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  1. 79/80 season (the seaons of many draws!) v West Brom, at Carrow Road ended 2-2.  Sat in the old Family area of the South Stand with my dad, and watched the Baggies fans kick off big time when we equalized just before the final whistle. Got a City scarf that day which I still have. 
  2. He was in the market for something big, to hold up the traffic, but got a smaller quicker car on a good loan deal instead!! Rumour also has it that his new car fails to fire on all cylinders!
  3. A member of my family is a trainee vicar and got placed in Ips#''ch, so as a sign of family loyalty some of their priests clothing is yellow & green! 
  4. [quote user="claud"] Wasn''t 1992 also the year that Sky''s Monday night coverage started? We were up first against Forest. It didn''t take long to banish the memory of the crap ''live'' music (was it D-Ream or someone equally as poor, on a stage in the centre circle pretending to play instruments and sing without one electrical lead going to the stage) as Crooky bent in a free kick from outside the box in the first 5 minutes. Nigel Clough equalised, but we ended up winning 3-1. [/quote] I was there too, and the Chelsea match on Sky, more great memories.  I''ve got the highlights of the season and Andy Gray''s commentary on Chippy''s goal is classic..."Look at the lovely bend on that ball".  That was a season, and a squad to remember, and I wonder how long it will be until we can say that again?
  5. I remember his only goal in our 3-0 demolition of Liverpool.  A good day all round!
  6. 1. Goss, Away to Bayern 2, Goss, That volley away at Leeds 3, Fox, Away at Arsenal 91/92 season finished 1-1, a sreamer from outside the box nearly took the net off! 4, Johnson v the Scum at Carrow Road ''96, cracking one two with Fleck. 5, Fashanu v Liverpool, enough said. 6, Robins v Chelsea 92/93 season, live on Sky, Megson takes quick free kick, Robins 1 touch over the keeper, sublime. 7, Ryan Jarvis v Liverpool. 8, Sutton v Liverpool  at Carrow Road, great finish past Grobelaar from outside 18 yard box. 9, Huckerby v Stoke(?) his last game before his loan from Man City ended. 10, Fleck, Volley against Sheff United  at Carrow Road 91/92 season. 
  7.                       Green Helveg    Malky   Taylor   Shackell  Drury          Francis    Holt    Pattison             Dublin    Ashton Subs Hucks Etuhu Edworthy Bellamy Ewan
  8.                                  Gunn Culverhouse      Newsome  Polston    Bowen Eadie               Crook      Goss         Fox                      Sutton         Robins Subs Butterworth Fleck Gordon Sherwood  
  9. I''m not usually one to post rumours, but I heard from Burt who is a close friend of Ernie that Oscar the Grouch will be appointed as the new Norwich manager and will be unveiled at a press conference on Nickleodeon. This comes from a reliable source who usually get these things right, and is brought to you by the letter Z and the number 9.
  10. Having witnessed this past weeks horror shows, I thought I''d jump on the bandwagon & air my thoughts.  Personally, for a club that had set its focus on getting back in to the Premier league & then appointing someone who hadn''t managed a club before as our new manager was a complete disaster, and now we''re stuck in freefall.  Ok, the current group of players are not performing, that''s not to say that they are all poor players (some are), a good manager will get the best from them.  Remember when Mike Walker first took charge?  We were relegation favourites, just sold Flecky, but still had good players in fox, sutton, crook, goss, gunn etc.    If we want to succeed, we need a change, but I doubt it will happen.  The board is too stubborn & weak to address the situation.  There are capable managers out there, Martin Allen, Paul Jewell, & dare I say Paul Ince?  We need to change now before it''s too late.  
  11. I was at the Valley last night, some of my family are charlton fans, so I was sitting in the East stand in line with the 18 yard box.  Lappin did well, Drury was ok, all I can say about Brown is that he will work his socks off all game for us. just a shame he''s not a goal scorer through and through, ( he even popped up at left back covering Drury!). Brellier is poor, gave the ball away too much.  Hucks & Brown up front was never going to get a goal.  So why wait until the 88th minute to bring on 2 new strikers?  The second penalty was dubious, foul outside the box, the Ref was very poor too.  Danny Mills was mouthing off all night, he gave the linesman loads of grief. What was wrong with Chadwick? He looked lethargic, had lots of chances to go wide and get a cross in, but always played it back to Otsemaboor, who wasn''t that good last night.  One Chartlon fan sitting near me said we looked shot shy, I have to agree.  Ok we went 4-4-2, but it was the team selection was wrong.  Cureton should have been on from the start with Hucks out wide and Lappin in the middle.  You have to feel for Brown though, all his hard work deserves a goal.  
  12. The future doe not look bright, if we continue this dismal run, our top scorer will want away & who could blame him?  Our Board made the mother of all cock ups by appointing an unproven manager to a team that needed an experienced campaigner to get them back up in to the Top flight.  It''s true on paper we have a good side, unfortunatley at the moment it might as well be toilet paper. Happy New Year to All? 
  13. Yesterdays humiliation showed how desperately we need a partner for Earnie, our midfield looked stretched & over run in the 4-3-3 formation (if it was supposed to be 4-5-1 I appologise).  We need 2 strikers working off one another, maybe then we''ll start getting more goals. Moan over, back to work.
  14. I thought Flecky deserves a mention, truly a great entertainer, and fans favourite.
  15. Yes Ashton is quoted at being valued around £12million, but in todays transfer market what would Chris Sutton have been worth? Certainly in the region of £12 million.  Mark Robins scored the goals that got us into Europe, people seem to have forgotten him.  Earnie is a good striker, player transfer value is all about what another club is prepared to pay to get their man.
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