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  1. Nellie was a version by the Toy Dolls, a quality band. They''ve just released a new album. Their bass player is a Norwich resident called Tommy Blyth - he plays in Goober Patrol too.
  2. Just browsing the brilliant ''Homes of Football'' website and came across this: http://www.homesoffootball.co.uk/collection/search/norwich/1/366 Happy days! There are some amazing pictures, most nostalgic!  
  3. After my copy fell apart sometime in the late 90s, I recently bought a second hand Norfolk N Good online (it''s now out of print). I''d forgotten what absolute genius this book is and what superb memories it brought back. Kevin Baldwin hit exactly the mood of the time and had me laughing all the way through. I also had a copy of This Supporting Life and The Second Coming which I felt were near misses in comparison. I wondered whether Kevin had written any other titles and if he finally got together with the Wolverine?
  4. Check out the song on:  http://youtu.be/wgCBZRBTrvk Interview with the band on Radio Norfolk: http://youtu.be/vVpHXWr4NeA Sounds great!
  5. My particular favourite is from Uncle Ken Brown. I think this came about during the games after our Milk Cup win when we lost our form and headed for relegation in 1985: "With our luck, one of my players must be bonking a witch."
  6. Hi all I teach at a primary school in Norfolk. In June, I''m running at activity month with a focus of sport. Last year was really easy, using the World Cup as a basis for all sorts of subjects from history to maths and so on. This year is not so easy and I''m looking for a focus... so I thought, as we''re in the news and the children would have an interest, I''d do a couple of weeks on Norwich City. My ideas kind of focus on social history as well as the football. I wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of any decent websites for old photos, particularly of Newmarket Road, The Nest and Carrow Road. I''ve had a good look, but run short very quickly. I was also wondering if anyone had old photos personally that they might like to email for use in class. Any ideas also appreciated! I already have Canary Citizens and On the Ball, City - these are good starting points... but the visuals would be great. Cheers!
  7. Certainly worth the trouble. And also, no £50 reissue for my season ticket! Hurrah!
  8. Lost my wallet in the Upper Barclay on Saturday following some manic celebrations of Grant Hol''s goal. A very, very nice person has handed it into the ticket office for me to collect. If that was you... THANK YOU! Much appreciated.
  9. My school has been open all week and we have received a number of complaints from parents for being open. It is a no win situation I''m afraid. It is a village school and half of my class did not show up, even though it is walking distance, being kept off by parents who considered the weather to be too dangerous. All staff made it in, some travelling over 40 miles to staff a half full school. I feel that the dedication of the staff is certainly not in question in our case.
  10. For me, it has to be the Ramones - powerful, has bags of credibility and is an all timeless and influential song. I will be most upset if it''s Queen again!
  11. You are correct. Originally the old main stand was the only one with a roof. The River End (nearest the camera), South Sand and Barclay Ends were all uncovered terraces.  The Barclay End was called the Station End until the roof was paid for by Captain Evelyn Barclay before 37/38. It took the name Barclay from him, nothing to do with the bank!
  12. I''d go for Blitzreig Bop - superb! Also consider ''Teenage Lobotomy'' after some of the boring games last year.   For an obscure one, ''Give him a ball and a yard of grass'' by the Sultans of Ping FC (of ''Where''s Me Jumper'' fame).
  13. The old Barclay baiting the late Les Sealey for an entire forty five minutes in Monty Python style high pitch voices - "Lessssley!"
  14. * Beating Grimsby 3.2 in 85/86, sitting in the South Stand. My first game. * The tiny family enclosure O Block and corner terracing. * Huddersfield at home in the cup. It snowed and snowed and snowed, I''ve never been so cold. Our village was cut off for a week. 87 perhaps? * Standing on the old Barclay and dodging the coins against Ipswich in a Full Members Cup match. * Southampton FA Cup Quarter Final Replay in the Old Barclay - what an atmosphere! * Oxford United away on a mid week game, breaking down on route, finding a pub, watching the AA man fix it from said pub and arriving at half time completely leathered. Can''t remember the score. Afterwards, eating a kebab with the hottest chilie sauce I''ve ever encountered. * Bayen Munich at Carrow Road. * Wolves away in the Play Off Semi for sheer nerve jangling tension. * The Play Off Season run in - for going out in Norwich and to the Waterfront after Saturday games and seeing smiling, happy fans everywhere. I''ve loved reading people''s thoughts here.
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