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  1. Glad you kept everything? crossed Susie - it certainly worked but Nigel will have a hard task to prise Primus from Pompey (per Harry Redknapp, Sky TV today) OTBC
  2. Great News - Not so sure about the Primus deal though, Harrry Redknapp said on Sky awhile ago that he wanted to keep him at Pompey. Still, what a steal today - well done Nigel OTBC
  3. Agreed Generation, but rules is rules and they have to be enforced. I feel so sorry for the stewards in the areas of the Barclay trying to do the job for which they are employed. I still think by the actions of the fans in those sections, they are placing the club in an invidious position which will only result in drastic action like losing the safety licence and any action like that which endangers our football club, I for one am not prepared to risk. Please let common sense prevail and protest in the proper manner.
  4. Sure was, East Ender but I don''t know about Tony Wilcox - he was born at sea in international waters on the way to America and managed 9 appearances for City in 1905!
  5. Can''t see any mention of that famous Argentinian centre forward, Frank Peed (aka Francisco Gonzalez), who made 19 appearances for with 6 goals in the 1930''s for City. Info - courtesey Canaries Giants 1902-1994.
  6. Good to see there is some common sense prevailing on this issue. Unfortunately, I can see that the only way the club will be able to enforce the ground conditions would be to close those sections where permanant standing is prevalent. When the South Stand was demolished, I was relocated to the Snake Pit where, while the atmosphere was brilliant, you could only see about half the game because of persistent standing with, as you say, the domino effect. No, I do not want to spoil anybody''s enjoyment of the games but you have to be considerate and do nothing which could put the club in a position where such drastic action is the only solution. Good luck Gazza in your campaign to get standing only areas provided. OTBC
  7. Sorry lads and lasses - I cannot agree with much of the comments on this post and I doubt if you asked the relatives of people who died at Hillsborough that you would find many who would agree either. Still, we are all entitled to our views and personally, I go to Carrow Road to see football matches and it matters not a jot whether I am sitting or standing, as long as I can see. I can understand that some people prefer to stand and I agree that certain areas of the ground should be made standing only but unfortunately you have to convince the Government that this is a desirable move. I feel sorry for the stewards at the Barclay end who are instructed to get fans to remain seated. The Club is, after all concerned that non-compliance with the ground regulations could well mean that the saftey licence is revoked and this is something we certainly do not want, particularly this coming season. For the sake of the majority of the supporters I would hope that some sense is observed by those wishing to stand for most of the games. OTBC
  8. I am getting really fed up with the negative talk of relegation even before a ball is kicked in the PL. While I realise it is not going to be an easy ride, I do not even contemplate relegation and feel a lower mid table position is quite within reach. Realistically, I am sure the players who served us so well last season equally realise that they may not be automatic choice this year. Of course we have to strengthen the team and I imagine the newcomers to the club are aware that they may well be squad players until established. On the question of who to sign and when, I am quite happy to leave that to Worthy who has shown to be excellent judge of players potential in the past. Lets be positive!! OTBC
  9. Best ever? Nethercott Lewis Hannah Pickwick Low Robinson Gavin Kinsey Hollis Eyre Docherty Praps not, but then they were only paid about 10 quid a week!
  10. Got mine this morning but my son''s has not arrived yet. I rang the ticket office and apparantly they are being sent out in batches, the crinklies first then adults and children etc. over the next week or so.
  11. I have seen Briggs perform and believe, given the opportunity, would give adequate cover for Eddy. Problem is as always, these players need an extended run to get used to the pace of first team football. We must not be panicked into buying players who are probably no better than what we have here already and I think we must trust Nige in his judgement. Lets face it, he hasn''t done too badly so far since becoming Manager!!
  12. 1 down to gt.yarmouth after 3 mins, 1 down to selanger after 58 seconds - say no more! but I would settle for Harrewood as well !!
  13. Both players are excellent prospects and need to be developed. Clearly, they both need first team football and with the current squad being assembled for the Premiership are not likely to be featured until the season is on the way, and then only if things are going well. I would like them both to go out on loan for a few months, to see how they react to a sustained period of first team football - then we must make a decision as to their future at Carrow Road
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