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  1. I had a quick look at the ticket site on Friday evening. There were four tickets available, two in the upper Barclay and two in one of the lounges. Could be worth checking regularly if anyone needs tickets for a game previously shown as sold out.
  2. Nuff Said: I would have thought the usual way to overcome this is to reduce spending? I would presume you believe outside investment would help because it would lead to promotion, generating additional income? Otherwise known as gambling (see Aston Villa and the rest). In a "normal" business, cut costs yes, but in my opinion football is different and not normal. If you cut costs by reducing money spent on player recruitment and wages, in theory you get an inferior team which delivers results you don''t want and falling down the tiers. This in turn leads to even less income. All football investment is a gamble. Some of the investors though have a significant amount of money to gamble with should they choose to. If Delia sticks £10m in the club it must pay off but if Randy Learner, with a net worth of $1.1b, does the same then there''s less financial pressure for it to work at Villa. Without that investment I don''t see promotion as a realistic possibility next season if we miss out this year. Too many gamblers in our division :)
  3. I too was wondering about investment being the reason for him going and if so it will make finding a replacement very difficult. We are in an industry with costs spiralling out of control and every transfer window sees the money needed to buy a player and pay their wages significantly increasing. Income is in decline if the club isn''t in the top tier. The usual way to overcome this scenario is to seek outside investment. We all know that the owners don''t want to give up control and Moxey, in his first interview, said that investors always want control. Knowing that outside investment is off the agenda and Nephew Tom probably not up for relinquishing control, who on earth would want to come here as CEO?
  4. [quote user="Allways Look On The Bright Side"]All Gunn Club prices have been Reduced to £125 so if you have paid more than this amount you should get a refund.The problem with the Gunn Club is that after the game it seems anybody can get in from other parts of the ground which makes it hard for Members to get a seat i have tried to find out why this is but cant.[/quote] A few years ago I was given seats in the Top of the Terrace for a birthday present. I think it was our last game in League 1 against Carlisle. We were allowed into the Gunn Club after the game, subject to capacity, but not before. If they still do that it might help to answer your question.
  5. Surfaced at Stevenage F.C. as "Managerial Advisor". Probably a good thing for them as not quite assured of avoiding relegation and only until the end of the season.
  6. I assume you get a free pair of sunglasses with every one of those keepers tops. Ruddy looks like a highlighter! Don''t like the yellow shorts but absolutely love the green shirt. I''m gonna have me one of those.
  7. My "plastic and proud" card arrived yesterday. The same as its done every year since the scheme started.
  8. I''m so outraged I refuse to go to the Championship play off final next year.
  9. Spent a happy couple of hours drinking in West Hampstead and had a few Boro fans come up and shake my hand. Met a few on the way to the game as well and thought they were a good bunch. Three lads in white dust suits (if that''s the right phrase) getting City fans to sign them. Not sure why but they certainly livened up the tube!
  10. That was the short cut someone posted on here for the binners game. They''ve clearly fixed it since then as it wouldn''t work for me on Saturday. Just kept defaulting to the ticket queue. Nice while it lasted.
  11. Seems a bit hit and miss regarding waiting times. It said 4 minutes and it only took 6 minutes before I got through. That''s the first two battles to get to Wembley won. First beat the binners then get tickets now it''s just the rail strike to overcome. No worries!
  12. At least he managed to work out we deserved the win. That''s more than Mick McCarthy would admit to.
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