. However, the signings to date have been poor and have not improved the side. We seem to have this strange idea that the Scottsih Leagues are full of quality players, even those who aren''t playing for their clubs every week. Let''s get this straight, you may as well sign someone from the Vauxhall Conference! The problem is the same if not worse than before - no quality and too much of an easy ride. We simply don''t compete either financially or on the field.  At best, we may just scrape relegation. It is difficult to know who to blame - is it Grant, or is it the board for appointing grant and then controlling the purse strings to the extent that he feels hehas his hands tied and/or for allowing dubious clauses in "star" player contracts who wanted to get away? Is it the scouting network or lack of it? Is it the players?  The only certainty here is that it is NOT the fans - I am still both dumbfounded and delighted that we can put together 24,000 fans every home game, despite the rubbish that is served up every week. Anyone seen a decent game again this season so far? 
  2. At least Marshall should be worth every penny - should get plenty of action!  We looked as creative as last season, without Huckerby.  Couldn''t pass 5 yards (excepting Russell) and tried to thump the ball up too often. Forecast for next season - just about scrape relegation and knocked out of cup competitions in early rounds.  Sorry, I don''t subscribe to some of the pseudo optimistic rubbish I have been reading - I prefer to rely on what I actually see as opposed to what I think I would like to see.  There was a massive gulf between us and West Ham (much more than the 2-1 scoreline) and, whilst the gap will be closer, there will be a big gulf between us and the likes of Charlton, Sheff Utd, West Brom, Wolves, Preston, Leicester, Watford, Burnley, Southampton ...............     Does anyone genuinely think that the likes of Docherty, Hughes and even Drury (plus others) would walk into  some of these teams?
  3. There will be a number of reasons why players won''t join us - £5m is certainly more than handy BUT will not guarantee that we will be able to bring quality in. Grant has his work cut out. Norfolk can be attractive and the training facilities, ground and support are second to none.  However, take a long hard look at where we have finished in the last couple of years and the inconsistent nature of our performances - this is where our problem rests.  If you are a young Billy Sharp or Freddy Eastwood, who do you think has got the greater chance of getting to the Premiership - Wolves, Sheff Utd or even Sheff Wednesday. Blimey, even Burnley must appear more attractive than us!  Our ambition does NOT match that of many other clubs trying to reach the promised land but, more importantly, our squad is just not good enough and has demonstrated this over the last few seasons. Anyone who says (and you hear it all the time) "with the players we have got, we should be challenging ..........." is deluded. Do you really believe that, have you been watching the performances home and (particularly) away? It is a catch 22 situation in that the squad isn''t anywhere good enough and more likely to finish closer to the bottom three than the top six, yet we cannot improve it (despite having the money) because this is the perception of those "young and promising" players who want to progress (quickly). Earnshaw was attracted but only with a get out clause and even he has seen the writing on the wall. Lets just remind ourselves of where we are. Finished 16th last year with a goal difference of around -15, a dreadful defensive record with goal difference only buoyed up by a guy who scored something like 18 goals in 22 appearances and a cameo by Huckerby towards the end of the season (perhaps our ONLY quality player remaining).  Signings so far, goalkeeper on a freebie, 39 year old for a year (free) and Jamie Cureton - thoroughly nice guy who DID score goals last year but was in a far better team than we have (yes I do mean Colchester).  He is 31 going on 32 and is hardly likely to be spearheading our assault in the Premiership, should we get anywhere near close. He is a Norwich old boy and loves the club - not a bad thing, but a guy in the twilight of his career. Hardly the foundations to build an exciting, progressive and successful team on!  Quite frankly, if I was a reserve player languishing in League 1 or 2 and/or someone playing in the lower leagues of Scottish football, I would jump at the chance of joining NCFC - you would be daft not too.  In this day and age, the only thing that will attract top quality players will be money and, of course, a "get out" should it all not work out as anticipated! 
