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  1. Leicester have actually done the right thing here they have sacked the players. Of course had they been established first team players with some sort of value things might have been different.
  2. Sorry about that Sam In fact I''ve just checked and they got 40% of the vote in England and 27% of the vote in Wales so some way off ''a significant majority''.
  3. Soots - can you define your ''significant majority'' bearing in mind the Conservatives got 35% of the national vote. I realise that you said England and Wales but even here I would be surprised if they got over 50% of the vote. The SNP did this in Scotland and got nearly all the seats available. I''m not trying to score political points here just pointing out that any government needs to be reminded that they are actually elected by a minority.
  4. Thirty years ago we played 1p5wich in a two legged semi final with the first leg away. The other semi final being between a team from the north east, who played in red and white, and a team from west London. I just hope that the semi final is a little less nerve wracking,
  5. It already has happened in the men'' game - in 2005 when exactly the same thing happened in a fixture between Uzbekistan and Bahrain
  6. Of course the fact that he has a long term partner who he has had a child with in January means that if he did have sex with an underage girl, even if it was not knowing she was underage, shows him to be an @rse.
  7. Swansea home win against Burnley Kyle Lafferty to open his Norwich account to score ay any time.
  8. Trevor Hockey''s beard wrote AB is a doorknob, and I haven''t heard him say those words, so I can only guess at his intonation and implied meaning, but I can see that , just maybe, he was thinking it through and reflecting on how awful this is for Williams'' family. If that was the case you would expect he might have made an apology for any hurt caused by his comments when challenged as far as I am aware this has not been forthcoming from him only his employer. Should the suicide of a successful actor be such headline news? If this leads to greater understanding for people who suffer from mental illness then it can only be a good thing.
  9. Somewhat ironic comment there Buh
  10. I quite like the idea of using wing backs and with what we have at the moment we could do this Elliott Bennett on the Right and Olsson on the left. If you are using this system you need cenre backs who are comfortable on the ball and Martin could well be an advantage here. As purple says though we do need to be flexible and not stick dogmatically to one formation.
  11. ''Dunces with Wolves'' was one of my favorites. Back on topic though always ha a lot of time for Terry Anderson and he was one of the key members of the 71-72 promotion team.
  12. Clearly this is nonsense but I must respond to the idea that the position someone played has a bearing on their style of football as a manager. John Bond was a defender but as a manager played open attacking entertaining football. Ken Brown and Dave Stringer''s teams were hardly particually defensive either. Ron Saunders who was a cenre forward was shall we say rather more pragmatic.
  13. Same as many others in this thread often on MB to read rarely post.
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