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  1. Lol ffs. Not really better, no. Johnny Howson is a player, a midfielder in fact. He''s called HUGHTON for christ''s sake. Chris Hughton is our manager!
  2. [quote user="Zak Burger"]QPR are at 1/11 heavy odds on favourites and Villa arealso now odds on roundabout the 2/3 mark. Thing is the bookies clearly don''t know that QPR have ''Arry now and Villa have Lambert who can change a game with inspired substitutions and expansive attacking football. We on the other hand were told all season that if we didn''t sack Howton and spend big on a striker in January then we''d be certainties for relegation, we did neither, my moneys safe.[/quote]Frankly I find it impossible to take seriously the opinion of anyone who doesn''t know what our manager''s name is. Unreal
  3. I think it''s a pity that the club warned people not to go on the pitch in the first place. They obviously knew people would want to invade the pitch as is the tradition on the very rare occasions when we win things, so why didn''t they just allow people on the pitch and do a lap of honour with the fans? It would''ve been a great and happy occasion instead of this pathetic bitching about banning OUR fans and slagging each other off. Very sad that so many people were SO offended by such a minor ''offence''
  4. [quote user="Hard Cell"]Oh, and the other one people have tried to name was the Jolly Molsters. Remember Spurs taking it apart the year they came up here when they were at the bottom of the old Division One and won 3-1. Crazy day particularly for us in the Kingsway opposite. Btw the Rosary had closed but may have now reopened. Not pubs but what about the old Silver Dollar and the Three C''s (Greasers cafe), and the 24 hr one (blokes name that slips my mind) on Yarmouth Road.[/quote]Hard cell, was that the home game in 1977?If so, that was my first game aged 6. I remember my dad being quite worried as it all kicked off around us somewhere near CR
  5. a) you won''t be investing in the clubb) you won''t be facilitating any investments in the clubc) no one at the club takes you seriouslyd) none of the fans take you seriouslye) go away
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]i have a season ticket.. so dont care when Leeds is on sale.[/quote]So why the hell did you bother posting on this thread then?I''m alright Jack eh?
  7. [quote user="Yarmyed"]To be fair they absolutely raped us. ;)[/quote]Heheh, well remembered
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]he could always just jump on a Lorry at Dover if he wanted to sign.... the government would then give him a 4 bedroom house and £400 a week jas :) [/quote]Another bigot on here - every day this board disgusts me more.Are you going to accuse immigrants of taking our jobs and women and drinking our beer next?
  9. [quote user="TIL 1010"]  Only if he was being paid of course Nutty,please remember that money is his God.Sad really at his age as you would have thought that a highly respected and much sort after hack like Cam would have earned enough money over the years not to have go to places like Lincolnshire on a match day and not be able to use his East Stand season ticket for the biggest game of the season. Go on Cam you know you just want to.....i bet your fingers are itching to type some little response. [/quote]Tilson, it has to be said that you''re coming across as a vindictive and unpleasant "thick ex-plod"
  10. My god, you haven''t lost those marvellous skills of deduction.I''m surprised there are still criminals at large in this wonderful nation
  11. Judging by Mr Bailey''s twit, it''s a story that''s been brewing for some time, ruling out many mundane storieshttp://twitter.com/michaeljbailey
  12. Yep, I would''ve called you a jerk, but I''m english and prefer to avoid americanisms. I''ll just restrict myself to saying you''re a cretinous twat
  13. He''s the same petty twerp that he always was, as evidenced by his nasty little thread having a pop at the NCISA
  14. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"][quote user="glove1"]anyone remember the last time millwall played at carrow road when their own fans ended up fighting over a song about delia??..... sums them up really....they even fight between themselves!![/quote] can''t remember that one, but I can remember us beating them 6 -1 one season. They were all in good humour, even doing a conga round their pen if memory serves, until the sixth goal went in, and for some reason 6 -1 seemed much worse than 5 -1 and a general scrap amongst their own ensued. V strange [/quote]I remember that game well because it was the most one-sided game I''ve ever seen. We only scored six, but we hit post and bar at least 5-6 other times and there were numerous goal-line clearances too. They were understandably very quiet until they got a large bonfire going on the terrace, which no one did anything to put out as I recall
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