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  1. When I saw the title I hoped something* else but this is not bad at all. Eidur Gudjohnsen is on the fringes :P
  2. Not a good start but always thought Brennan was a decent player, sure they will pick up the points soon. I follow the MLS and no suprise to see Taylor Twellman get two goals, such a quality striker.
  3. Well, if I had to choose Leon, but with the situations that happend etc and what''s been said, Brown, However, I''d have niether, we need someone like Svensson back! God he was my fav!
  4. Was everything Johansson''s fault? The run into box and fired at keeper and to lazy to follow up .. was that Johansson, was the 1 on 1 run to goal then passing it to the oppostion keeper with a little lob Johanssons fault? No Its a teams fault, not just his, Huckerby is to busy dancing on the ball than passing, Earnshaw is just .... McKenzie played well and what is it with playing the ball in the air, we obviously cant do it, playing to feet is key
  5. There is only one American sport that I follow and I think is only the real decent one, and that is NHL Ice Hockey. For me American Football has to many stoppages and you cant get the non-stop tempo and thrill like you do with our Football. Basketball is OK but yet again its one end to the other just scoring so its pretty predictable. Baseball I could never get into so I wont go into that. So for me the only decent fun game to watch over in the US is the NHL. I am a Penguins fan [:$] 
  6. Remember that ol Norwich right back that not so long ago use to hit those 35 yarders into the net? Looks like he still got it as now as he has took over as Player/Manager of Danish team Hvidovre, also just thought I would add that Peter Schmeichel first club was this (pointless fact there). Now always a starting right back he decided this was a great oppourtinity to progress in his management career and hoping he could help even more by being on the pitch. Just thought I let you know what the guy is upto now, I always liked him, Shame he went to OB.
  7. Was brainwashed with Man Utd when I was first born by my cousin/uncle. I watched the Champions league games alot and when they won the Champions league was really my last season ... I mean I only liked them really becuase of Schmeichel. But then after that champions league win I was 12, after that I just lost interest I guess, I wasnt really into football that much. Then I decided to choose a team that had the most things I liked like - Kit, Stadium, Players, History all that type of stuff and saw Norwich as my local team and was hooked, can''t believe what I missed for 12 years but better late than never!
  8. [quote]Great performances from Shackell (immense again) and Safri (MoM easily). Hucks created a lot of chances with his trickery despite being on the right, although their left back was very good, very quick...[/quote] I think a defender and midfield are a must, maybe but last option would be another striker. And as for the game itself I think Brennan did good, Safri is just great and Shackell wasn''t scared of anything. But its just we are supplying ammo (even tho it very little) but they are just not suitable for the weapons so to say?
  9. Rasputin, I am glad you posted this thread becuase I was going to do similair, saying that I miss Svensson already and all that but thinking I would just get stick and rubbish of some as usuall becuase he is scandinavian but there seems to be a bit different than what I expected, well I would have Svensson over Throne anyday and Svensson was and still is my favourite player
  10. We need Kristiansen! Simple as. Wolves get him they surely go up, plus they also have Seol Ki-Hyeon on the other side they will have the ammo. We need Kristiansen and if you think, Huckerby and Kristiansen suppling balls we will be great, but if our strikers continue as they are at the moment they won''t be able to convert from a yard out soon!
  11. Were missing something and strikers just keep blazing over, we need Kristiansen!
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