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  1. I think the board may well have underestimated the level of discontent amongst the majority of the supporters now. They seem to be cacooned from the real world. They really should have dismissed Worthy, whether they wanted to or not. The fact that they haven''t, could cause dire consequences for the club. Next season could turn out to be a nightmare for all concerned, whether you''re the manager, a player, a director and particularly if you''re a fan. Norwich City have a very slim hope of winning promotion next season; especially when you read that people are prepared to call for Worthy''s head from the very 1st game. Some are even ready to demonstrate at some of the friendly games. How on earth are the team going to perform to their best without 100% support from the fans?
  2. It very much depends on whereabouts in Ecuador they hail from, sheded. If they hail from the coastal regions, then yes, as you say, they will be used to hot conditions. If, however, they are from the highlands then they will be more suited to cool conditions - no more than 13 to 18 degrees centigrade. Don''t forget that Quito, the country''s capital, is more than 9,000 ft above sea level. It seems amazing that England once beat Ecuador there - that is the sort of altitude where some people start to suffer from the atmospheric conditions.
  3. Worthless would be a good start to any dismissals. I''m quite happy to let the new manager decide which players should stay and which ones should go.
  4. Thanks for your reply, Paul. I do like some of the amusing, quirky user names that people dream up. On another web football forum I post under a pseudonym, but I haven''t taken the time to try to think of a suitable name to use on here yet. Watch this space!
  5. I know who killed him really, it was none other than Mr Paul Rankin. Had you become bored with your alter ego, Paul, or was there some other reason for his liquidation ? I have to say it was a rather good name, and sadly our only reminder of that "great" hack Mr Rick Waghorn. Will we see the return of CJF one day, or has he gone forever?
  6. I shall be a little bit sad to see Peter Thorne leave. I never thought we got the best from him. He had a good goals to games ratio at Cardiff and when he arrived here I thought that maybe, just maybe we had snapped up a bargain. Sadly, it wasn''t to be.
  7. Well said, MacDouble, I can''t argue with anything you''ve said there.
  8. Thanks, Pete. I only asked through curiosity, I wasn''t seriously considering buying one.
  9. Is vitriol ruining this message board? Yes, to some extent. I think the main thing is for everybody to be polite to one another and try not to be offensive whilst engaging in debate in this forum. I try to post as though I am talking to people face to face in a pub, cafe or some other public meeting place. If you were to use the kind of hostile, provocative language some people do on here whilst talking to someone directly you would run the risk of starting a fight. Not a good idea unless you like that sort of thing. Personally, I don''t.
  10. Where do people buy these flags (a large George Cross with NCFC Brundall, Dereham or whatever added) or have them made up? I don''t think they''re on sale in the club shop, are they?
  11. I''m quite happy with Leeds away to kick off the season . Don''t forget we had one of our better away performances at Elland Road last year. Bag 3 points there, and our season is off to a flying start. Bring it on!
  12. Thanks for the pic, CJF. I think I''ll become a Torquay fan and see if I can ingratiate myself with Helen. She is, as they say in the trade, rather fit.
  13. I think you are being hopelessly optimistic, blahblahblah. You should steer clear of those powerful narcotics.
  14. Pardon my ignorance, CJF, but who is Helen Chamberlain and what connection does she have with Torquay Utd?
  15. It stands to reason that if Mr Hulse is any good then Leeds will want to keep him. Also I should think that Hulse would prefer to stay at Leeds as they are a bigger and more ambitious club than City. As Worthless might say: you can forget that one.
  16. I have no knowledge whatsoever of financial matters, but I can''t believe our board would be so naive as to take on a loan lasting up to 50 years, Mystic Megson. In fact, I can vaguely remember a time scale for the repayment of the loan being mentioned in the EDP. I''m pretty sure it wasn''t too much more than 10 years. Why do posters insist on dreaming up "facts" and "figures" and then try to pass them off as the truth? By all means surmise and speculate, but when you do so, please make it clear that what you''ve said is just your opinion, and not the gospel according to Saint Delia and Saint Michael.
  17. I don''t know how reliable Wikipedia is as a reference source. I believe anybody can edit the details found on there - I assume this means anybody can add or take away information on those web pages. This could leave the website open to abuse. I read in today''s paper that people had been tinkering with the details referring to Tony Blair with comic affect. It would be interesting to find out if this is what has happened in Susan Tully''s case.
  18. I had a look at the Norwich City entry in the online reference source Wikipedia. Amongst all the usual info on all things City, there is a list of famous fans. I was quite surprised to find the ex Eastenders actress Susan Tully named on this list. My surprise is that she is a City fan despite being born in Highgate, London  - surely, Arsenal would be a much more logical choice. I''m curious as to how she became interested in City. Did anybody else know that Ms Tully is a City fan?
  19. I thought it was quite amusing that the goalpost/beanpole/lamppost Peter Crouch, found it necessary to use that T&T defender''s greasy dreadlocks as some kind of "rope-ladder" in order to gain sufficient elevation to head the ball in to the net. There he was, all nine foot ten inches of him, and he still needed a "leg up" to score a goal.
  20. I think it died a death pretty much around the time George Burley left Ipswich, didn''t it? I used to thoroughly enjoy singing along to the alternative lyrics, telling George to go forth and multiply. The Barclay and Snake Pit choristers never did adapt the words for Joe Royle''s benefit, unfortunately.
  21. In answer to your question, Branston, no I''m not. Apologies to one and all, but I was feeling a bit irritable yesterday afternoon. The trouble is that when a title is misspelt (as they frequently are) you then have to suffer the unsightly word for a day or two. I''m not immune to spelling mistakes myself, but I do try to check all the spellings in the title when I start a new post.
  22. Sorry to be pedantic, but the word is OPTIMISM, not OPTOMISM. It''s painful seeing a word misspelt so many times.
  23. ....Andy Hughes attempting ballet for the 1st time - not a pretty sight. Just at that moment Delia burst into NW''s office, wearing a fetching pink leotard and perspiring ever so slightly. "Come on Nigel, it''s time for your daily........"
  24. Yes I did and used to quite enjoy the lively discussions on there. Haven''t visited for ages, so can you tell me what''s been done to ruin a perfectly good forum?
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