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  1. Will do a great job for them.. I for one was sorry to see him go..and looked very comfortable in that league.. Good luck Ginger Pele !
  2. I remember reading an article in the past, during the pre-season fitness tests, and it said that Doherty was second only to Huckerby over 100 metres, and if you watch the Doc, he is very seldom beaten for pace ! Really has been an awesome season so far for The Doc !!
  3. Just come home after travelling on A47, and roads are pretty good, drive carefully and you will be fine, average speeds they were travelling about 40-45mph. Hope this helps !
  4. I read this morning that we have offered Michael Spillane a new contract... http://www.advertiser24.co.uk/content/advertiser24/sport/story.aspx?brand=NOROnline&category=Sport&tBrand=AAOnline&tCategory=sport&itemid=NOED20%20Feb%202009%2009%3A21%3A22%3A683  
  5. Just read that we are now being linked to Heidar Helguson, must admit somebody i had not considered - http://www.fansfc.com/frontpage/frontpagenews.asp?newsid=189426
  6. slightly O/T, was anybody  else impressed with their right winger ( the guy with hte headband,Nathan Thompson ? ) seemed a very tidy and skillful player,  and made quite a few of our players look ordinary.
  7. Yes, I also thought Daley looked good, and was especially pleasing as he was scouted playing for my village..
  8. Although he was only on the pitch for less than one half, if this is a taste of whats to come, I for one am truely excited. I know it was against Gorleston, and I know it was only for about half an hour, but boy, did he look good. I am never one to get overly excited, but his movement, touch, eye for a pass, and the way he so easily goes pasts a player was just awesome. His goal too, just oozed class so please Wes, more of the same please..   Other toughts on tonights match, I thought Spillane looked poor, won hardly anything in the air against a smaller forward, was responsible for their goal, and was out muscled a few times too. Chris Martin looked leaner and his first goal was a great finish, however he still seems lazy when not in posession, and reluctant to chase or close people down. Sammy Clingan, looked ok, composed on the ball, and a fairly tidy passer. I have not seen Dawkin before, but was also very impressed with him, beats his man easily, confident  pacy, however a bit lightweight at present. Doc was Doc, won most things in the air, but arms around players and still gives away too many free kicks. Apart from players mentioned, no one really stood out either good or bad, and all in all well worth the trip !!
  9. Safri for me, I thought he was a cultured player, great passer, and did not mind getting stuck in either !
  10. Ripped off again???? Surely everybody has a choice of buying the shirt or not, if you are happy to pay for the shirt buy one, if not dont. Also if you purchase a home shirt you get £10 off away shirt price. Not too bad if you ask me !
  11. Travel for me, nothing beats sampling new cultures, lifestyles and new friends.
  12. fairly sure this was tounge in cheek
  13. was just going to post same thing   http://www.wbazone.com/news/article.php?newsitem=237280
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