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  1. What do I think of the all-new-and-improved, whiter than white official web site? The word CRAP would sum it up pretty succinctly. I had posted a substantial number of messages on that board over the last couple of years. I suppose I''m not that bothered at being unable now to look back over my old posts, but I''m sure a fair number of regular users must be really quite angry at losing all that history. What a disaster!
  2. I would like to attend this meeting, but I believe you have to be a share holder to do so. Am I right?
  3. I don''t know how many Pilgrim''s supporters there were at Carrow Road on Saturday, but boy! the noise they made was most impressive. Noise is much more important than numbers at football matches and didn''t they make there number count. They comprehensively outsang the Barclay and Snake Pit boys, who I could hardly hear a peep from for most of the game.
  4. If we end up deep in the mire that is relegation from this division - is there any chance of Grant doing the honourable thing and resigning, thus saving the club hundreds of thousands in compensation?
  5. I thought exactly the same thing, Vos. Can''t the demented haggis-basher shut up for one minute? Maybe he was giving them advice in how best to celebrate a goal.
  6. Maybe they like clogs and canals and tulips and a little bit of Edam cheese.
  7. He was a good player and a very good servant for the club, but that was two or more years ago. It''s time to move on now, and I feel your reasons for wanting him back are mostly sentimental. We could probably do with another centre back, but surely it would be better to buy a young up-and-coming player rather than someone who is nearing the end of his playing days?
  8. No, for the simple reason that I don''t have Sky TV at home. You''re right in what you say that it can be more difficult to follow the action in a pub, but I usually seem to find a corner of the room where i can get a decent enough view of the screen, and I find the better atmosphere and a nice draught beer compensates for any slight discomfort. I always avoid the Murderers if it''s a big game. Unless you arrive early enough to bag one of the best seats, it can be quite hard to find a position with an "unimpaired view". The pub is simply not designed for lots of people trying to view sports on screen.
  9. Like several posters on this message board I was underwhelmed and far from excited when I heard the announcement that Peter Grant was to be our new manager. If it wasn''t for the fact that he played for City for a couple of seasons in the late 1990''s, it would have been very much a case of Peter Who? But the board in their infinite wisdom appointed him, and in an act of sheer folly (didn''t they learn anything from the Worthington saga?) gave him a 3 and a half year contract. Therefore I guess we''re pretty much stuck with him for the forseeable future. So the best thing to do would be to have patience and give him our full support, and just hope and pray that the board haven''t got this major decision badly wrong. I have grave doubts though.
  10. Did anybody else have difficulty understanding Peter''s rapid-fire Glaswegian brogue? It made me think that the EDP reporter did remarkably well in transcribing Peter''s words at his first press conference.
  11. It''s so difficult to call this one that there is no way I would bet on the outcome. If I did take a wild punt, I''m afraid I would also put a few quid on Hunter. Will the cheap and easy option win the day yet again? Admiitedly the cheap option worked well for a while last time, but it may not appease some of the fans in the present climate.
  12. They''ve put the calls in and are just waiting to see what happens. What will happen with that approach? You''ve guessed it:  ZILCH!
  13. You were mooned by a passing car, Evil Monkey? I sincerely hope it was one of the passengers and not the driver!
  14. Any gound redevelopment may well be a few years off. I think the present stadium is just about adequate for today''s needs, although we would clearly need at least another 5,000 seats if City somehow managed to return to the Premiership. The only match in this league where more seats would be useful is the annual showdown with the scum. I don''t think the club has had a total sell out so far this season.
  15. I can''t say this rumour fills me with much excitement, in fact, to be honest, it fills me with dread. Having said that, whoever the board appoint will get my 100% backing. I''m prepared to give the new man a fair crack of the whip.
  16. The trouble is I can''t see too much wheat at the moment - its nearly all chaff! Then again, bring in the right manager and he just might be able to do something with the players we have. Look how Martin O'' Neil has transformed Villa - he didn''t need any expensive transfers to achieve that. Come on board, sort it out!
  17. I make that 63 OUT and 1 IN now. Even the most blinkered should be able to see that is an overwhelming majority who would like a change of manager. Where is that small cabal of KTF when Worthy needs them most?
  18. [quote user="blahblahblah"] [quote user="stephen nobbs"]OUT. We now need a manager who can operate on a very tight budget and Worthy can''t. The squad is in dire need of a hefty shake-up, and strengthening and Worthy doesn''t look like the man capable of bringing in enough good new faces to freshen things up sufficiently. Why could he only sign one new player (though, admittedly a good one), when Roy Keane arrives very late in the day at Sunderland and brings in several?[/quote] Sunderland were drowning on the pitch and needed several new faces to change things.  They also had a new consortium take over their board, and had the money available to strengthen.  We don''t have the money to pay quality players to warm the bench. [/quote]Weren''t we "drowning" on the pitch on many occasions last season then, Blah? Yes, of course we were. So how did Worthy go about tackling the weaknesses in the squad during the close season? That''s right, he brought in one good new player. Terrific. That''s about as effective as trying to extinguish a factory fire with a water pistol. I''m sorry to be so pessimistic, but as a realist I have to say our chances of promotion under the present board and management are extremely remote.
  19. Wiz, you are as mad as cut snakes, and well you know it. But at least you are a harmless loony and funny (ha ha) with it, so keep up the good work, old boy!
  20. OUT. We now need a manager who can operate on a very tight budget and Worthy can''t. The squad is in dire need of a hefty shake-up, and strengthening and Worthy doesn''t look like the man capable of bringing in enough good new faces to freshen things up sufficiently. Why could he only sign one new player (though, admittedly a good one), when Roy Keane arrives very late in the day at Sunderland and brings in several?
  21. The barstewards are just one place below us and gaining fast with rapidly improving results. All this, despite having less resources than us and a greenhorn manager. I wouldn''t bet against them finishing above us having "doubled" us this season. Is it time to bring  in a new manager with fresh ideas, and a bit more ability with wheeling and dealing in the transfer market than the present incumbent has? I think so. To paraphase the Stranglers: Something better change!
  22. With reference to Jetstream''s post, is anybody seriously considering hiring a room for the night on match days when the new hotel opens? I should imagine the hotel management will slap a limit on the number of guests allowed into one''s room at any given time, which will be strictly enforced. If they don''t introduce such a measure, however, the hotel could do a roaring trade on match days.
  23. Was it somebody on here that had a signature mocking the fact that Hendo will probably be a "star" for Dereham Town in a couple of years time?  I don''t think that prediction is too far from the truth!
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