  4. All I can say is thank god I (and my son) decided not to renew our season tickets this year - and the club has the audacity to keep asking us if we want to rejoin the waiting list (waiting list - don''t make me laugh!) .  We both decided that, despite being passionate about and followng the club all of our lives, we weren''t prepared to "line the pockets" of this pathetic bunch masquerading as footballers any more.  Think about it, pay out over £500 a year to help Mr Etuhu purchase his new car (and private numberplate) - he clearly needs a car on the pitch because he is nothing more than a passenger. Parachute payments gone this year - lets see what percentage increase there is on season tickets etc. Are you really going to continue to line the pockets of a complete and utter bunch of wasters!  Ship the lot of them out, I say - they are not fit to wear the same yellow and green shirt that many of the fans rightly cherish so much. 
  5. Slightly contentious post and I am one of his biggest fans, anyone else think Hucks has lost, or is losing his pace - without this, is he worth a place?  Alternatively, is it a lack of application or is he jarred off at having to work back and the criticism aimed at him by Grant?  Perhaps he already knows that he ain''t going to get a new contract and without his pace, what does he bring? He was very poor today (again) and couldn''t "race" past his marker as he would normally - the same goes for several other games this season.  Is he injured? In the past, he has been one of the quickest players I have ever seen in terms of raw pace and quickness of feet.   Like many before, when all of a sudden that extra "edge" has gone it is mostly downhill from thereon in an you become an also ran. I hope that isn''t the case but the signs are worrying. Then again, perhaps he s just not interested (like most of the rest!)  Perhaps we (and he) needs to move on? I expect him to be on the bench pretty pronto or, like Safri, out of the squad of 16.  
  6. Yet another shocking performance in a local derby - if the players can''t get "up" for this, then they shouldn''t be representing the club.  The worst Ipswich team in many a year dominating us and deserving to win by several goals.  The midfield went missing, couldn''t pass and looked two yards off the pace.  Play offs - don''t make me laugh, it would be embarrassing. Big, big changes required in the January transfer window.  The future isn''t that bright - Sunderland at home (one shot all game and scraped a win), West Brom (yes we won, somehow, but on a "normal" day this would also have been a comprehensive defeat).  Cut all this rubbish out about "having the best squad in the league" - they are nowhere near it and big changes are needed. Shocking - don''t go blaming the manager again, it is the clowns out there on the playing surface that should take a long hard look at themselves.  The problem is, if they do, they will probably realise that they are not simply good enough or up for it. Some of them can''t even pass a ball 10 yards!  
  7. Having watched the reserves again last night, the worrying news is that our "future" is NOT looking bright.  There was, once again, evidence of "hoofball" albeit less so than with the first team and, quite frankly, Ipswich''s youngster far outshone our own.  Henderson, supposedly one of our brighter fringe players, was absolutely awful and very few of our players could string a pass together between them.  Certainly, Ipswich should and could have won by more - how depressing.  Blimey, we even had Thorne, Rehman, Charlton and Colin playing but, then again, what does that say!  The fact is, the problems that are so clear in our first team are also endemic in the reserves.  Bottom of the league with just 2 wins says it all and the quality is dreadful - absolutely awful.   Wait a minute though, can I hear Worthy saying "you have to battle", "you have to earn the right to play", "that''s what this league is all about", "its all part of the game - know what I mean?" ...................................................    Of Course it is Nigel, that is why Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Ipswich reserves all play attractive, fast flowing, neat football in the SAME reserve league and are much more successful.  We are simply not good enough and the problem is down to coaching and the playing staff, RIGHT THE WAY THROUGH FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM. No wonder the first team is such a shambles - they are hardly likely to be quaking in their boots over possibly being replaced by young, thrusting future starlets from the reserves as they simply don''t exist or are having any semblance of talent or confidence coached out of them.  THE FUTURE IS NOT BRIGHT - THE FUTURE IS WORTHY!   
