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  1. i get what Lakey is saying.....Plan A is working we are just not taking our chances ! How would your Plan B help players finish or create as many chances has we have been ?
  2. he went down for treatment for his knee at the weekend but carried on.....
  3. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/match-analysis/epl-2019-20-leicester-city-vs-norwich-city-tactical-analysis-tactics?fbclid=IwAR10-mgLJacMfq8ArBsnFenthVBxXpHAw_s-iLI9bEBP3P1mr5qfJKgvVkE
  4. I agree with the Drmic he needs a start.....whether its personnel, formation or "philosophy" something needs tweaking. i'd move Emi to 10 drop Stieperman. not sure throwing Famewo in is right. I've always liked having a CM at centre back against teams with a lone striker. being able to play bringing the ball out breaking lines, however we really already have this in Godfrey. Watford played a 541 ish formation last week wonder if we went 352 ? Bryam has looked decent when he has featured so far, could he play in a 3 with Tettey/Amadou and Godfrey ? Would like too see what Amadou can do do do in midfield though.
  5. diamond - Josip Teemu Emiliano Mario Moritz Ibrahim Jamal Ben Grant Max Tim
  6. https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/chelsea-supporter-storms-pitch-loses-cigarettes-but-norwich-player-sorts-him-out-158062?utm_content=buffer2eb99&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  7. [quote user="AJ"]My biggest issue is he''s rarely ever in the bloody middle when we get the ball in good positions. Not really what we want when he''s our tall, leading striker. I''d assume that''s what he''s been told to do though[/quote] clearly told to hang on the left side of the 3 cb in Azpilicueta maybe due to the fact he has quite a few assists this year maybe Farke wanted to stop the supply line? I actually thought he linked well with Pinto at times. and tracked back on several occasions.....certainly not the worst player on the pitch. a lot of them were in Blue!
  8. Jose used a triggered press in the wafer final stating that one of the Ajax centre backs was better on the ball than the other. they would let the not so good CB play however what triggered the press was when the better player had the ball forcing him back to the GK or to play long. there would be other trigger points across the pitch to engage a press situation.
  9. I run a team in a Vets over 35''s League, we have been asked by the county FA if we would trial a 10 min sin bin this coming season. we have agreed to it. it''s basically classed as a yellow card option for a player being a knob, time wasting etc. rather than a poor tackle - hand ball. which will get an actual yellow card. if something kicks off involving a lot of players reducing your team to less than 7. the ref can delay a players sin bin. they have been using it in small sided games. apparently its worked really well.
  10. @OfficialIrishFA: McGovern is back with #ncfc for ''treatment on an injury''. Expecting to hear from Michael O''Neill later today
  11. The reason he made the Naismith change rather than Pritchard was because he expected him to have a more of a physical presence. I dont think his substitutions are the main issue rather than the in game tactics. After the game he said he could see it coming. well why didn''t he do something about it? or are the players not capable of following instructions during play?
  12. do you mean depth? or quality? we dont want any Tom Dick or Lafferty
  13. eeeek that''s treading on dangerous ground! also not sure he is bright enough to pull that off. O''Neil seems like a decent pro as well. didn''t someone post here that they saw him in the bookies after storming out of Carrow Road on a match day ?
  14. http://www.thefa.com/news/governance/2016/jul/kyle-lafferty-charged-290716 linky thingy ?
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