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  1. As hiss move to Birmingham seems to have fallen through, let''s use the Murphy windfall to bring back the Dutchman.
  2. You should check out the u tube clip of the 59 cup run. The song ''The Ballard of Crosan and Bly'' is the bet Norwich song ever. It''s old as you tell by the reference to £1000 a week wages. I was born the year after the 59 cup run. My father in law who is 80 today went to several games and it sounds amazing. Thousands travelling on public transport in the middle of the week. I think the song does it justice.
  3. Super Hooper''s goals are gonna blind you, Like they always do. Sometimes he''ll score two. And super Hooper hates the blues To the tune of abba, if you needed for one minute telling.
  4. Check out QPR not 606 for this video spoof. If a QPR fan added it to there site then well played, you have a superb sense of humour.
  5. As a City fan of 40+ years I am delighted that the shirt launch has a bit of hype about it. The whole RVW ''be afraid'' picture is brilliant. Our club have done a great job of taking a new product and a new asset and marketing them effectively. Oh and I think the new shirt is quality.
  6. Perth Glory, Australian A League. Small crowds standing on the terraces among dozens of UK exiles in West Ham And Dirty Leeds Shirts. Old school chanting including vitriolic verbal attacks on the keeper. They play in Purple shirts and I have no conflict of interest that you get supporting another English team as your second side. Down side, home games are a 20,000 mile round trip.
  7. Check out Clubline Footballand search for green and yellow shirts. I rate the Errea Neath. A bit like watching Brazil.
  8. Interesting comeback, but given the Government are committed to increasing health spending and Labour have said they would cut it, it is a strange choice. Having straight that I wouldn''t have Osbourne as a canary. I disagree with Ed''s politics but his football philosophy is spot on. How many other MP''s have dissed their rivals in a Parliamentary Debate.
  9. Just checked him out on U Tube and he''s GH''s Finnish twin. He clearly winds people up, judging by the 2 handed pushes in the chest from defenders. And the goal where he takes out the defender off the ball to get a clean run on the cross is quality. My favourite was the shot from 35 yards that was so powerful it went through the keeper like a cannonball. Difficult to tell from a couple of mins of clips, but if it''s a accurate reflection of what he can do I''d have him ahead of Hooper.
  10. Anything that is critical or extracts the Michael from second rate teams from inferior county''s. I did think ''we don''t play you anymore'' until the proposal of a meaningless friendly. The snake pits flags include ''the best supported team in East Anglia'' and ''East Anglia''s Premier League Team''. How about ''We Are Norwich Cutting the Mustard''
  11. I can''t believe I''m not the only City fan that had a twinge of anxiety over the possibility of a points deduction over the signing of Paul Lambert. I also know that we would have handled it with a lot more distinction that QPR. Funny thing class, you''ve either got it or you haven''t. If you haven''t, no amount of money can buy it.
  12. Remember the guy that let in 7 on his NCFC league debut? He has just saved 2 penalties in a penalty shoot out after the Hyundai A league Grand final finished 2-2, in front of a crowd of over 50,000. His team Brisbane Roar have an unbeaten run of 28 games, the best in world football. The team with the second best unbeaten run is Barcelona
  13. Given that they stopped playing in Green and Yellow 108 years ago and we adopted the same in 1907, is anybody else ticked off that man u are now wearing more of our colours than their own.  I appreciate their desire to protest against the owners, but imagine we had to do that, Blue and White, its unthinkable. 
  14. A great deal of credit should go to the person at the club who ordered that the standing rule not be inforced.  At one stage in the second half I sat down in the Snake Pit and was told by the Steward that I didn''t have to today.  Inspired.
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