  8. Quite right.   Neither myself or my 12 year old son will be going to QPR.   On top of this, we have not renewed our season tickets - I made a stand in January that if Worthington was still in charge, I would not renew and my son has simply had enough of watching absolute rubbish. I have been a supporter for 40 years and will remain so.  However, I will not be forking out over £500.00 to watch Worthington''s "quality" hoofball.  His interview after the Preston game said it all - delighted with workrate and attitude etc.  My god, even Neil Adam''s said the performance was dreadful.  Worthington has lost the plot.  Does anyone seriously think he had a good season last season as well?  What planet are the KTF''s on? His signings are here to stay and so is he, so look forward to more dross next season.  If the rumours are correct, he will be given at least 10 games next season to take things forward.  One thing is for certain though, the "quality" will remain.   I received yet another reminder for our season tickets this weekend and simply chucked them away yesterday evening.   How many more are doing the same thing?   Those "hardy" souls who want to endorse the current debacle that is "Carrow Road" are welcome to it.  I certainly won''t be contributing to the wages of Etuhu, Hughes, Robinson, Colin .............    
  9. Speak for yourself.  I haven''t renewed and I made it clear from the start that if Worthy stays, I won''t.  I cannot even get my 12 year old son to turn out to watch the current drivel, despite having spent £150 on his season ticket at the start of the season.  What does that say for the "future" of the club? It is not just about "my love for the 11 wearing yellow and green overrides any feelings I may have for Mr Worthington".   Worthy has brought in several poor quality players on 2-3 year contracts - face it, they are here to stay unless the club can sell them (unlikely).  Do you really think we will be going out to buy "quality" unless we can off-load his "hoofers" and their (substantial) wage bill first?  Mediocrity and awful football is here to stay for a while yet and certainly next season.  How many quality players do you REALLY believe we now have?  Do you REALLY believe Worthy did a great job in the Premiership?  The man had more money to spend than any other previous manager and look what he did with it!  Rumour has it, from the folks stopping Mr Doncaster on Saturday, is that Worthy WILL be here next season and will be given 10 games to prove things are heading in the right direction.  If he then goes, we will still be left with his legacy which, like Hamilton before, will take a very long time to rectify - any new man will, quite rightly, say it is a "time for rebuilding and a transitional season etc" before things start to progress.  Are you really looking forward to this or what! I am afraid that not only did Worthy lose the plot ages ago, but the Board have as well.  Enjoy "hoofball" next season guys and great credit to you for contributing to the cash in the pockets of Messrs Hughes, Etuhu, Robinson etc for the next couple of years or so and to whomever else Worthy manages to turn out in the coming months (only those who can run and can''t pass, be creative or get forward need apply). For me, I will watch a little bit more quality in the Anglian Combination whilst continuing my 40 year love of all things NCFC.  With a fair wind and a degree of good sense, someone will see the light and we will be back challenging in a few years. 
  10. Is it me or is the match tonight not the biggest pile of tripe you have ever seen.  Blimey, I see more skill and ability on a Sunday when my 12 year old plays. What am absolute pile of pants and Worthy stands there chewing his gum and saying nothing.  I haven''t renewed my season ticket yet and by god am I glad I haven''t if this is the sort of tripe we must continue to put up with - worth £500 a season, more like someone should pay us.  I thought I had seen it all this year but we plummit to new depths - for gods sake Burnley are dreadful and we are worse. I have said it before, but unless Worthless and his monkeys go I won''t be at Carrow Road next year along with many others.  Fine with the inevitable responses of "we are best without you", "we don''t need your type" etc - I have been supporting NCFC for 40 years and this is the biggest pile of rubbish I can remember seeing.  Frankly, those with the inevitable responses and blind faith are welcome to it.  I think I will spend my afternoons watching the grass grow rather than lining the pockets of these so called "professional footballers" and the clowns that masquerade as a management team.  Sheer embarrassment should result in resignation.  OK, we have won a few games recently, but who REALLY thinks we have looked anything other than a very poor side playing against poorer sides - fortune was with us -v- The Blades and Palace showed us exactly where we are.  Derby/Brighton, well what can you say? Good luck and enjoy next year, the year after that, the year after that ......................  What an absolute load of rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  11. Typical response Mr C.   I have lost count of the number of times this season that I have spoken to my son about the ups and downs and how we must stick with it.  However, there is only so much you can say or do.  Last season we were losing plenty of games but not ONCE did my son complain as he looked forward to every game (home and away) as the entertainment was always there - some great memories (Boro, Man Utd, Bolton, Arsenal and even West Brom) Glory hunting to support Man Utd is not an option or even a thought - very narrow minded of you.  My sons room and wardrobe is full of nothing other than NCFC memorabillia and that will not change (and neither will I).  The point I was trying to make was simply that the current "down" is a massive "downer" and has gone on far too long - there is no sign of an "up" reappearing for a very long time indeed unless things change, and there is no sign of things changing.  Its all a simple but poignant reflection of what is going on around a family that has attended Carrow Road and very numerous away games over a number of years. I am grateful to the many sensible posters who have replied and shared their experiences without resorting to obvious "one liners".  I am genuinely sorry that I and my son won''t be there next year - as many have said, we all have options on how we spend our hard earned cash and I simply cannot afford to throw it down the drain out of blind faith.  It doesn''t, however, detract from or lessen my families commitment to supporting NCFC as we always have done and hopefully, one day, we will return. In the meantime, feel free to cast doubt and make pointless innuendo''s as you have done here - it does you and other (blind faith) supporters no credit whatsoever.  Best leave the posts to those who are intelligent enough to respond with sense and actual examples of their experiences - it makes for a far better and meaningful message board!   
  12. No doubt I will get loads of "not a true supporter" jibes back but I couldn''t even encourage my 12 year old football mad son (season ticket holder) to go to yesterday''s game - "Dad, it will be the same old rubbish and it is just so boring".  Imagine how I felt - what could I say, how could I argue?. Read it and weep Neil Doncaster, Munby et al - yes, this is what it has come to.  So much for encouraging families and children - it isn''t ALL about Razz the Clown and Captain Canary, nice seats and food etc.  As kids get older and play football, they are smarter than you think - these kids are not only the future supporters but also potential players (woops  ..... I forgot we don''t encourage our own academy/youngsters unless they will grow in to 6'' 4" headcases who can run up and down all day) Best of luck to you all next season.  As I can no longer get my son to turn out or renew due to the "entertainment" that is Carrow Road (and I certainly can''t promise him better times as things stand today), then I am afraid that my season ticket renewal is also up the swanny.  I wonder how many more there are like me?  That''s £530.00 short for you Mr Doncaster - maybe one of the 1,200 season ticket wannabe''s will snap it up but somehow I think there will be quite a number of empty seats at Carrow Road next season if the current (playing - I use the term loosly) management is still in place as looks likely now. Never mind, I will continue to support NCFC as I have done all of my life.  It is a shame it has come to this though and I am genuinely so disappointed. Good luck next season all ...............         
  13. A time to put things in to perspective.   Next week''s away trip to Palace and the home game with Stoke will tell us how good the current team is capable of being.  Brighton and Derby were both poor but, to be fair, you can only beat what is put in front of you (and we have managed to previously screw up against the likes of Crewe, Millwall and Sheff Weds, so there is an improvement there). 5 goals and none conceded - City should be going in to the Palace game full of convidence AND with a full squad, so there should be NO excuses this time.  As I have said, Palace and Stoke will tell us how good the current team/squad really is.  I won''t hold my breath as I still think we are weaker than we were 2 years ago BUT lets wait and see - I hope I am wrong. 
  14. Anyone watching Watford tonight?  A team of has-beens and cast offs who, other than for a couple of players, wouldn''t make the NCFC first 15.  The difference - they are all playing for their manager and all look like they know what they are supposed to be doing!  On top of this, they have a man on the sidelines, directing and clearly very knowledgable about what he is doing, within the strengths and limitations of his side. Light years from Carrow Road eh?   
  15. Simple - all send you detailed concerns marked for the attention of Delia and The Board to mailto:reception@ncfc-canaries.co.uk  That''s what I am going to do.
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